Chapter 3: Common Sense

Rallen hadn't had a good morning. After being mocked by Malcolm when waking up, he arrived late to his first weapons and combat lesson, being mocked by his teacher, Mr. Preliator, and been embarrassed in front of the whole class. The only good thing that had happened was a cadets in the class had received a Mech Glove and a single cube containing a sword. They were to learn how to use it in the next lesson. Rallen was happy about this but he didn't know that things were only to get worse…

It was 12pm and it was time for the Cadets to be served lunch. Walking in to the dinner hall with Harry, Rallen saw many officers dashing out of the kitchen with half-eaten sandwiches.
"Wonder why they're in such a hurry." Harry said watching them rush past. They quickly found an empty table. Jeena soon caught up to them.
"Hey guys, how were your morning lessons?" Jeena asked politely.
"Weapons and combat was great!" Harry quickly replied.
"For you maybe…" Rallen added.
"Why? Did something go wrong?"
"You don't want to know…" Rallen said quietly.
"Well my Ancient languages class was so interesting! Did you know that there were over 900 different languages spoken in the Nanairo system alone?" Jeena said, happy that she'd remembered what she had been taught.
At that point, Malcolm walked over followed by two larger looking boys that made Malcolm look scrawny.
"Hey red head! Did you finally make some friends? If you can call these two loser friends!" The two boys behind laughed.
"Hey!" Jeena said loudly.
"Oh," Malcolm said in a patronising voice. "And, what are you gonna do about it little miss pinky?" The boys laughed again. Jeena looked away. "So, you had fun in weapon and combat didn't you? Did you come late because you were crying in the bathroom for your mommy?"
"Hey back off," Harry said defensively. Malcolm gave Harry a scowl and walked off, with the other two boys close behind.
"So that's that Malcolm kid…" Jeena said quietly.

After their lunch break, a voice came from the sound system.
"Would all cadets please go to the dormitory lobbies immeadiately. All officers on site please report to the mission briefing room."
All the cadets leaving the dining hall looked surprised at this comment.
"Dorms, at this time? I wonder what's going on?" Harry said to Rallen and Jeena. Together they walked towards the lobby. Harry began to check his pockets suddenly. "Oh no, I think I left my cube in the weapons and combat room. I'll just go and pick it up quickly." Harry ran off in the other direction.
"We'll wait for you!" Jeena shouted after Harry.

After about 10 minutes, Rallen and Jeena were still stood were they were. All the other cadets were in the lobby. Suddenly, a large black dust cloud started to move towards.
"What's that?" Jeena said pointing towards the cloud.
"I dunno but maybe we should stay away from it." Rallen said beginning to back away. The dust cloud landed in front of the two cadets and figure was visible inside. Once the dust had figure was visible. The figure looked like a mutated woman. She had purple skin. She had two bright purple pig tails and scars on her face in the shape of symbols that didn't look like they meant much. She was wearing a long black dress covering her feet. When she saw Rallen and Jeena she grinned at them evilly.
"Cadet meat…"

"What do we do?" Jeena whispered into Rallen's ear.
The woman overheard and laughed evilly.
"There's nothing you can do darlings! Your bodies now belong to Master Krux!" She took a few steps towards them. Jeena began to back off further. Rallen stood his ground.
"Rallen, what are you doing?" Jeena said quietly.
"Maybe I can stall her until an officer comes to finish her off," Rallen replied.
"What?!" Jeena said surprised. "But what can you do? You've not even learnt how to use your sword properly!"
"I'm just gonna have to improvise," Rallen said with a grin on his face.
"But you can't attack someone like that. She looks, and obviously is by what she has said, dangerous!" Jeena said naggingly. "It's common sense!"
"Yeah? Well my common sense tells me otherwise. Stand back." Rallen warned Jeena. She quickly took a few paces back. Rallen hit a small button on his mech glove. His cube rose to be seen and his sword materialised in his hands. "Wow," Rallen said.
The woman laughed again.
"You think you can fight me?"
"It's the only thing I can do!" Rallen said charging towards her. He struck her on the leg. She let out a small scream and fell to her knees. She gave Rallen an evil look.
"So you are a threat? Well you're in for it now…" She said fumbling for something in her pocket. "Makonoto! Take care of this child!" She threw a small hexagonal object into the air and a beam of dark light emitted and a creature appeared on the ground. It was like an enlarged mixture of a tiger, wolf and dog. It had grey scales and two small black wings on either side of it. It showed it's teeth, intimidating Rallen. It let out a roar and charged at Rallen. It hit him in the stomach and he fell to the ground, unconscious.