A/N: This one is a crossover with the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, so it'll be pretty bloody and gory in spots, just to warn you of that.

Chapter One

"Hello, is anyone there?"

Sam Johnson looked around in complete confusion. The last thing he remembered was drinking a beer at his friend's house after they shared a joint and watched Army of Darkness. Now he was in the middle of what he swore was the courtyard of a medieval castle, a castle that resembled the one from the movie he just watched.

"Hello?" he said while he took a few steps forward. "Hey? Is anyone here?"

For a moment he wondered if he had somehow stumbled onto the Army of Darkness film set and hoped he might run into Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell so he could get their autographs.

"Sam, Bruce?" Sam said while he headed towards the massive gates of the courtyard walls.

Suddenly, the large wooden gates opened and Sam staggered back. His mouth dropped open when Sam Raimi's signature 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 rumbled into the courtyard.

"Bitchin'!" Sam said.

He squinted his eyes and tried to look through the windshield but it was tinted to the point he couldn't see anything.

"Sam?" he said as the car stopped fifteen feet in front of him. "Is that you?"

He gasped and held his hand up to his eyes when the headlights suddenly switched on, momentarily blinding him.

"Sam, Bruce?" he said, trying to see through the bright light.

He tried to walk around the bright light but to his astonishment, it seemed to follow him and no matter where he went, to the left or right, the light followed. As he tried to see past it, he noticed the driver's side car door opening and someone getting out.

"Sam, Bruce?" he called again.

He froze when the man walked in front of the headlights and they shut off. Sam stared at him. The man wasn't Sam Raimi or Bruce Campbell. He was some odd looking man with what looked like a severely burnt face. He was wearing a battered brown fedora, ugly red and green striped sweater and dirty brown trousers and hiking boots. He had his hands behind his back as he grinned at Sam. Sam grimaced when he saw the dirty yellow teeth in his mouth.

"Who are you?" Sam asked him.

"I'm Freddy," he said in a deep, gravely voice.

He whipped his right hand out from behind him and Sam saw a brown leather glove with long gleaming blades on each of his four fingers.

"And this here's my boomstick!" he said as he wiggled his fingers.

Fear gripped Sam's heart and he turned to run as Freddy laughed at him. He ran and ran and after thirty seconds realized he wasn't going anywhere. He looked down and noticed the ground under his feet had become a treadmill. He tried to run off it but the faster he went, the faster the treadmill went. Gasping and panting, he looked back and was horrified to see Freddy was standing at the end of it, his finger claws out and pointing straight at his back. He tried to run as fast as he could to get away from the man and his finger knives but the treadmill kept speeding up and Sam felt like his heart was close to bursting. Then suddenly the treadmill shifted direction and propelled him backwards. Sam gasped when he hit the finger knives and they went directly into the middle of his back. As he gasped for air, he felt Freddy grab him by his hair and jerk his head back so he could see his killer's face.

"Come on, gimme some sugar!" Freddie said.

Before he could do anything, Freddy slammed his mouth down on Sam's while he continued to gasp for air and Sam began to gag as Freddy's tongue snaked into his mouth and right down his windpipe. Sam's body spasmed as he tried to take air into his lungs but Freddy's tongue had completely filled his esophagus. Then Sam's eyes bulged when Freddy suddenly jerked his finger knives upward, further ripping his vital organs. Sam felt his world growing dark and the last thing he saw was Freddy's face as he took his tongue out and his mouth away from his.

"Hail to the king, baby!" Freddy said with a sneer as Sam's soul left his body and was absorbed into Freddy.


"So where we goin' today?" Rose Tyler asked the Tenth Doctor as they stood at the console.

"Anywhere your heart wants to go, Rose. Pick a spot, any spot; you know I'm always up for fun and adventure!"

"Um…not sure, really, how 'bout you pick?"

"Me? Where's the fun in that?" the Doctor said, making a face.

"Well, I don't know where to go; you're the one with all the knowledge. Pick something fun," Rose said.

"Tell ya what, give me three random numbers. I'll enter em and we'll see where we land up!" the Doctor said, happily. "That way it'll be a surprise for the both of us."

"Okay, one, one and one."

The Doctor gave her a withering look as she giggled.

"N'yuk, N'yuk," he said.

"What? You said three numbers, yeah? I pick one, one and one," Rose said.

The Doctor tried to give her a stern glance but it faded into a smile at the sight of Rose's tongue between her teeth. It had only been a month since he regenerated into his current body but already he and Rose had become thick as fleas, even closer than he had been when he had been in his ninth body. He had loved her in his ninth body, although he had tried as much as possible to keep that from being too obvious, apart from the hand holding and shared glances. But this body's libido seemed to be on overdrive and he found it hard not to look at Rose without fantasizing about falling into bed with her. He didn't know why but suddenly it seemed as though Rose Tyler had become the alpha and omega of his existence and even though he tried to keep it platonic, the handholding and looks had become more frequent and he suddenly felt torn between wanting to do more and wanting to keep her at arm's length the way he had done his other companions. But seeing her in her dungarees and lavender t-shirt with her newly cut shoulder length blonde hair and warm brown eyes that conveyed silent love and trust towards him, it made both his hearts dance around inside his body and he knew that if Rose asked him to sleep with him, he more than likely would say yes in a heartsbeat.

"Well, come on, you gonna enter my numbers?" Rose teased.

The Doctor grinned a smile that almost went up to his ears.

"Ah, what the hell, let's try it and throw caution to the four winds!" he said, throwing his arms up in the air.

Rose laughed at that and his hearts warmed inside his body. He didn't think he'd ever heard anything sweeter and the fact that she was happy made him happy too. He inputted three 1's into coordinates of his computer and flipped a few switches.

"Okay, Tyler, let's see where 1,1, 1 takes us to," he said while Rose hung on to the console rim.


Two minutes later, the TARDIS landed and powered down. Rose glanced at the Doctor who was standing perfectly still.

"What is it?" she said.

"Just waiting for the walls to melt while he sink lower and lower into the dwarf star," he said in a hushed voice.

"And that's where you think we've landed?"

The wide eyed terror was instantly replaced by his jovial look.

"Nah! I'm sure we landed somewhere dwarf star free!" he said skipping around the console towards the front door.

He bounded up to the front door and stood there at the end of the ramp. He jerked his head and looked back at Rose who was still standing by the console, delighting in his antics.

"Come," he said, beckoning to her.

"Why?" Rose said, playing along.

"I want you here, in front of me."

Rose raised her eyebrow.

"Oh? And why is that?" she said.

"Because if I'm wrong and we are plunging into a dwarf star, I want the massive heat to hit and roast you first so I'll have extra seconds to say a prayer," he said.

Rose giggled and bounded down the ramp. She got in front of the Doctor and his hearts skipped a beat when she pressed up against his body. Was it his imagination or was Rose pressing up against him deliberately. His nostrils filled with the scent of her strawberry shampoo and he quickly put his hands behind his back and clasped them together to prevent his fantasies from becoming a reality.

"Well?" Rose said after a minute of standing there. "Gonna open the door and burn us to a crisp?"

The Doctor composed himself, brought his hands back around and pressed them against both of his doors.

"Ready for crispy death?" he said to Rose.

"Ready when you are."


He shoved open the doors and both of them stood there and stared at a pleasant little town.

"Yeah, this is crispy death alright," Rose said dryly. "I'm just dying of the intense heat as we speak."

"Well, seems you hit the jackpot, Rose. You picked someplace that looks pleasant and monster free."

"Yeah, well I wouldn't bet on it," Rose muttered under her breath.

They both stepped outside and looked around. There were parked in the back yard of someone's white ranch style house. Looking around they noticed that the houses around them were one and two story, assorted colors; some were brick while others wood and a few had white siding on them. Each house had a large yard and they could hear the sound of children laughing drifting in with the pleasant summer breeze.

"Congrulations, Rose, 1,1,1 brings us to suburbia somewhere," the Doctor said, looking around. "Bravo!"

Rose frowned when she looked around the yard they were standing in. There was a small metal combination swing set and slide and a brick patio in front of the back door that had a slightly rusted black barbecue grill by it. At the back of the yard was an apple tree and an oak tree and underneath the oak tree was an old wooden picnic table.

"Um, shouldn't we move the TARDIS?" Rose said to the Doctor.

"Whatever for?" the Doctor said, confused.

"Um, because we're in someone's garden and someone might come out and see her," Rose said as if she was talking to a moron.

"Nah," the Doctor said, walking away. "She'll be fine. Perception filter on her. Most humans take no notice of her. Come on."

"Yeah? Well, they'll notice soon enough when someone comes out the door and runs right into her," Rose muttered as she followed him.

He stepped out into the street and put his hands in his pockets while he looked around.

"Wonder where we are?" he said.

He spun around and gave Rose a wide grin.

"Shall we knock on the nearest door and ask or shall we just continue to keep guessing until we find the answer in some random place?"

"Nah, I'd rather knock on a door and ask."

"Chicken," the Doctor said while she giggled. "No sense of mystery with you. Always gotta know where you are at any given moment. Takes all the fun out of things."

He ran over to the next yard and sprinted up three stone steps to a large stone porch. The house had white siding and black shutters beside each of the windows. Rose admired it for a moment, thinking how beautiful it looked before she hurried to join the Doctor on the porch. By the time she reached his side, the door was open and an elderly lady wearing a power blue duster and pink fuzzy slippers was staring at him with suspicion.

"Yes, can I help you?" she said, looking at him and then at Rose.

"Yes, sorry to trouble you. I take it from your accent that you're American?" the Doctor said.

The woman stared at him in shock.

"Yes," she said. "That's because you're in America."

"Jolly good. I'm sorry, my…car has a flat and my friend, Rose and I wandered into town to buy a new tire. We were just wondering, where are we?"


"And…where is that?"

The lady's eyes boggled.

"Jesus, you really must be lost," she said.

"Yeah, we just sort of…gallivant around searching for laughs and merriment wherever we go," he said to her while Rose groaned softly. "So, where is Springwood located?"

"You're in Ohio and if I were you, I'd…gallivant away from here, permanently, and go back to England or wherever it is you came from."

"Oh? And why is that?" the Doctor asked.

He noticed the hesitation on the woman's face.

"Just…go, it's not safe here, trust me," she said to him after several seconds of silence.

Before he could say anything further, she slammed the door hard in his face.

"O…kay," the Doctor said, turning to Rose.

"So…we do what the woman says and get back in the TARDIS and leave so we can get away from the danger," Rose said to him.

She paused and saw the amused grin spreading over his face.

"Yeah, figured that wouldn't work on ya," she said to him.

"Nope, not when there's a mystery hereabouts, so come, my intrepid companion, time to find out just what makes Springwood, Ohio so dangerous," he said as she and him hurried down the porch steps.