Disclaimer: Not mine. Only in my dreams.
Summary: Always kiss your children goodnight, even if they're already asleep. ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Author notes: This is for spn_30snapshots prompt table over at lj. I did a bit of art with this one as well, check it out. Humongous thanks to pdragon76 for the beta. She radiates awesomeness.


Dean squinted at the clock, blinked and yawned lazily before he closed his eyes. It was around quarter to midnight, orange glare of digits bright and clear on the night stand.

When sleep came, she was there waiting.

"Mom?" he croaked, his voice barren.

"Dean." She drew closer, graceful in every way. Surrounding her, a genial hue so bright and florescent it devoured the darkness and dazzled his eyes but he forced them open. She was serene. Beautiful.

"Mom." Dean smiled through silent tears while she combed through his hair with her fingers. Same soft fingers massaging and untangling sweat-matted clumps. She smelled the same as he remembered--a musky perfume of lavender and something else he couldn't quite put his finger on. Possibly vanilla, he thought. It was sweet and enticing. This wasn't the first time she came to him in sleep, but it was the first she came without the smoke, fire and blood.

She cupped the side of his cheek, the warmth of her hand melted through his skin. Dean hungrily turned towards her, unguarded, eyes heavy, he squeezed another salty trail down his cheek. With her thumb, she brushed it away.

Then she leaned in over him, paused.

"Goodnight, Dean," she said, signed it with a kiss on his forehead before she left.

Dean slept.