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Summary: "It's complicated." He said. "Dad, it's not complicated. She's the woman you love for Pete's sake." She said with a huff. "Loved." He corrected. "Loved." He repeated.

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It had been a year. A year since she died. A year since they were both happy. Tessa Marie Elizabeth Gibbs, could see the story through her father's eyes clearly. The hurt, pain, and the anger he had endured after years of not facing the fact and feelings. 'He loves her.' Tessa would often say to her friends. It was what she had known. He loves her. She would keep thinking and repeating, although facing the reality was a different story. Tessa was born November 10th 1995. She was going to be fourteen in a month and it was killing her seeing her dad this way.

She had dark chocolate brown curls, blue eyes, and her mom's petite and delicate frame and features. The chocolate brown curls were from her mother. Emma-Leigh Jones a brown haired woman who dyed her hair red just to keep herself happy. Emma-Leigh gave up rights so that Tessa would have a better life. Better future. Being raised by a single father was hard enough. She was the only girl at Wilson Junior High who was being raised by a single father. She was the most beautiful girl her father had ever seen besides Kelly. Tessa was her own person. Had her own, independent personality. She was amazing. She decided late one night when she couldn't sleep to confront her father about the feelings he had for Jenny Shepard. She crept down the old wood stair case in her hot pink pajama pants and tank top. Her brown curls in a ponytail and her feet bare, thumped lightly on the hardwood floor. She heard her dad sanding the boat downstairs and silently slipped through the door. Standing at only 5'3 and weighing 100 pounds had its advantages. She silently thumped down the stairs as lightly as she could. She observed her father sanding the boat; it surprised her not to see the bottle of bourbon beside him, that she often when he wasn't drinking the bourbon she'd seen him drink all those times.

Gibbs came back from his own thoughts, when he saw his daughter's shadow on the ground. "Tess, what are you doing down here at this hour?" Her father asked.

"Dad," She started with a slight sigh. "Why didn't you ever tell Jenny you love her?" Her father turned to her with a puzzled look on his face. Tessa could pick out every wrinkle, age spot, and graying hair on his face in the dimly lit basement.

" It's complicated." He said.

"Dad, it's not complicated. She's the woman you love for Pete's sake." She said with a huff.

" Loved." He corrected. "Loved." He repeated said again.

" Dad, doesn't matter. You still love her. If you had just told her then-" Tessa said, trying to find the right word for the context.

"Then what, Tess? Then I wouldn't still feel so guilty for not telling her when I had the chance? Then I would be happier? Tess, then what?" He said raising his voice slightly. The anger and pain within Tessa had reached its breaking point; she was going to blow.

" Then you wouldn't be acting like such an ass all the time, and actually realize that she loves you too!" She said sharply with the anger she'd been feeling since that day present.

" Tessa Marie Elizabeth Gibbs!" He bellowed.

" Dad, just face the fact that you love her and tell her that." She said; the tears filling her big beautiful blue eyes. Silence filled the dusty old basement.

"Apparently, you can't be the grown up I've known. I guess she doesn't need to know." Tessa said, turning before the tears started falling.

"Tessa, what do you know?" He whispered. Tessa turned to face him; tears silently falling down her face.

"Jenny's still alive." She whispered; her voice cracking.

"Tess, she isn't. The autopsy, Tony and Ziva. Everything." He mumbled.

"You think I'd lie to you now?" Tessa asked; knowing her father's answer.

"Tess, you couldn't have lied to me for a year. You just couldn't have."

"Dad, I did. The phone number that kept popping up on my phone. The secrecy of where I'd been after school. Jenny's alive and I, Tony, Ziva, and Ducky are the only ones who know. Dad, we've been keeping this a secret because Jenny was protecting the man she loves."

"Where is she?" he demanded to know.

"In D.C. She changed her hair color, name, everything."

"She blonde?"

"Nope. She actually changed it to brown. Probably because she picks me up from school with a little baby."

" What?"

"You have a son, well two. Evan and Ethan. Evan Leroy and Ethan Jethro, daddy. They're just a few months old, but Jenny is taking good care of them. She's picking me up tomorrow."

" Tess, why didn't she tell me?"

"To protect you and her with Evan and Ethan." Tessa said.

Gibbs rubbed his hand on his face and sighed, not knowing what else to say to his daughter at that moment he asked her to go to bed, leaving the conversation with a "We'll talk tomorrow."

" Dad, you aren't mad are you?" She asked. He shook his head no.

"Night daddy" Tessa said giving her dad a hug. He kissed the top of her head before Tessa went upstairs for bed. She got up to her room and looked at the picture (standing) on her desk. It was her and her father. It was always just the two of them until Stephanie and Hollis. Jenny was like her mom. Jenny never ever would be anything else, but her mom.


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