Chapter 8

Bella POV:

Wow. That is all I can say about Alice's past. It was strange. Instead of getting her past and thoughts like a movie, it was like very fast flashes. This has only happened once in my life. When I was younger my best friend Alessandra, who was elderly, couldn't remember any of her life. I later figured out that witch had the gift of memories. He could erase anyone's memory. Even with time she couldn't bring back her memory.

"Bella?" I snapped out of my own past and looked at the Cullen's. They were all looking at me with expectation, and Alice looking at me in hope. "I'm sorry Alice, I could only get bits and pieces of your past." "what do you mean you could only get some of my memories?" " This only happened to one other person I knew when I was younger. A witch erased her memory. She could never get it back." The Cullen's gasped. " A witch? They exist? She could never get it back after she lost it?" They all started questioning at once. "Guys! Yes they exist. I am friends with some." I can't believe I revealed some of my past and secrets to them.

Edward then decided that now was the time to question me about my parents. " What about your parents? Did they ever know about your gift and about the supernatural world?" I had to quickly think on my feet about my answer. " They didn't know anything about my gift or anyone else's gifts." I lied. The truth would only cause pain to me and confusion to everyone else. They can never find out the truth.

" You're lying again." Jasper cut in. "Whenever you talk about your parents, you lie about it." Everyone turned to me. "look I just met you guys, and I don't think I am obligated to tell you everything about me!" I snapped. "When it may concern this family's safety I think it does." Emmet said to me. I was about to reply when my phone rang. I looked at my phone in horror when I saw the caller ID.