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Characters Profile

Mahiru Shiraishi

Age : 17 years old

D.O.B : 5 October 1992

Birthplace: Tokyo

S.A : make people calm with her songs

Hobby : Swimming and reading

Race : Human

Secret : afraid of the dark and ghosts expecially Nozomu's ghost stories

The main character of the story. Mahiru is a student of Kaibara High School. She had been friends with Roseanna since childhood. When they were 14, the demons boys came to their school, and slowly they became good friends. At the start, she didn't know they are demons. However she accidentally found them changing to their demons form at a full moon. She decided to trust them and a few months later, they created a band. She's the lead singer of Devil's Voice and the only girl except for the manager.

Mitsuru Souo

Age : 17 yrs old

D.O.B : 7 June 1992

Birthplace : ??????

S.A : controls wind and lightning

Hobby : playing guitar

Race : half human-half tengu

Secret : Can't swim

A powerful tengu with complicated upbringing. Mitsuru is half human and he was raised by humans. However, they abandoned him when they found out about his power. Since then, he found it difficult to trust people even the other demons. But, during their friendship, slowly he learned how to trust people. Plays the guitar.

Nozomu Moegi

Age : 19 years old

D.O.B : 21 March 1990

Birthplace : Hiroshima

S.A : gathers information using his bats and teleportation

Hobby : playing the keyboard

Race : Vampire

Secret : popular with ladies because of his actions and looks.

A vampire with blonde hair and blue eyes. He looks like a foreigner but is actually not. His special abilities is to gather information which is really useful at times. Nozomu is really popular with the girls because of how he acts toward them. He plays the keyboard.

Akira Yamabuki

Age: 19 years old

D.O.B: 17 April 1990

Birthplace: Tokyo

S.A: senses and speed

Hobby: cooking and playing bass guitar

Race: Werewolf

Secret: watch night commercials

A happy-going werewolf. He's probably the most noisy and talkative one. Akira doesn't like to be serious for a long time. But, when he is then all the smiles are gone from his face. Despite his characters, Akira is an excellent chef which he is very proud about. Plays the bass guitar.

Misoka Asagi

Age: 21 years old

D.O.B: 16 September 1989

Birthplace: Kyoto

S.A: control fire

Hobby: being quiet

Race: Fox demon

Secret: shorter than he's supposed to be

A quiet and responsible fox demon. Being the opposite of Akira, he's not the talkative type. He hardly talks at all and he likes being serious. He's the unspoken leader of the demon's gang and he is respected by them. He plays the drums which is weird based on his characters.

Roseana Shimiwura

Age: 17 years old

D.O.B: 1 February 1992

Birthplace: Tokyo

Hobby: leading and organizing people

Race: Human

Secret: is a very forgetful person

Roseana is the manager of the band. She is a very responsible person and also Mahiru's chilhood friend. When she found out the boys were demons, she was a bit terrified. However, she trust them and she told them that she'll be their manager. Despite her quiet character, she is a really forgetful person and most of the time, Mahiru had to remind her with stuff like homework, concerts, etc.

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