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Chapter 4

Mitsuru's POV

Bang! The door slammed open when I was just about to close my eyes. I sat up, groaning for having been interrupted. Looking up, I saw Akira and Misoka at the door, panting and breathing hard. Worries were written all over their face. Wait….Misoka? Worried?? Something is definitely wrong…….

"Mitsuru! Mitsuru! Do you know where the Princess is???", the werewolf asked. It has something to do with her??? Oh no…this is not good....

"Ugh, no?", I answered. "What happened anyway", I was getting impatient. I meant what if she's hurt? Oh no……I would snap! This time though, Misoka answered my question.

"We couldn't find the princess anywhere, and since you weren't in your room, we thought she would be with you….well, obviously not". "Nozomu and Roseana are searching for her right now", he managed to keep his usual tone somehow, but I could sense his worries. I hope nothing bad's gonna happen to her…..and where the hell are those two anyway????

Bang! The door slammed open once again, and this time revealed Nozomu and Roseana panting heavily. Speak of the devil……wait! When did the door close anyway??? Ahh whatever!

Roseana was the first one to calm down, so she started talking. She was holding a piece of paper. Something feels wrong about that paper……and I was right! Roseana just gave the paper to me and started explaining that she found this paper by the front door, and from the contents of it……the Princess has been kidnapped. I began reading the paper.

Dear members of the Devil's Voice…..or should I say members of the Lunar Race???? I have your dear human girl with me, and if you don't want to see her lifeless……I suggest you drop out from the Music Industries…..or else, say goodbye to your little girly!!!!! You have 3 days to do that, and trying to find us will be a waste of time, so……Good Luck!

Your sincerely, The Princess's kidnapper

"What does it say Mitsuru???", Akira whined and came closer to me. I was still holding to the paper tightly and my left hand was formed into a fist. I am so close to snapping out now…..

I shoved the paper to Akira's face, afraid that I might destroy it cause of my anger. Geez….I really have an anger issue huh????

Akira had just finished reading it seems, because I could hear his whining. Turning my head slightly, I saw his eyes widening and staring at the paper as if it was a ghost. Wait a minute! a demon is afraid of a ghost??? This world really is weird……..

He gave the paper to Misoka next, who read it quickly and was surprised of the content as well.

"How the hell does this person knows that we are of the Lunar Race???" "And what the hell was with the dropping out thing???", Nozomu yelled in frustration. Oh yeah….I forgot that he's here too.

Normal POV

"Oh no! Whoever this person is, he/she is going to pay!!!!", Mitsuru growled, and had a murderous look and aura surrounding him. It made the others backed away slightly, even Misoka who is usually never scared of anything.

"Okay…calm down Mitsuru! I know you're worried about her but-"

"I am not worried about her!", Mitsuru yelled, not letting Roseana finish. However, it seems like he's not the only one who was irritated as well, because Roseana quickly walked up to him and grabbed his shirt's collar. He and the others were surprised, but Roseana doesn't seem to care.

"Shut up! I am worried too so will you just shut your mouth and let me tell you my plan!!!", she eventually yelled. Roseana yelled? That was a really surprising event. She let go of him and sat down on his bed, looking irritated and depressed.

"Remind me not to get on her bad side", the werewolf whispered, still surprised. Roseana heard eventually, and shot him dead glares. She then told us her plan…...

Meanwhile, somewhere not too far away from them…..

Mahiru's POV


I groaned as I started to find my consciousness back. I tried to open my eyes, however the light was blinding me and I closed it right away. My head was still spinning and my memories were fuzzy. I tried to recall what had happened to me when…..

"Oh look…the little Princess is awake…"

I jumped, surprised and looked towards where the voice came from. There, leaning against a wall was a man. I couldn't make out his face properly because of the dim light.

Then, I remembered what had happened to me. I was looking for Mitsuru when I found out that he wasn't anywhere at home. I was worried that he'll be sick again, since he just recovered. I was walking through a dark alley, towards the beach where I knew Mitsuru likes to visit. However, when I turned at the corner, something hard hit me and I lost my consciousness.

I was too busy thinking, that I didn't realized the man had came closer until I felt someone pulled me up by my collar. I looked up in horror, and I saw his dark red eyes, staring deep into my soul.

"Let me go!", I yelled, but he suddenly slapped me hard across my face and dropped me down.

I sat up, holding my cheek that is probably red now by the sudden impact.

"My name is Ryo…..remember that!"

"Ungrateful child, you are just like your pitiful mother", he yelled at me while taking a step closer.

"If your father didn't marry her….he could have been a powerful demon, not a pitiful one", he let out a small chuckle and stepped closer.

I moved back, trembling and shivering all over, however, he just chuckled again and stepped even closer.

"He would not have been killed by me then, and poor little princess here wouldn't be all alone", he laughed out a sinister laugh, which sends shivers down my spine. I moved back again, but then was stop by something hard. I looked back and realized I had reached the wall and couldn't move any further.

I heard a chuckle once again, and in a flash Ryo was holding me up by the collar again. I kicked and punched, trying to get away, but he slapped me again and I stopped.

"Well at least I could taste your blood", I looked up in horror and that's when I saw those fangs…….I realized then that HE is a vampire. But it was too late….I started to struggle again but he already moved his fangs towards me.

In a second, I could feel his fangs deep inside my skin around my neck, and my head was spinning all around again. I felt an unbearable amount of pain and my head was about to explode.

"Aghhhhh!!!", I yelled in pain before my world was consumed by the darkness again………..

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