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Chapter 11: Worse Than The Dragon

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"Merlin!" Hunith glared as soon as he called out to her.

Merlin's cheerful grin slipped off his face as he saw the look on his mothers face. The 'your about to get a clip around the ear' look. Oh Gods what have I done now?

"Gaius's rooms. Now." Hunith commanded pulling Merlin along by his ear.

Oww oww oww oww Merlin thought. Thankfully a very confused and scared Mordred followed at a safe distance.

"Gaius!" Hunith called out as soon as they got through the door slamming it behind them.

Quietly Mordred opened it and slipped in behind them before hiding behind one of the ingredient stacks scattered about.

Gaius popped up from creating a potion for the latest member of the court to fall ill and promptly started walking backwards as he recognised the warning signs. He glanced towards the window inwardly weighing up the odds of survival if he leaped out of it.

"You know Gaius there were several gossipy women in the last trading caravan to stop for supplies in Ealdor." Hunith began sweetly. "Normally I wouldn't pay attention to such drama queens except for the last trading stop that caravan made. Can you guess what it is?"

"Camelot?" Gaius answered nervously.

"Exactly!" Hunith answered with a dazzling smile. "And they had some very interesting gossip let me tell you."

Seeing his chance Merlin decided to try and make his escape. "I'm late for work with Arthur so I think I'll just…" he said quickly edging to the door.

"YOU STAY WHERE YOU ARE!" Hunith snarled ending her son's escape before it had even begun. "Now Gaius there was a certain piece of information that I found very interesting that thankfully the people of Ealdor didn't pick up on. Namely a young boy named Mordred Emrys."

Gaius and Merlin paled dramatically. "Now… umm… that is…" Gaius stammered as he tried to explain that contrary to what his mother thought Merlin had not been sleeping around and gotten some slag pregnant who had promptly dumped the resulting baby on him.

"BUT NOTHING YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO LOOK AFTER HIM!" Hunith screamed at her old friend devastated by what she saw as her and her appointed guardian failing her little boy.

It was just then that Arthur, irate at Merlin being late again, blundered into Gaius's chambers.

"Merlin what are you…" Arthur trailed off as he took note of Merlin's pleading 'get me out of here' expression and a cowering Gaius.

Then he spotted Hunith. Oh Gods its Morgana in 30 years!

"YOU!" Hunith turned on the new arrival. "You're the one who corrupted my baby! No doubt you spent endless hours prattling on about your conquests and made Merlin feel like an idiot for deciding to have some respect and wait for someone special…"

Arthur tuned her out at that point just as he did Morgana and his father at dinner. Merlin really hasn't?… ever?... wow. I mean I knew he was innocent but wow. I'm going to have to keep a much closer eye on the maids that are making goo goo eyes at him. His first time has to be with someone special not with someone who will break his heart. Most of those servants would simply try to use him as a stepping stone to get into my bed and all the gifts and riches they think they'll get with that. I've got to warn him about that as well as keep him protected. Honestly Merlin if you weren't such a good friend the amount of work you cause me would be intolerable.

Arthur unfortunately grinned at that moment which was not the reaction that Hunith had been looking for.

"You think this is funny?" You think some woman taking advantage of my baby and leaving him with a child is funny?! Not everyone can afford servants to deal with the consequences of their actions for them you prat!"

Yep that's where Merlin gets it from. Best deal with this now before she gets into her full stride. If she's anything like Morgana then she's just getting warmed up. Arthur reached into Mordred's hiding place before fishing him out and presenting him to Hunith.

"May I introduce you to Mordred Emrys?" Arthur said calmly. Mordred was clearly scared so Arthur held him close and tried to make Mordred understand that there was nothing to be afraid of. Physically anyway.


Ok that didn't go as planned.

"No mum Mordred's father was killed and as he's magical the king would have him executed. He had nowhere else to go so Gaius and I said we'd take care of him."

Merlin tried to calm his mother who looked like she was about to have a heart attack.

"Magic is illegal in Camelot." Hunith said carefully.

Arthur frowned. "You would condemn your own son?"

Hunith paled dramatically before turning to unleash her fury on Merlin and Gaius for taking such a risk as letting Prince Arthur know about Merlin's magic. Thankfully the stress of all the revelations got to her and she fainted.

Merlin caught her before she fell. "Well at least it's quiet now." He broke the silence with his signature goofy grin.

Arthur couldn't help it. He burst out laughing.

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Note: I got Dragon Age for the Xbox for Christmas and I've started a new slash story, First Knight of Highever. If you like this story you'll probably like that one as well