What Goes Around Comes Around

Chapter 1 - How it all begins

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Summary: Kanon finds out he is one out of a billion men who can actually get pregnant. He's worried that this might be the glue that keeps him together with the person he really doesn't love. Also the restaurant he works at is being controlled by a huge world known company. What else can go wrong? Kanon discovers a lot more can happen within a short amount of time. Kanon X Schneizel!

Warning: Swearing

Special Thanks: I would like to thank XTheTricksterX for editing my work. My grammar is horrible to begin with so it's nice to have someone else to look over my work. Thanks again :)

Line Break

"Congratulations Kanon, you're pregnant."

The auburn looked at his doctor wide eyed and surprised. How could he be pregnant? First, he was male. Second, he didn't have female organs. And lastly, he was a GUY!

"How can I possibly be pregnant? I'm male." He said, feeling a little uneasy.

"I know that," the doctor only smiled at him. Her eyes glowed with powerful bliss. "You're lucky because most guy couples want babies that are…"

He wanted to scream at her. She didn't understand how he was feeling. He, Kanon Maldini, was pregnant all along after a week of feeling nausea and fainting randomly. He was happy he wasn't fired from his job.

"How. can. I. possibly. be. pregnant?" Kanon knew his eyes would betray him by showing her how scared he was.

"You see, Kanon: you are one out of a millions of men that can actually get pregnant due to a genetic disorder that is so rare that no one knows exactly how it works and affects the body. Don't worry though, it's not life threatening."

"Thank you."

The auburn wondered why this strange but exciting news did not excite him. He was having a baby with his boyfriend, who seemed to be responsible enough to take care of a child. Instead, he was freaking out that because of the fact that he was pregnant, and that this would be permanent glue on his on-going relationship, which he truly didn't want. He did once love his boyfriend, but he slowly started to lose interest in him. Kanon's boyfriend wasn't all that interesting to begin with. All he was good for was his culinary skills and someone to talk to. There wasn't really anything else they could do with each other that made Kanon want to be with him…

"Just be careful Kanon. I don't want anything bad happening to the baby." She sounded like she was scared that he would lose it. Why did she even care if he had a baby or not?

"I will," Kanon smiled warmly at her.

She gave him a nodded and opened the door for him, "Come back if you have any troubles."

"I will. Thank you, Dr. Watanabe."

"No problem."

~Flash back to Monday evening~

"Kanon? Kanon…? KANON!"

Kanon jumped out of his chair yelling out "Sorry!" He got up too fast so he ended up sitting back down.

His boss looked down at him with an angry expression. Her eyes were narrowed, and her hands were placed on her curvy hips. The auburn sighed deeply, letting his head drop slightly to avoid his boss's hard glare.

"You need a break." She said finally after an awkward silence.

Kanon shook his head, "I can't…"

"It's not like we're going to go out of business if you aren't here for a day." The woman's face softened as she sat down next to her beauteous employee.

"What's wrong with me?" He sighed, covering his face with his small delicate hands.

"That's why you need a break, Kanon." She grabbed an abandoned straw and began to rotate it around her slender fingers. "Anyway, you need to use some of your vacation time. Take a trip with your boyfriend or something."

"We're not…" Kanon sighed. "…We're not getting along right now." He admitted. "I think it's just another road bump in our relationship."

"Are you sure?" She raised a blond eyebrow, "I don't think it's just a road bump."

Kanon wrinkled his nose, "You think I should break up with him don't you?"

She waved her hands in front of her, "I'm just your boss, Kanon. You don't have to take my advice." Kanon's boss threw the straw into a nearby wastebasket. "Break time is over." She said plainly.

"I'm still not taking vacation time." He said, standing up. "Give the time to someone else."

The blond snorted, "It's not healthy to be a workaholic."

Kanon ignored his boss.

His boss blocked the door before he had the chance to leave the room. "Seriously," she said in a momentous manner, "You can't get around this."

"Fine, I'll take Wednesday and Friday off."

Her face lit up, "Good."

Line Break

After work, Kanon found himself in a very uncomfortable state. He couldn't get rid of the uneasiness that settled at the pit of his stomach. This uneasiness made Kanon reluctant to go home and face his problems with his boyfriend. Of course there really wasn't anything Kanon could do about this pit, so he dragged himself to a cab to take him to his boyfriend's house. Reality was a solid thing unlike the brittle parts of his imagination. Life was harder than it was, and the other side of reality was like a present that would save the very existence of that person's life. Life for Kanon wasn't like that present, and he dreaded that lonesome fact.

So when he opened the door that led into the house he wished his life would just end. His boyfriend was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper, but when he heard Kanon shut the door behind him, his head snapped up.

"Kanon, we need to talk." He glided toward Kanon with ease.

It's just another road bump!

"I still need an answer from you." He grabbed Kanon's arm to make sure he wouldn't run away from him.

"I told you I still need to-"

Kanon's boyfriend interrupted him swiftly, "Kanon, you think it's fair for me to wait for your answer?"


"Then why do you have to think twice? You love me right?"


"Then why think?"

Kanon groaned.

"Is this decision to hard for you to answer?"

"No, it's just…"

"Just what?"

"Yes, I'll move in with you."

Yes, it wasn't the question of marriage; it was the question to see if the other would move in. It was a sign of trust and responsibility before the question of marriage. This was the question Kanon hated, because the question "will you marry me?" will be impossibly closer, and Kanon didn't want to face the question, yet.

"Was that so hard?" His boyfriend asked him before his gave Kanon a peck on the forehead.

Hell yeah it was!

"I guess not."


"This is Gino Weinberg." Kanon's boss introduced the male next to her, "He'll be working part time."

Everyone left when the introduction was over.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Gino." Kanon shock Gino's hand politely.

"Thanks," Gino began to nervously rub the back of his head, "To tell you the truth," he looked around to make sure no one else was there to hear him, "I wanted to have this job because of him." Gino used his head to point to an employee behind Kanon.

"You mean Suzaku?"

The blond nodded.


Gino laughed nervously, "I know it's a bad reason to work here, but..." He made a sour expression before he continued, "Why does he always talk to him?"

Kanon turned around to face Suzaku. He was standing next to a raven haired boy, who looked around his age. Was Gino jealous of a costumer?

"He's just talking to a costumer." Kanon replied; semi confused on why Gino was so jealous.

"Suzaku's always talking to Lelouch." Gino said solemnly, "What's so special about him?"

Kanon frowned, "Are you sure that Suzaku likes this 'Lelouch' person?"

Gino blinked for a second and grinned sheepishly, "I'm sorry, Kanon. This probably doesn't interest you." He began to laugh nervously again, "I have to go talk to Milly anyways." (Milly is Kanon and Gino's boss.)

Kanon nodded in response and walked over to where Suzaku and Lelouch were standing. "Would you like a table?" He asked the raven haired boy with a slight bow.

Violet eyes showed sympathy towards Kanon, "No, sorry, I was just leaving." At the end of "leaving" he let out a hiss toward Suzaku, and left rather abruptly, hitting Suzaku's shoulder while doing so.

Kanon tilted his head to the side.

"I'm sorry about that." the brunette apologized with a frown. "He's just a friend of mine."

"Good," Kanon felt bad for the brown haired teen, "It would have been undesirable to the company if you had been fighting with a costumer."

"Yes, it would be." Suzaku agreed, "By the way, did you hear about the Britannia Company lately?"

Kanon crossed his arms. He didn't care much for the rich and famous Britannia Company who bought any store or restaurant that they thought would make a great chain product. Why couldn't they leave non-chain companies alone?

"No, I haven't."

"Milly is worried that they might buy The Rouge. (The name of the restaurant Kanon is currently working at.) I wonder what would happen if they successfully did so?"

"The Rouge isn't a chain restaurant." Kanon snorted. "And it doesn't need to be."

The brunette shrugged, "That won't stop them though."

Line Break

"Jun, where do you want me to put these boxes?" Kanon asked, setting them down next to the couch in the living room.

Jun appeared from the bedroom while wrapping a tie around his slender neck. "It doesn't matter." He smiled warmly, "I'll help put them away tonight, after my business meeting."

"Why do you have a meeting at six when work was over at three?" The auburn asked with a snort. "Your job sucks." He added.

Jun laughed briskly, before he rolled his eyes. "It doesn't suck. This meeting is important." He gave up tying his tie for a minute to grab hold of Kanon's waist.

"What is it, Jun?" Kanon asked; his eyes were staring off into space.

"Sweetie, can't I hug you?"

"I guess so…"

Jun grunted, and pulled away from Kanon. "Why are you in such a fussy mood?"

"How am I being fussy? I was just asking what you wanted and-"

"Fine, you're being distant with me. It's like you don't even care about us anymore." Jun crossed his arms before he continued, "You do love me, right?"

"Of course I do!" Kanon exclaimed, "Why wouldn't I?" Oh, but the auburn could name off twenty things within a second.

"I don't know, but you act like you don't care what happens anymore. You seem really bored sometimes when I talk to you, and it bothers me." He reached out to stroke Kanon's soft check. "Love requires two shares of contribution, so I want to know about your share."

Kanon sighed, looking away from Jun. He didn't know what to say to him, but the only thing he didn't want to do was to tell Jun that he thought he was boring. The truth would hurt Jun, and Kanon wasn't the type who would do that to a person.

"I love you Jun, so stop asking." Kanon flashed Jun a stern look. "You should be getting ready instead of bickering with me."

"Yeah, you're right."


"You had sex yesterday." Gino said suddenly when Kanon walked into the break room. The blond looked as surprised as Kanon.


"Sorry…" Gino apologized quickly, "I just thought, because you're more relaxed then you were yesterday." He laughed nervously, "But with some reason you still look irritated."

"Well, it's because I am." Kanon didn't want to lie to him. He felt that Gino would be the best person to talk about his love life, beside Jun himself. "I have a problem, and it's something I go through every relationship I've ever been in."

The blond nodded.

"It's probably because I haven't found the right person yet."

The blond nodded again.

"And I don't want to be in that kind of relationship yet, and I feel trapped when a relationship goes too deep…" Kanon clasped his forehead with a single hand, "Again, I think it's just because I haven't found the right person yet."

This time the blond laughed, "I feel sorry for you."

"And why's that?" Kanon asked offended by Gino's sudden outburst of laughter.

"Can't you just break up with the guy?"

"I can't do that I-"

"Sure you can." Gino chuckled, "If you don't love him then you shouldn't have to deal with him."

"I wish it was as easy as that…"

"Wait, aren't you supposed to take a day off today?"


"I can't believe you worked yesterday and you didn't get caught." Gino sounded a little irritated, but he sounded more concerned than anything.

"It's not like I'm going to get paid for the hours I worked yesterday." Kanon shrugged as he grabbed plates of food for the waiting costumers, "Why does it bother you so much?"

Gino crossed his lengthy arms across his chest, "Because you don't look well. I mean look at you, your face is pale white, and you have bags under your eyes."

"I'm fine," Kanon insisted with a forced smile, "There's nothing wrong with-" The auburn put the plates back on the kitchen counter before he fell to the floor, unconscious.

Line Break

"I'm telling you I'm fine." Kanon couldn't help but growl impatiently at Milly. He stood in front of her desk, his arms crossed, and his face was in a deep scowl.

Milly uncharacteristically slammed her fist on her desk, "You idiot!" She spat, "You fainted and you say you're okay." Milly stood up to walk over to Kanon. "It's like you never took a day off yesterday!"

That is because I didn't.

"I don't know what's wrong with you." She grabbed his shirt, "Tell me, Kanon, are you sure you're all right?" Her jewel like eyes glittered at him worriedly.

"I'm fine, Milly." He pulled her hands of his shirt gently. "I'm fine." He repeated. But he wasn't sure whether it was to assure Milly or himself.

"I called Jun," she sighed, "He's going to pick you up."

Kanon groaned, "I don't need to leave work early." He insisted.

Her phone began to ring on her desk. Milly's eyes shifted to it, but she kept her focus on Kanon. "Yes you do." The blond strolled back to her desk to see who was calling her. "Don't run away from what you need the most." She said before she answered the phone.

Line Break

Kanon's strides were long and hurried when he entered "Jun's" house. This wasn't something he had planned, but who would plan to faint during their job when they were doing everything in their power to stay away from their boyfriend that made them feel fatigued and bored?

Jun called after him, trying to grab the other's arm to stop him in his tracks. Successfully, Jun had a firm grasp on Kanon's arm and pulled him back towards himself.

"Kanon, you need to relax."

"I'M FINE!" Kanon covered his mouth with his free hand. He felt horrible and sick to his stomach. A dizzy spell was bound to happen to Kanon's dislike. "I'm sorry, Jun… I didn't mean to yell at you."

Jun pulled him into his chest, "it's okay," he patted Kanon's back softy.

"It's not okay!" Kanon sobbed into his boyfriend's chest, "There's something wrong with me!"

Jun kissed Kanon's hair before he said, "All we have to do is call Doctor Watanabe and she'll tell us what's wrong."


It was Friday, and Kanon couldn't help but wake up at his normal work time, (which was around 7:30) and start the day early. Jun was already at work, which explained why he arrived home so early yesterday. The scent of citrus and eggs masked the whole kitchen and part of the living room.

I hate eggs…

Kanon shock his head.

Why am I lying to myself?

He stared at the pan in the sink.

Jun was in a rush this morning…

The auburn looked closer at the pan.

That pan was used last night…

Blue eyes stared even closer.

Was he giving me chores to do around the house?

Auburn eyebrows lifted themselves from their usual spot.

He thought I was going to stay home today.

Kanon shock his head with a snort.

Yeah right.

"Screw this!" He spat at the pan, "I'm going back to bed."

He paused as a pink note pad sparked his interest. Looking down at it he noticed Jun's hand writing.

He wrote: Dear Kanon,

You have a doctor's appointment at one today, so when you are reading this I'm guessing it's around eight o'clock.

Kanon paused to look at the time: it was five minutes to eight.

Anyway, I hope everything goes well, and I should be home before you. Tell Dr. Watanabe I said "hi." Thank you for reading my note, Love Jun.

Kanon stared at the note for a while. He hated how Jun could easily predict what time he would get up and find the note. This bothered him, but what didn't these days? "Irritation is starting to become as common as your smiles," Jun had told him once last week. That also bothered Kanon: the way Jun could sense his irritation even though it was masked by his laughter and his heart-warming smiles.

The rest of the hours were spent on getting ready, and it should really only take at least a half an hour. This excuse would explain why the dishes weren't done, although Jun wouldn't really care if the dishes were done in the first place. This would explain why Jun was practically blind when it came to Kanon's intended laziness around the house. The auburn had used this to make the other angry at him, but failed miserably. Nothing made Jun mad, unless it was a question that wasn't being answered quickly. This was learned earlier in the week.

He looked at the clock one more time, before he reached for his wallet. It was eleven-thirty and the taxi cab had finally arrived at Jun's house. Kanon walked carefully to the cab as he felt a little unsteady. His head began to feel fuzzy, and his legs became a little shaky. Luckily, Kanon had reached the cab before he had the chance to faint. With unsteady hands he opened the cab door and sat in without passing out.

"To the Hospital, right?" The cab driver asked in a deep, low voice.

"Yes," Kanon said quickly, holding his head with his right hand. The dizziness wouldn't go away. Was he going to faint sitting down? Those thoughts made Kanon feel awkward about his body. What was wrong with him in the first place? He was drinking enough water… That's why I'm going to see the doctor! Kanon quickly reminded himself. It can't be anything important…could it?

Line Break

Thank you for reading!

Kanon's Boss – Milly Ashford

Jun and Dr. Watanabe – They are two characters I made up for the fun of it. Also, I couldn't think of anybody, besides Schneizel, who would go out with Kanon…

The Britannia Company – A worldwide company that buys businesses that has a good potential of becoming a chain-business.

The Rouge & Kanon's job – Kanon works as a (higher up) waiter at a five star restaurant I made up. Most of the employees look up to Kanon, because he knows how to run the restaurant efficiently without Milly's help or advice.

Suzaku and Lelouch argument – This argument will be explained later on in the story. It's nothing important… For now anyway…