Pour the Champagne

Summary: Things change. So do people. Propelled seven years into the future, Ichigo is engaged to Masaya. But Kish's reaction turns into the least of her worries when the aliens come back to earth for the wedding and a surprise guest follows behind. "Did that thing seriously just eat my ring?!" (KxI, PxL, TxP.)

Chapter 1: Wedding Bells

Love-- a wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker.

- Anonymous

Ichigo Momomiya admired the ring placed on her left hand, a glimmering ruby in the sunlight, while relishing the familiar blush on her cheeks and enjoying the feeling of belonging to someone. Someone special. Someone who she had loved for the past many years; someone who loved her back just as much, by the name of Masaya Aoyama. Someone she was about to marry sometime within the next few years.

The redheaded girl, hair now grown from chin to shoulder with the absence of bangs prominent on her face, sighed and leaned back into the park bench she was currently lounging on.

Masaya. She giggled, as old habits die hard. At the age of twenty, she had never imagined becoming engaged…. Never imagined still being with Aoyama-kun. No, it was Masaya now. He was just so… Perfect. So perfectly wonderful, and she never could figure out why he loved her-- her, Ichigo, the little imperfection that had somehow managed to twist herself into his life.

Oh, he was perfect wasn't he? Tanned, and complete with warm brown eyes like milk chocolate. His dark bangs nestled against his forehead, now so long they tickled her own forehead when they kissed.

Ichigo put up her ring again, silencing another half-emitted laugh while she watched the red ruby sparkle as she waved it gently left to right. She couldn't imagine it not being their now, despite the fact that she had received it little more than a week ago. It just seemed to belong there, her heart reminding her that she and Masaya were really meant to be together.

Forever. Blissfully together for eternity.

She could tell you any detail about Masaya on the night he proposed to her: the way his hair swept around his face, his smile seeming somewhat nervous but calming her at the same time, the way he hadn't stammered when he knelt on one knee and actually said the four words of "Ichigo, will you marry me?"

It had been no surprise that he asked her to marry him, of course, and Ichigo had been hoping for him to ask her soon. After seven years of being a couple, he had to ask her at some point. Well, almost seven years.

The anniversary of their first date was coming up soon, Ichigo realized giddily, and her first kiss just a few days after. She had never received it the way she expected it... Of course, she had always hoped it would be from Masaya.

But it was from Kish!

Allowing herself a brief smile, she thought back to the days when her only concerns were what to wear and what Masaya thought of her... She giggled. Well, that and saving the world.

It was almost funny thinking about her first kiss. Looking back, it actually hadn't been that bad if not slightly shocking... It was kind of sweet, in a Kish way, when she thought about it and she smiled thinking of him. Briefly, she wondered how he was doing.

His kisses were nothing at all like Masaya's though... Laughing again, she remembered the night of her proposal, looking back to the events leading up to it and...

And then, Masaya proposed. Right on the very park bench she was sitting on! And the stars had been twinkling up above. Ichigo closed her eyes, imagining the night she became engaged on. She opened her eyes quickly, slightly annoyed by the bright noon sun shining down on her.

Noon sun… Ichigo paused, straightening up. I'm supposed to be somewhere at noon…

"Wait…" She glanced at her watch and yelped, smoothing her white pleated skirt down. With a familiar cry of "Oh no! I'm going to be late!," she raced off into the distance, clutching her purse tightly in her fist.

Some things never change.

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Anyway, first ever story is posted! This chapter is sort of catching you up into what's happening today, and I'm sorry because it's awfully short. I described Ichigo's looks briefly because, obviously, no one wears the exact same thing ten years later in life

Yes, I do realize that Ichigo is planning on getting married very soon. And I mean, VERY soon. It is in no way my view at all of marriage. The reason why they are planning on marrying so young is because they honestly feel that because they've known each other for so long, why wait? Right now, they want a future together.

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