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Ch.3—Send Me Spinning

His sluts—err, entertainment were not trashy.

He had taken special care in picking them out, even if he only went to one place and blindly pointed his finger in random directions.

They were not over.


Why then did she have to say 'good-bye' instead of 'good-night'? Why had they not sorted this out earlier and not slept in the same bed for over a week? Even in faking a happy relationship, he would have thought they could have slept together—in both senses of the word.



Technically speaking they had only had one real argument, well…two counting today. The morning after when she had come to him begging his forgiveness there had been no real fight, just a tragic induced mood and fake forgiveness.

How could she lie to him?

How could she choose him to manipulate, of all people? Manipulating was what they did to others, not to each other, not unless they were mad for something one of them had done. And they weren't mad, well…now they were. He was. Why was it so hard? Why couldn't he just forgive her? He didn't—wouldn't— want to end their relationship ever, but…she was right. Where did they stand if he couldn't trust her? And why couldn't he just give her a second chance? She had given him so many already. What would that say of him if he couldn't give her even one?

It was like she had cheated on him—that's how he was acting. Though, he supposed he would be avoiding her completely if she had done that. Then it would be over. Then it would be through. At least that would be a sure fire decision, except for when he finally decided to trust her again. Then he'd probably give her another chance. But…with this…it was almost worse. If he couldn't forgive her and move on with their relationship, then how were they going to get through any other problems they were bound to run into?

He hadn't considered problems in the equation of dating Blair Waldorf. He figured they had been through so many just trying to tell each other their 'I love you's. Surely they wouldn't have anymore.

Well, they had. They still were. And even though Blair really hadn't done anything to make up for it, before tonight, he figured it wouldn't have mattered if she had, especially since he had claimed his forgiveness of her.

It would be more lack of trust in him if she had even tried to 'prove' her trust again. She probably wondered if he even trusted her anymore. On that awful night when she announced to the entire hall practically every awful, snappy thing about herself…she had claimed Chuck to be the person that trusted her the most.

Well, maybe that wasn't even the case anymore.


He didn't know.

But he didn't want to wait to find out. He was ready to give her that second chance. He couldn't bear another moment in this disgusting 'subtle' fight. Being fake wasn't them. And losing her would kill him.

"Hey Chuck!" a bubbly Serena walked up to him, glittering in her revealing silver dress.

"Serena," he nodded. She clearly did not take notice of his gloomy behavior.

"I don't know what you were so worried about. This place looks amazing!" her eyes scanned the room, twinkling in awe at everything she saw. "And there are tons of people here!"

"Yeah, it's a huge success…"

She smiled, still losing herself in the room, the people, the lights. "I can't believe you even asked me. Clearly you've got enough talent just inside yourself," she added cheesily, pushing at his shoulder to inform him of the teasing he obviously didn't seem aware of.

He took a sip from his scotch and leaned back against the bar counter. "Mmm."

Serena's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Chuck, I don't understand. Everything looks so amazing, why wouldn't you—" and then it clicked. "Blair."

He sighed. "Yeah, Sis, how'd you guess?" the sarcasm in his voice was potent and she would have been offended if she wasn't already gaping at the sight before her.

"No, Blair," she emphasized, pointing ahead of her. Maybe she had suddenly discovered the source of his bad mood, but she had also discovered the entertainment for the evening and never in her wildest dreams had she imagined it would be Blair Waldorf.

Chuck lifted his head in frustration, but his eyes widened and he moved to see what was happening onstage. The cheering had gotten louder, more focused, and he could almost hear the drooling of the men up in front. She had left. She had left, he kept telling himself. She had told him good-bye and he was fearing for their official break up. But...she had come back, why?

He strode over to a less than half-drunk man and questioned him about her return. Luckily the man had questioned one of the security guards earlier, who had informed him that 'Miss Waldorf' was just going on a break. Chuck gaped at the man and then returned to his place at the bar. She had come back. She had known he would still need her, regardless of their circumstances. Maybe she hadn't even planned on truly leaving to begin with.

Serena nearly gagged at the sight of Blair on stage, covering her mouth in disgust. She figured this was what her best friend might look like behind closed doors with Chuck, but…in public?

"Oh my god, Chuck!" She forced him to turn to her, hardly having been aware of his sudden departure less than five minutes earlier, and then his return.

"What?!" he asked, angrily, and she almost excused the action all together.

"You're gonna let her do this?" she asked aghast, "She is your girlfriend even if you are fighting, and those guys are practically hanging all over her!"

He scoffed in humor and shook his head, focusing his attention back on Blair. "It's harmless."

She gaped.

"Besides, we all know who she's going home with."

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion once more. "Uh, Chuck," she laughed briefly—unsurely, "Did I make up the fight between you two? I mean, she did manipulate you for some speech a little over a week ago, right?"

His eyes narrowed and he finally turned to her. "Yes, she did. Thanks for the reminder." He turned behind him and demanded another scotch. Serena gulped and slid onto the bar stool beside him.

"Look, I didn't mean…"

"Don't worry about it. It would have been shameful of me to forget," he spat, aiming his words towards the drink in front of him.

She sighed, closing her eyes briefly. "She's really sorry, Chuck."

He remained motionless.

"You know she would do anything for you…"

His eyes snapped to hers. "Just like I'd do anything for her?" his voice rose.

Her lips pursed. "Chuck…"

He scoffed again, directing his gaze back towards his drink. "Forget it." He spun around and watched her again. All he could see was her. In the haze of shouting and drinks and blurred promiscuity, all he could see was her. The graceful movements of her hair gliding down her back and over her shoulders, how her eyes danced into the colored lights and towards every individual in the room, and…those ruby lips just begging to be devoured. He wasn't even going to start thinking about the movements of her body. He was turned on enough when she just walked across the room or down the street, but…this?


"Chuck—" Serena's voice entered his thoughts, sounding almost offended that he had interrupted her. Though she figured his situation granted that and so allowed whatever torturous snag came from his lips.

"It's even better the second—third time around," he smirked, briefly turning to the blonde, a lighthearted air spreading from within.

She decided it was best to not act as if too confused or that might direct him back to the problem, which by all means needed to get solved, had been unsolved for too long…but maybe needed a break.

"Hmm?" she asked, hoping that sounded neutral.

His eyes zoned on the brunette strutting around stage. "When I first saw this side of her…"

She stared, trying to put the pieces together, and if by some hidden code he concluded her need for understanding.

"The night Blair and Nate broke up for real, before Cotillion—" and there wasn't even any spite in his voice regarding what had happened the night of Cotillion and afterwards, "—she came to Victrola, for the opening night, and I basically dared her to go up on stage and dance, and strip." His eyes darkened lustfully.

Serena shook her head, turning to look on at her best friend, hoping she wouldn't find herself permanently damaged from the visual afterwards. It wasn't as if she hadn't seen Blair in her undergarments before, and she wasn't shedding her slip per say. She tried to deem it 'harmless', as Chuck had said. Though, what he was saying…about junior year, completely made sense. He would be one to dare her to do something like that. She rolled her eyes. "And then…afterwards…" she prompted, though deep inside herself she knew the answer to the question and came to the immediate regret of opening her mouth with those words.

"I took her virginity," he stated smarmily.

She cringed. Blair had given her a summary before, but it had always been such a 'disgusting mistake', so she didn't go into detail—not that Serena would have wanted it. But by the time the brunette had fallen in love with said bad boy…it didn't really need to be talked about, was never brought up rather. Not on purpose, it just wasn't.

"Well," she nearly shrieked, her voice rising for a moment.

Chuck's smirk grew. "God, she's beautiful," he breathed, leaning forward, and placing his drink on the counter behind him.

Serena nodded, recovering, and enjoying how genuinely sentimental he was being.

"Especially like this," his eyes glistened.

She cleared her throat and turned away. "Well…" her voice awkward-sounding now, sending Chuck's smirk even farther across his face.

"What is it, Sis? Something bothering you?" he raised an eyebrow and she tried her very best to ignore it, laughing shortly.

"Not entirely."

He was still smiling.

"I'm just gonna go change," she smiled, and he frowned.


"What are you talking about?" he asked, and her tender smile parted her lips. It was so very thrilling to know something he didn't.

"Didn't she tell you?"

His eyebrows furrowed. "Tell me what?"

Serena beamed. "It must be a surprise then. I'll be back!" she called out, walking off in her shimmering glamour. He was stock still silent, and completely lost at this new intake of information.

"Serena—" He put a hand to his forehead, trying to rid himself of the sudden headache residing there. "What are you—"

"Changing!" she chirped, giggling when she was inches from the door. A mere glance back at his terribly perplexed face sent her into another stifled fit of laughter.


"Oh, don't worry; I know I'm basically in costume. Just a few touch ups!" she squealed.

And then?


He was still confused.


She had come down awhile ago and he was still in shock from everybody's sudden shift from party clothes of modern day to those of the 1920's. It was then that he noticed on the back of all those propped signs on the street was an invitation to a 1920's costume party…following a good two hours of burlesque dancing.

He shook his head in disbelief. He couldn't believe Blair had gone through all this trouble just to save his opening night. If he didn't trust her now, he would be a complete idiot. No one else's girlfriend would go this all out for some club her boyfriend owned, especially while still fighting with said boyfriend.

"Blair," he approached her, finally. She had been mingling amongst the guests for almost an hour while he watched her, mesmerized. Meanwhile, Serena had sat back taking in her two friends. It was ridiculous how they would avoid each other and yet stare the other down while in the midst of some absurd fight. Of course this time the fight wasn't so absurd, but Blair had really proved herself tonight, and Serena could tell by the look in her brother's eyes…he was more than ready to forgive her, for real this time.

The love, lust, and admiration heating up his eyes was undeniable.

"Chuck," she said, her voice casual and aloof. She looked about the room, smiling and waving to several of the men who she had held the rapt attention of throughout the evening.

"Thank-you," he choked out. He could hardly express, let alone ask, his gratitude about her return.

She turned her eyes to him and softened. "Of course, Chuck. We're friends. That's what friends do for each other." The smile implanted on her face was fake and guarded. It caused his eyebrows to narrow.

Screw awe and admiration.

He pulled her to the side of the room, blinding his eyes to the disappointed looks of the men she was leaving behind.

"Friends, Blair?" he spat.

She focused her gaze on his frustrated face. "Yes, Chuck, friends." Now her eyebrows narrowed.

"Uh-oh," Serena's face fell as she backed away behind the bar. She didn't want to get in the middle of a Chuck-Blair argument, but she couldn't help needing to see how it would turn out. If it ended in a teary-eyed Blair, she would have to go after her for comfort's sake. If it ended in a slapped, furious Chuck, she would have to make sure to not contact him for the next couple days, and to leave immediately.

"We're more than friends," he insisted, his voice low. "Or have you forgotten?"

She twitched, annoyed, and scowled at him. "You seem to have!"

He huffed, shaking his head. "I was just thanking you for—"

"Saving your egotistical ass? You're welcome," she spat.

His eyes narrowed. "Well, I was going to—"

"Decide to trust me? Save it. I've spent enough time around your despicable existence tonight," she rolled her eyes and made to storm away.

Serena gaped. Was Blair drunk?

Chuck spun in anger and grabbed hold of his feisty girlfriend's arm, pulling her flush up against him. "Don't you leave me," he demanded in a harsh whisper.

The closeness consumed her, and the need for her she felt in his words completely broke her. She was so tired of her apology not being enough, and she had done so much for him tonight. But she didn't want to wait for him to forgive her. She was going to do her duty and storm off and wait for him to come to her…maybe in a few days.

It seemed though, he couldn't wait.

She broke against him and choked out a few sobs. He dropped her arms and she pushed herself away from him. He waited. She had a few options in deciding what to do next, and in those five seconds of anguish she considered each one carefully. She could spit some more hateful words back in his face and force her way out, angrily. She could tell him his final acceptance of trust was not enough, just like her apology had not been enough for him, and cry as she ran from the building (with Serena following after her, no doubt). Or she could…

…wrap her arms around his neck and poor out her apology again. She could say how much she wanted to make it up to him, how she just wanted them to be okay again, how the last week of their fake surface happiness had killed her. She could grip his shirt and beg for his forgiveness again and again because living without him would be just as much torture, if not more, than his idea of living without her. Because this fighting was driving her crazy and it reminded her of the horrific experiences of the year before. Because trust is very, if not the most important thing in a relationship, and she shouldn't have even thought to do what she did without involving him as more than a victim. He should have been a comrade—a fellow schemer—that's what he should have been.

That she really needs that second chance, and not because she's given him so many, but because if he doesn't trust her then she can't trust herself. That regardless of Serena's endless loyalty to her, without him she's nothing. That so many of her accomplishments and self-worth have come from him and that every second away from him and every moment of unforgiveness completely slaughters every ounce of her being.

But most of all that she loves him, and she's going to keep loving him—forever—and that if that plus an apology and an attempt at the very dire need for a second chance isn't enough…then she's going to descend into madness.

And after this epic speech she would pull her face away from the warm cradle of his neck, and she would kiss him long and hard and passionate…and Serena would be disgusted and in awe at the same exact time.

And when they parted Chuck would forgive her, and he would really mean it this time, and they would kiss again, and they would keep on kissing, and he would hold her to him, his grip squeezing gently around her waist and her arms still tightly wrapped around his neck, fingers lost in his hair. And they would laugh and cry in between their kisses. Their hearts would beat wildly against the surface of their chests. Their butterflies would multiply and climb out of their throats and float throughout the room. And he would take her in his arms--bridal style--and spin her around and people would think they were either drunk or newlyweds, and the guys who fawned over her would grow green with envy, but the two lovers wouldn't see them. They would only see each other's eyes and hair and lips and souls.

And everything would be just fine.

Quite honestly, it seemed like the best option.

Serena bit her lip softly as she watched the scene unfold before her, her eyes tearing up as she watched the ten-day-old fight finally come to a close. The couple almost looked happier than they had been all summer, or ever, and she didn't even think that was possible.

Her cheeks flushed when their lips smashed against each other and for those long 45 seconds…or maybe minute and a half, she gave them their intimate privacy and looked away.

But she giggled when he spun her around and the deepest, most beautiful warm fuzzy feeling overwhelmed her when she witnessed their soft, tender kisses and how they stroked each other's hair and cupped each other's faces.

"Promise?" she asked.

"Promise," he nodded, his forehead pinned to her own.

"You forgive me?"

"I forgive you."

"You mean it?"

"I mean it."

"You really trust me? You're really giving me a second chance?"

"Yes. I do and I am."

"Why?" she suddenly teared up again, her reasons and actions to win him back vanishing from her mind. His lips parted.

"Because I love you, Blair Waldorf, and we are so much more than friends."





Serena sighed.

God, they're beautiful.


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