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He thrashed around in his slumber, plagued by nightmares every night. His violet scales would rattle like maracas, his body would convulse, muscles shifting and tensing violently underneath his skin. His breathing would escalate and he'd be screaming. Sometimes he would just mumble words and other times he would be shrieking loud enough to wake everyone up. Only very rarely would a soft voice be heard in his nightmares to calm him down. His nightmares would be like cages; unproblematic to enter but difficult to escape. Eyes darting underneath his purple eyelids, he was trapped inside his own nightmares until…

"Spyro!" Cynder shouted. The purple dragon bolted awake, his breathing being erratic.

"Cynder?" He said in a frightened voice, gazing over at her. Her soft, gentle, and mellow face was looking at him. Her green eyes were glittering in the moonlight.

"You must have had a nightmare." Cynder said and nuzzled him gentle in between the neck and shoulder, covering him with her left red wing. She always managed to comfort him even when his heart was racing from a nightmare. Sometimes his nightmares were extremely lurid and would have long-lasting aftereffects on him.

"Thanks for bringing me out of it." Spyro rested his tired head on her wing's shoulder. He took in a deep breath of her sweet, pomegranate-like aroma and exhaled a loud sigh. "I think that I should go for a walk…just for a little bit." Spyro said, now not looking at her. His mouth was curving downward, showing that he wasn't very happy (as if it wasn't obvious enough).

"Now? But it's so dark out. It's probably only two in the morning."

"Please?" Spyro pleaded. His eyes were beseeching to look at. Perhaps the peacefulness of the summer night will pacify him.

Cynder sighed. "Alright. I'll walk with you."

The two dragons stood up and walked out of their 'hut' which really wasn't much more than just a shelter that resembled more of a cave made out of grass.

The night was peaceful. The darkness sheltered any creature that would be dwelling within it. That was always one good thing about Night. Night can be your friend or your enemy. Night can shelter you, cloaking you in her darkness to protect you from others. Night will hide you and she will protect you. She leaves it up to you to remain shrouded in her protection. Night can also go against you and kill you. She can make it impossible for you to see your own feet. Night can make you lost without hope. She'll send creatures of the night to attack and…maybe…destroy you. She can lead your chasers and make you weary. She can save you; she is great to hide in. She can kill you; she is dangerous to have haphazard journeys within.

Spyro walked through Night's shrouded protection with Cynder beside him. Little fireflies danced around in the air while the two moons made enough light for them to see the path. The wind gently blew by, carrying the softness of warmth along with it. It smelt of peaches and apples together in a lavish mix, most likely coming from the wild peach and apple trees that were seldom found out in the forest.

Spyro sat down on a slab of grey rock as Cynder joined him. He stopped breathing erratically now which was always a good sign. Now he was sitting there, admiring the night in all of her beauty.

Then something caught his eye.

Something glinted in the forest grass. He looked over at, intrigued by it's light.

"Find something?" Cynder asked as Spyro approached.

It was a stone, but it must have a stone that Spyro had never seen before, for it gave him a bad feeling that he should run away. Curiosity killed the cat, Spyro thought. But I'm a dragon. He sniffed the golden-glowing stone which seemed to have had some sort of power radiating off of it. He nudged it with his snout, but once he did so, everything went white.

Everything then went black.


"So…what? You think you can just get away with this?"

"They were too fast, Lion. I'm sorry, alright? I have to get to Florida and it's not that easy on bike, so could you please just…maybe…drive me down there? At least get me an airline ticket or something?"

"Florida. Florida, Florida, Florida, Florida. It's always Florida. What's so special about the place, you homeless girl?"

"It's warmer down there."

"What, and North Carolina's not? Look, you didn't get me the money. You broke the deal. No money, no drive. You make me upset, girl." His fat, black hands wiped some sweat off of his forehead. "Boys…get her."

Her eyes widened as she dodged a pair of hands from both sides. Just as the hands went for her again, she swung her feet around, knocking them to the ground. She quickly stood up and ran away, only to have her path blocked by another gangster. He smiled a toothy smile with four golden teeth glinting in the dim fluorescent light.

She turned around, skidding a bit as she changed direction. The other end of the narrow hallway was blocked. As the two gangsters went in for her at both sides, she jumped up high and spread out her legs, climbing up the wall quickly just in time as the two men slammed into each other. She jumped down on top of them and ran in the direction of escape.

"Get the mother effin' girl!" 'Lion' screamed, managing to stand to his feet (he was very overweight).

She climbed the stairwell with vigor, but yet again, her passageway was blocked. This time, the man had a shovel in his hand.

As he charged for her, she grabbed onto the banister railings and swung herself over the edge. She remained hanging onto the banisters rails as she quickly ran on the outsides of the stairs, bypassing the man. She swung herself over the edge and started running down the next hallway. The people behind her were catching up, for they were faster her.

There was a wall in front of her with three piles of stacked, plastic, dark-green chairs. She continued running and then ran up the wall, kicking off and flipping backwards in the air as the two other men slammed into the wall, unable to stop themselves in time. She landed on her feet and knocked down the piles of chairs, practically burying the men. She then grabbed onto the nearby floor fan that was turned on. She whipped herself around and threatened the other gangster with it. He held up his hands, not sure how bad a fan's rotating blade could injure him. The other guy wasn't as deterred.

He lunged toward her, but she slammed the fan into his body, knocking him to the ground. She started sprinting in the other direction but felt something grab onto her shirt and pull her back. She grabbed onto whatever was behind her and flipped forward, landing on him with a loud thud. As they both stood up, his heavy fist swung at her, but she dodged and grabbed onto it, twisting it around and, ultimately, heard a sickening crack.

Sprinting and doing various forms of karate and several other stunts others would have found fatal, she took a wrong turn and wounded up on a balcony. She looked down below and saw that it was a long fall.

"Get back here!" She heard someone yell.

She hauled herself over the railing and clung on tightly. Now this guy had a shovel.

As he threw the shovel's head down to whack her hand and make her fall, she swiftly moved her hand out of the way, hanging onto the railing with just one hand. He moved the shovel and did the same to the other one. She just smiled an uneasy smile as the gangster looked at her in a funny way.

Back and forth, back and forth, he kept on missing in quick succession due to her fast reflexes.

Tired and frightened, she let go of the balcony's railing and landed on a window air conditioner. She kneeled down on the impact, then landed on another window AC down below. Then she jumped down to the next level…then the next, then the next, then the next…until she finally reached the bottom.

Once she reached the bottom, people ran out of the front doors as she sprinted for her parked bike. Her black jacket was flapping in the breeze along with her black hair as she ran through the dirt parking lot. She mounted her bike and sped away, knowing that the gangsters would stop running once they realized their defeat.

She slowed down the bike once she joined into the main traffic. After almost running over a group of toddlers and a dog the size of a pony, she pulled the bike over. She outsmarted the gangsters once again. She panted as she went onto a sidewalk of a building and leaned up against the concrete structure. She closed her eyes and let her heart slow down…that is until she heard, "HEY! No loitering!" She looked over in the direction of the voice. A man was standing outside of his shop, pointing at her. He was stout and pudgy and was dressed in a business suit. She sighed and grabbed onto her bicycle, then started walking away. "No bikes allowed, either! Your lucky I'm not calling the cops!"

"Screw you." She said back at him.

"I'm calling the cops."

"Go ahead, see if I care. I haven't caused you any harm, anyways. They only seem to believe what you can prove." She mounted her bike again and went back onto the main road. She drove straight for what must have been three hours before she started getting past the outskirts of the city. Once she was out of the outskirts, she would be in the mountains where she would be safe. Safer, anyways.

Her name is Sam Weaver. She is fifteen years old and has survived the death of her parents. She was too frightened to go into an orphanage; she wouldn't last too long in one. She ran away and fled south to North Carolina, far away from upstate New York where she had once lived. All what she had was the clothes that she wore and her bicycle, Flambé. It wasn't really much more than just a black bicycle with fire painted on it.

Sam was what most guys raved over if they were into how a girl looks; a little tall, thin, medium-length blackish hair, and no acne. Perfect curves. Only a pervert would notice the whole 'flat-chested' factor about her and not like her for it. She also had interesting eyes. Her right eye was completely gray but her left eye was a striking bright blue; quite unusual. Her skin was also vampire-pale white. If it got any whiter people would mistake her for an albino if they completely missed her eyes and hair.

Sam pulled the bike over to the side of a road and went a little ways into the woods. Once she found a decent tree to sleep near, she put her bike down and rested by the tree. The sun was finally setting and she could rest her eyes for the night. Just as she closed her heavy eyelids¾

There was an ear-splitting sound of breaking glass. She bolted upright and saw shards of transparent glass flying in one direction (thankfully it wasn't hers), then disappeared as they hit the ground. Something was flung through it. The noise of shattering glass stopped and there was a newly-formed crater in the ground. Whatever it was that was hurled from it, it was purple in color and was motionless. It was also in a very twisted position; the back half of his body was on the ground but the upper half of him was facing the darkening sky.

Sam stood up and neared the thing. Was it smoking? There seemed to be something coming off of it.

The creature's neck was twisted so that it's jaw was on the ground. It's orange-colored wings were in odd positions as well as it's legs.

"Hello?" She said in an uncertain voice, kneeling down to the ground near it.

It's eyes shot right open.

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