A/N: Okay so I changed some of the timeline for the purpose of my story and here is a summary of what I changed...

Story takes place in 7th year. 6th year had a different timeline:

-Malfoy was not given the task of killing Dumbledore; Snape was, therefore Malfoy does not have the Dark Mark.

-Instead of killing Dumbledore, Snape spent the whole year helping destroy horcruxes.

-The battle took place at the end of this end and Voldemort was killed.

-Snape and Dumbledore are both still alive.

-Malfoy helped the Order during the fight. He saved Hermione from his father.

This is my first Harry Potter fanfiction. I would like to thank aadarshinah for being my beta for this story- I also need to give her recognition for the story title.


You have got to be crazy if you think that I plan on coming to the Burrow after the way Ron has been treating me! If I had known he was going to act like this after a breakup, I never would have started dating him in the first place! I'm sorry and you know that I miss you, but Ron is acting like a royal git and I will not voluntarily subject myself to his attitude.

I will see you on the train and, until then, please give my best to everyone else.


Hermione sat and watched Hedwig fly off into the darkening sky. Harry would soon receive her letter and everyone would know about her refusal to see Ron. Clearly, all hell would be breaking loose soon. She rested her head on her knees and thought of the moment that had taken place just a few months ago. It was during the battle and she had just returned from the Chamber of Secrets with Ron. Being so caught up in the moment, she had not thought of what would happen after the kiss. They had acted in the moment and it had all turned to shit. Hermione ended their relationship a little over a month ago and Ron, it seemed, was still being a prat about the whole thing. Honestly, everyone knew they were better off as friends; he was simply too immature for her.

Hermione sighed and thought to herself. I really feel bad for Harry right now. I'm sure Ron will not take my news well. Harry really is a good friend… but Ron is, well I'm not sure what he is. Every time I look back, all I can seem to remember is how he always took advantage of me. He never would have passed if I had not been there to help him on homework.

She stood swiftly and crossed the room to her desk. The 'Head Girl' badge sparkled even in the fading light and she fingered it lightly. This year would, hopefully, be the best one yet. There was no longer the worry of Voldemort, which meant she would not be constantly dragged off to one of Harry's adventures. Even better than the fall of Voldemort, Hermione would have her very own room and common room. Of course, she would have to share with the Head Boy, but she could hardly complain about that, especially since her best friends were both boys.

The following week was going to be a very eventful one, so Hermione climbed into bed and shut off her light. Crookshanks curled up at her feet and she drifted off to sleep.

The air was fresh and the sky was sunny as Hermione walked from shop to shop. She had spent the following week with her parents, since she wouldn't be seeing them again until the spring. At home, her trunk was almost completely packed, and would be finished after her day of shopping. Two days prior, her mother had taken her shopping for Muggle clothing for her to wear when she didn't need to be in her uniform. The last thing she needed to do was pick up her new text books, since she had already exchanged the money her parents had given her. Luckily, Harry and Ron had gone shopping the day before and Hermione didn't have to worry about confronting Ron; that would happen tomorrow on the train.

Children, probably First Years, were bustling past her, loudly exclaiming to their parents about all there was to buy. Satisfied with her newly purchased books and quills, Hermione Apparated back to her house. She didn't notice the beautiful blonde man staring at the spot she left behind.

Hermione woke early the next morning. After showering, she dressed in a pair of blue jeans with a pink and white baseball tee. A wave of her wand left her hair in shimmering curls, held away from her face by a yellow headband that matched her flip flops. Crookshanks hissed while she tried to coax him into his carrying cage. After a quick breakfast and ten minutes of packing the car later, Hermione and her parents were on their way to Kings Cross for the last time.

On the train, Hermione couldn't find Harry, or any of her other friends, so she slid into the first empty compartment she found and decided to let them find her. Eventually, Neville and Luna joined her. I bet Harry is keeping Ron away to give me a little more space until he's forced upon me. She sighed in relief.

Luna spent the first few hours, or so, telling the two about her expedition with her father to find the Paltedillos. Apparently, they were a colony of purple duck-like creatures that had the ability to cure any illness with one feather. Hermione and Neville spent much of Luna's story wondering how much of Luna's was true and when she would finally stop talking about it.

"So who do you think is the new Head Boy?"

"I haven't a clue Neville. I only hope it is no one horrible since I've got to share a living space with them."

"Oh, it's Draco Malfoy." The two turned in shock to look at Luna.

"Luna, you can't be serious! I- I can't live with that insufferable-"

"Ah Granger, don't tell me that you missed me so much that you jumped at the first chance to gossip about me." A smirking Draco was leaning against the open doorway.

"I- you- I well-"

"Honestly, I really don't care; I just came to collect you for the Heads and Prefect meeting." With his last word he was gone, leaving Hermione completely baffled.

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