Written on 10-19-09

100 word drabble

Never apologize, and yet...

Ziva cradled the Star of David necklace and read the note again.


When I left you to remember who you could trust, I didn t meant for the lesson to be so painful.

Ziva glanced at her scars, remembering the pain.

But she also remembered the pain in McGee's voice when he said he was glad she was alive; the despair in Tony's eyes when he said he couldn't live without her; the bone crushing hug Abby had given her upon her return; and she had to wonder, who had the lesson been more painful for?

A/N: Most people have had Tony give Ziva a replacement necklace, but my water muse popped this into my head and so I wrote it. Not sure if it's OOC for Gibbs for not.