Yet Another iNcest

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I've decided that this is officially Summer, and that the paper Carly was writing at the beginning of the first story was for when she returns for next semester. How else am I going to get school out of the way? Also ignore the first chapter of "Another iNcest" saying that she has to go to school soon. :P

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"Guess who?"

"Miley Cyrus?"

That remark would earn him a playful slap on the top of his head as Carly moved around and took a seat next to her oh-so-loving brother.

She gave him a glimpse before snuggling up to him, wrapping an arm around his body and rubbing her face into his side.

"Is there anything you'd like to say?" He asked her. Carly looked up at him, her eyes twinkling, looking ever-so cute as she'd press her lips together.

"What we did, it was incredible. I hope we can do it again sometime. I love you, Spence."

Spencer placed his arm around his little sister, holding her closely as he kissed the top of her head, rubbing the back of her hair as he smiled.

"Anything for my baby sis. Just remember not to tell anyone, I could go to prison for a long time for this."

Carly chuckled.



Sam stood at the door, peeking through at her best friend talking to her older brother Spencer on their couch. Her jaw was wide open, she couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing.

"Want to go get a smoothie?" He asked her. Sam saw her nod her head yes, before moving up even closer to her sibling, kissing him full on the lips. At this sight, Sam's eyes grew wider, her hand over her mouth trying not to let out a loud gasp.

'What the fuck?'

Spencer and Carly got up from the couch, their arms around one another, standing still in a warm embrace as they kissed in each other's arms before moving towards the door. Sam moved quickly away down the stairs as fast as she could, ignorantly ignoring the sound she was making.

"Hey, did you hear something?" Carly asked Spencer. Spencer's eyes pondered the room.

"I think I heard foot steps. Must've just been Freddy's mom going downstairs." Carly shrugged it off before stepping outside of their apartment into the hallway. Spencer stopped her by grabbing her arm. "It's cold." (AN: Don't ask me how it can be cold in Summertime, just deal with it. :P) His hand reached to the rack that was beside of him as he handed his little sister her jacket.

Carly rolled her eyes as she obeyed her big brother. It was rare she ever did, but after last night, she felt particularly nice.

Sam had not left the building. She was standing by herself in the lobby, waiting to meet Carly and Spencer to come down. Lewbert the Doorman wasn't around this time to give her grief though; he was out getting his wart placed back on. She then heard a familiar voice call her name.


She turned around to see her best friend and Spencer walking down the stairs. Sam smiled and walked over to greet them.

"Hey Carly, H-Hi Spencer…" Her voice sounded strangely nervous when she mentioned Spencer's name. He didn't notice, however.

"What's up?" Carly asked her, wrapping her arms around her friend, giving her a hug. Sam tried to keep up a smile.

"I just thought I'd come over and see what you were doing, I called Freddy but his mom said that I'm banned from seeing him after she found out we kissed." Her tone sounded bummed this time. Carly raised an eyebrow.

"That sucks, It'll be a pain in the as-" Carly was cut off by Spencer's elbow in her shoulder. "-butt…"; She looked over at him and rolled her eyes. "…To get him in my house to do iCarly."

Sam chuckled. 'That was kind of cute.' She thought. She nodded in response to her.

"So where are you guys headed to? Can I come with?" She asked, her tone sounding typically chilled.

"We're going to get smoothies, and sure. That's alright with you, isn't it Spence?" she asked, looking up at him with her eyes sparkling like usual.

"Sure. Let's get going."


The trip over to the smoothie place was a boring one. They didn't really have much to say to each other, they just walked in silence.

Sam's thoughts were racing as she trailed behind the two siblings. She never would have thought in a million years Spencer and Carly would do something like…that.

She shuddered the thought of how it all happened. She knew Carly was a virgin, they tell each other these things. She was also pretty upset that her best friend lost her virginity before her, even if it was to her brother.

Eventually, they all finally reached the Smoothie Store. Carly ordered a strawberry, Spencer got a vanilla and Sam got the chocolate. As they all sat down at an empty booth, Spencer was the one to speak first.

"Enjoy, this shit place charges you an arm and a leg for these." Both Sam and Carly giggled at hearing Spencer swear; a trait unusual from him. Carly would be the next one to talk.

"You're acting different. Did something weird happen to you yesterday?" She asked, twisting her tone when she said weird, purposely suggesting something to play around. Spencer gave her a stern look that let her know he didn't want to play around about that in front of Sam, who had caught on to what Carly said, but just flinched a bit as she drowned herself in her smoothie.

"Nope, nothing at all. Although I did feel something increeeedibley heavy on me last night." A sly smirk was on his face as Carly's mouth went open. Hey, just one little joke wouldn't let Sam catch on to anything.

"So…uh, thanks for the smoothie, Spence." The blonde girl told him, kindly smiling. She had already finished hers while Carly and Spencer's weren't even halfway gone. Spencer shook his head as a sign of "you're welcome".

Sam would stand up from her seat, pushing it back in.

"Hey, where are you going?" Carly asked her.

"Oh, I have to be home soon. My mom went out to the grocery store and I just thought I'd come and hang out with you guys while she was gone." Carly rolled her eyes.

"You weren't supposed to leave, were you?"

"Nope. See you later guys. Uh, thanks again for the smoothie, Spence…" she told them both before scurrying on out of the store. Spencer raised an eyebrow as she left.

"What?" Carly asked him.

"Is it just me, or is she acting weird?"

"Who cares, I'm sure it's just nothing." After she finished her sentence, she pushed her smoothie to the side before snuggling up to her brother. "I love you."

Spencer couldn't help but to laugh softly. What they had done certainly got her attached to him, but he didn't mind. At least as long as they weren't out in public.

"I love you too, kiddo, but ex-nay on huggey-ay in public-ay." Carly chuckled as she went back to her frosted beverage.


Hours later, around noon, Carly and Spencer were in the bathroom. Spencer was getting his socks off as Carly was standing there outside of the running shower nude, her arms crossed waiting for her brother to hurry it up. She could remember how this predicament started.

*Ten Minutes Earlier*

"Hey, kiddo…want to take a shower with your big bro?" Spencer asked as he opened Carly's bedroom door, a mischievous grin on his face.

"Really? A shower? How kinky!" Carly replied, excited. She hopped off of bed and kicked her slippers off of her bare feet, hurrying downstairs with her brother to the bathroom.

*End Pointless Filler of a Flashback; Sexual Scene Below*

Carly sighed as her older brother had finally gotten his socks pulled off, ready to roll.

"About time." She told him, smiling as she stepped into the wet glass doors. Spencer grinned wickedly as he followed her, stepping in behind her as the warm water splashed against their nude figures. From this angle, Spencer couldn't help but to admire his little sister's beautiful behind.

"Have I ever told you how lucky of a brother I am to have such a sexy sis like you?" He told her, trying to pull off a humorous tone. Carly grabbed the soap as she put it in her wash rag, rubbing her arms as she turned around, the water now hitting her backside.

"Maybe. Tell me again." She told him with a cute smile gracing her lips. Spencer bent over to give his shorter sibling a kiss on her mouth, his hands rubbing her soaked and soapy shoulders.

"I'm the luckiest big brother in the world."

Carly's eyes twinkled, her cute smile turning into a lustful grin as she pressed her mouth down hard against her brothers, her arms being roughly wrapped around his neck. Her leg wrapped against his thigh as she held onto him tightly, pushing her tongue inside of his mouth, the soap carelessly being dropped onto the wet floor.

Spencer would move down, laying on the wet floor of the shower as he propped up his little sister on top of him, the water spraying Carly's hair. She smiled down at him, her hands roaming his chest and stomach. She bent down and left him a trail of small kisses all around his torso.

Spencer's hands would be placed on her back, rubbing her soft, wet and smooth skin before getting prepared to ask her a question.

"May I enter?" He asked with a humorous grin. Carly grinned back.

"Be careful, I'm inexperienced, remember."

Spencer nodded, his smile still on his face as Carly smoothed herself down onto his erect member, the head slipping in her soaked area. Carly squinted her eyes as a smile came on her face, her upper set of teeth grinding against her lower set. Spencer took a deep breath as he could feel his throbbing dick go inside of his sister's wet hole.

"Oh yeah, Carly…give me a ride…" He told her.

Carly grinned wildly as she pressed her hands on his chest, moving up a bit as she slowly went all the way down on his cock, leaning her head back as the water continued splashing against her body. She let out soft moans as she began to rock herself around his dick, his hands moving up to her sides as he held onto her, moving them up and down her slender body.

"Mm…fuuck…" Carly moaned out. Spencer raised an eyebrow, letting out a few moaning noises.

"Watch that language…" He grunted, feeling his sister's small body rock back and forth on his dick. Carly tilted her head, moving her wet hair behind her back.

"We're fu…having sex and you want me to watch my language?" She softly chuckles. Before Spencer could reply, she bends down again to give him a kiss on his lips.

Eventually they both were getting near their climax. Spencer was rubbing Carly's backside as she continued to move around his soaked sausage. Carly was letting out cute whimpers as Spencer rubbed against her body with his hands.

"Carly, I'm going to blow…" He warned. Carly got off of his dick and got on her knees between his legs upon hearing that. Spencer would raise up to his feet, his meat right in front of his sister's face. He planned on stroking it, but then an idea came into his mind.

"Want to give your first blowjob?" He asked. Carly's eyes locked on his cock as she licked her lips. She was very anxious.

"Yes sir." She grinned wickedly after saying that; her hand wrapping around her brother's member, stroking it a little before lowering her lips onto the head, slowly putting as much of his meat inside of her mouth. It felt new to her, but she liked it.

Spencer leaned his head back as he felt Carly's tongue skimmer on the underbelly of his dick, moaning as he placed a hand on her wet hair, rubbing her as his heart pounded viciously.

Carly moaned with her mouth latched onto her brother's cock as she started moving her head back and forth, her tongue across every part of his dick. Spencer realized that he couldn't hold it any longer as he shot out his creamy sperm inside of his sister's mouth, causing her to gag as she almost instantly popped her head off of his member.

Cum dripped out of her mouth as she couldn't bear to swallow it on her first time, the feeling being too new for her.

Spencer couldn't help but to laugh after he was done catching his breath. Carly would roll her eyes as she turned off the water seeing that the cum was instantly washed off.

"Don't laugh, it was my first blowjob." She whined. Spencer smiled warmly at her as he raised her up to her feet, grabbing a towel that was hanging on top of the glass doors and handing it to her as he opened them, stepping out and grabbing a second one that was laying on the rack.

"You did fine, it was better than so-" Carly cut him off right there as she wrapped a towel around her naked, soaked body.

"Ugh, I don't want to know about your past experiences!" She said with a giggle before stepping out.

Minutes later they are both dressed in their night clothing, with Spencer in a pare of shorts and a plain white t-shirt while Carly is dressed in her navy blue cotton underwear and a very large football jersey that Spencer let her wear.

While Spencer was sitting alone in the living room watching television on the couch, he heard the doorbell ring. He got up and when he opened it he saw Sam.

"Isn't it late?"

"Yeah, but I just wanted to see Carly for a bit. Is she upstairs?" Spencer didn't bother arguing with the much shorter and younger person as he nodded. Sam scurried upstairs as Spencer went back to his television.

End Chapter

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