Chapter 1 : Accidental Kiss?

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Komui burst into the room happy and proud of his latest experiment as everyone in the science department braced themselves for another Komurin bursting in and reeking havoc. Lenalee prepared herself to run and attack her brother with her newly stlyed dark boots so that she could destroy whatever komui's invention was .

"Presenting my newest invention, the Lenalee repeller". Nobody , moved as they glared at the supervisor holding a crystal shaped glass orb that had a blue and purplish liquid glowing nside it. Komui cackled while ignoring the faces that were made, he took the silence as an oppurtunity to continue speaking with glee."This potion is what i call the Lenalee repeller". Reever stared at Komui then at Lenalee before jumping up when noticing the pissed off marks across her forehead and the constant eye twitching. "This potion will make the pheronomes and hormones switch out of balance which eventually means that whatever type of guy that tries to make a move on my sweet Lenalee , haha , would recieve a strong backlash either knocking him unconcious , into a coma for a few days or killing 's him. Lenalees mouth hung wide open as anger showed across her face. Her legs looked as though she was forcing them to stay planted onto the ground.

"Nee-san"Komui smile immediatly froze before hattering into millions of pieces as the others all stared at Lenalee in shock of her angry and threatening hissing voice that they had never heard before.

"Neeeee-saaaan"Lenalee continued staring icily towards her brother while Komui tried frantically to think of an exuse before his sister could destroy his invention. As Komui continued to stutter ,Lenalee gave a deep sigh whilst lifting her right leg into the air , and before people could notice Lenalee was slowly floating down to the surface infront of Komui while the crystal orb slowly crashed into the floor leaving the purplish liquid splattered across the floor. Komui stared at his experiment with unexplainable eyes behind his glasses.

"Please don't ever make another one ever again Nee san"After that Lenalee walked away and the workers in the science division returned top their work ignoring the crying supervisor. Komui watched sadly after Lenalee then when she was out of sight he looked back to his grinned a darker grin than before as his head spun round eviliy to his inside pockets.

"Hmm,Heh,Heh Lenalee i was expecting that "He muttered before standing back up and pulling out a smaller cystall orb with the same liquid inside that looked a bit more lighter in the texture. As he smiled evilliy his stomach growled loud enough to scare an elaphant .Whilst still smiling he began skipping towards the cafeteria still holding tightly and catiously onto the orb .

"I'll eat first,keep an eye on Lenalee then Test out my experiment" After muttering his plan for the day he continued skipping happily towards the cafeteria holding the crystal orb discretly.

Allen walked normally towards the cafeteria like always to get his unusually big meal clearly remembering the fact that that Jerry was off he had prepared the meals for everyone just in time before being caught and dragged of to the infirmitary mercilessly by the head nurse . Also because of his absence everyone in the order had to work at least once in the cafeteria and luckily it wasn't only cleaning duties. Allen and Krowry's would work on serving while Kanda and Lavi were on cleaning which made Allen grin from the memory of how angry and murderous Kanda had turned to when he was told he was going to work with Lavi to Clean the place or plates. Kanda was pissed off but he was immediatly silenced when Komui threatened him 'kindly' with the thoughts of tweeking and experimenting on his innocence 'a little bit'. That was a serious threat to Kanda because he couldn't do anything anything to get revenge and if that was to happen and he wouldn't be able to change his innocence back if He had killed Komui. Right now Lenalee ,Miranda and Komui were the ones serving the food so Allen was able to only get his meal without working afterwards which is what he wanted since he needed the relaxation. When he made it towards the cafeteria he walked straight up to the counter to get his unusually large meal. Miranda was there so she decided try her best and get Allens meal. As Miranda went to get his meal she put half into the microvave and as she turned around her dress hit one of the black, open containers that read Ma Po Hot sauce, into allen bowl of soup. She didn't notice so she continued to focus on the task at hand and give Allen his starters . Allen recieved his stacks of starters he took it and grinned childishly till he reached the table where he spotted Lavi ,Link ,Timothy,Crowry and Komui . Miranda began to cry tears of happiness that she didn't mess up her jobs by doing anything clutzy while Lenalee tried to calm her down. Their shift was almost over and everyone had gotten their meals apart from Allen who still had half of his usual servings to be served out to him.

"Itadakimasu"As Allen smiled ,Lavi had finished his meal and decided to watch the teenage boy eat or 'inhale' as entertainment and as he did he his eyes widened in confusion . Allen had decided to drink his soup first and without second thoughts he swallowed it down within a few gulps. He then paused as he licked his lips with slight confusion. Allen continued to stay like that for a while until he started to sweat more and more unconfortably with his eyes slowly started to turn slightly get red.

"Hot,Hot" Everyone else at the table started to slide backwards away from the table as they noticed allen eyes change colour to a bloodish texture.

"Allen is there something wrong with your soup?"Lavi asked as he stared at the white haired boys eyes feeling perplexed by the way his iris's shone bright red and his pupils remained whitish grey. Allen clutched his head as he opened his mouth wide enough that he could swallow a fish bowl. Link noticed Allen gasp and suck in air so he seemed intrigued as to why he was acting like that after drinking some miso soup.

"Hot,Hot" he continued to gasp and struggle for air until finally his head finally snapped backwards and his back arched. Timothy jumped backwards as he noticed the steam coming out of Allen's mouth.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!"Lavi ,Link and Komui all jumped backwards when Allen screamed in trauma as fire started burning out of his throat. He bolted out of his chair then began to run across the hall like a mad man as he continued trying to speak .

Kanda was eating his soba and was irratated by the fact that the finders and exorcists were making so much noise when he wanted peace while eating his soba.


"The Moyashi is making to much noise again."

Kanda turned his head slowly to the side while his eye contuinued to twitch. He stared at the group that stood around a certain white haired youth. Kandas eyes widened when he noticed fire start burning near the groups direction which was now getting more and more people crowding around the source. Allen bolted up and began running around the hall and while managing to grab anything that had liquid within it and drinking it. Kanda's eyes widened as he noticed Allen change his direction straight towards him but before he could pull out his mugen the fire burning out of Allens mouth engulfed Kanda's head .Allen then headbutted Kanda causing him to slam straight into his plate of hot soba and knocking him out of his seat.

"THHWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTT!!!!."Allen lunged straight for the glass of water that was on Kandas table and drank it within 2 gulps. After drinking it a bit of steam flowed out of his throat but within a few deep gasps the fire returned. Kanda slowly pulled his head out of his plate of soba and Lavi started laughing. Kanda's hair was either partly singed or drenched in sauce as well as his face covered in noodles making his face unable to see while veins throbbed across his head. The only things that were visible were the 4 anger marks , the twitching veins and his gritted teeth through the noodles. Kanda attempted to get up off the floor and attack Allen but the white haired boy unknowingly threw a empty glass cup straight at the samurai making it smash onto his head. Lavi and Timothy burst out into choking rather than laughter now while Kanda continued to get more and more annoyed. Komui removed an orb from his coat pocket placing it a table before running towards his sister who was staring in confusion at Allens sudden outburst.

"HOT,HOT,HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!."Allen began to sweat again as his face turned from bright pink to a violent red , He began to choke before a black steam started coming out of his mouth ,nose and ears till he started running around like a mental person again. Timothy continued laughing while Allen began running around again.

"I don't know whats going on but Allen you sure know how to mess up Yu"Lavi cackled whilst crying from to much laughter.

"Moyashi"Kanda hissed but Allen continued running around not bothering about anyone but about cooling down his throat.

Lenalee watched as Allen ran around the place with fire burning. She turned to her side expecting to see Miranda, but emotionally distressed woman wasn't there so she turned all the way around with her back facing the the loud show .When she walked through the kitchen she heard sobs and found Miranda crying while kneeling down on the floor holding a black jar. As Lenalee Leaned in closer to see what was written on the label she stood agape.
"M-Miranda,you didn't..."

"G-G"Miranda gulped as she looked at Lenalee with more tears and unusually snot rolling down her face."GOMENNASAAAAAIIII!!!"Lenalee dropped backwards as Miranda leaped out of her spot on the floor shrieking."I'll HAVE SOME AS WELL FOR PUNISHMENT, I-I-I GOMENNASAI."Lenalee was shocked at how fast and strong Miranda could get, as well as how disturbed she was. Miranda almost threw the mo pa sause all over her face before Lenalee quickly activated her innocence and kicked the jar across the room making it crash against the kitchen wall.

"Miranda calm down ,okay. Don't worry about it lets just go get a bucket of ice for Allen-kun".When Lenalee finished her sentence Miranda had abruptly stopped crying ,so they both quickly sprinted up grabbing anything cold they could find befote running straight back towards where the racket was coming from, also because Lenalee's inoccence was activated she got to the scene within a milli second.

"Hot,Hot ,HOT!!"Allen continued to run around while burning red with tears that evaporated as soon as they touched his skin, he was still unaware of the angry samurai covered in a brown sauce that ran after him with a sharp blade slashing blood thirstly at him. Kanda thrashed destructivley at Allen but missed at every swing which made him more pissed off. He swung his sword for the white haired's head but Allen would quickly duck everytime to pick up a glass cups. there was no water in one of the cups that Allen found so he immediatly flung the glass cup backwards at a smashing it upon Kanda's head and knocking him backwards onto a pile of glass shards that Allen had made as he looking for water to cool himself down. Kandas eyes stretched open as he felt the sharp glass shards stab into his back. Lavi clutched his stomach in agony while struggling to breath through laughing when Timothy had passed out from the lack of oxygen due laughing to hard as Lavi struggled to stay concious .He looked at Kanda get a glass cup smashed across his head then drop backwards onto a pile of broken glass shards. Kanda winced in pain as he laid motionless slowly yanking the shards that were cutting deep into his back out.

Lenalee jumped perfectly infront of Allen then she grabbed a handful of ice and crushed them onto Allen's mouth being careful of and moving her hands away quickly to avoid them being mistaken for ice.

"Daijoubu Allen-kun" Lenalee asked with a soft yet amused smile across her face. She couldn't help but laugh even though it was a serious situation. Allen finished the ice in the bucket within a two minutes and all the people left concious or sane in the hall gazed at Allen who started up again and began to run amock, this time he lunged towards the side of the hall that he had not been to yet. Lenalee jumped up into the air just dodging the teenage exorcist before gasping as she recognised a certain crystal orb placed neatly on a table. Komui ignored his sisters desperate looks and he began to smile with glee while watching Allen continue to slam pass tables smashing more and more plates and glass cups.

"HHHOOOTTT,HHHOOOTTT,HHHHHHOOOOOTTTTT!!!!!"Lenalee tried stop Allen from reaching for the crystalised orb and drinking the purple liquid, with her newly develop dark boots. She silently begging for the potion to not work when the white haired boy grabbed the orb and unhesistantly gulped down and drank the liquid. He dropped the liquid before falling down to his knees with his skin returning back to its original shade. Komui smiled as he looked at Allen, excited to see the effects of his 'Lenalee Repeller'. Allen coughed a bit as steamed fizzed from his mouth. A purple smoke released from his throat as he looked up silently to the sky. Lenalee looked at the kneeling boy then at her brother with a slightly scared and worried look across her face. Komui noticed his sisters disaproved look but ignored it hoping to see catstrophic effects. Lenalee was shaking as her imagination went crazy. Her greatest fear is to hurt or harm a friend in anyways possible so she begged that the experimen would have opposite effects. She slowly and calmly walked to Allen in hopes that he wouldn't get knocked out into a coma or anything as risky to his health while Komui continued to observe the boys behaviour to see if anything was different or if he tried to avoid his sister.

Lavi had finally stopped laughing and was now panting on the floor as Allen dropped onto his knees infront of him. Sadly for him he didn't notice the small man glaring down at him until he felt the daggers puncturing him.

Allen turned his head slightly as lenalee gave him another glass of to drink from and he drank it calmly. He smiled towards Lenalee making Komui sigh in dissapointment ,shame and failure. He turned around and decided to do some research for how to make the potion correctly.

"thwomedthathi"Lenalee stared at Allen then she smiled of relief by the fact that he was okay and not showing any side effects apart from the slightly flushed cheeks.

"What did you say Allen-kun?"Allen turned his head all the way so that he was finally facing the emarald and black haired girl properly preeceding to smiled again softly.

"G-Gomennasai, My tongues a bit numb but your help cures that."Lenalee stared at Allen for a few minutes. How was she helping? It seemed that her brothers creation is what cooled his throat. As she wondered she moved her gaze to stared in the direction of Lavi who had finally realized that the elder bookman was standing above him and was now being beaten up by the elder. Timothy was on the ground sleeping soundly. Miranda had entered the room with a bucket of some ice. Link had regained his posture and he proceeded to walk to were the teens sat. After looking around her to view her surroundings she turned back to Allen to speak.

"How can I..."Lenalee paused as her eyes widened. She could hear the loud gasps of everyone around the hall but she couldn't move for she felt her cheeks freeze before burning crimson red. Her heart started beating hard enough to burst out off her chest as the heat from her cheeks spread across towards her ears. Lenalee remained frozen even after she heard extra gasps and oohs from her 'Audience'. 'What's happening?'

Her wide eyes that stared into space trailed down to look at what was in front of her. A strand of silver hair passed her face as she continued stare at the figure in front of her. Allen's eyes were closed as Lenalee was stuck wide open. She was in a situation she had never imagined even in her wildest dreams. Allen had just jumped up and in middle of her sentence and then he stole her first kiss . His soft lips crushed sweetly aginst hers while his tongue demanded entrance to her mouth. His left hand began to tangle and twirl her hair while his right hand moved from cupping her face and pulling her into the kiss, to streaming down her neck making the experience more embarrasing and causing her to feel jolts she recieved just from his touch. Komui turned after hearing all the noise start up again then he immediatly scremed and wailed in horror as he caught sight of the first class view of Allen kissing his little sister. Lavi's mouth was wide open as he saw the couple and the elder bookman who was beaten up the red head had also frozen and blushed when he saw the scene. Kanda who had managed to get most of the shards out of his back had stiffened as he looked upon the two for the fact that seeing a kissing couple would make even him blush. Lenalee continued to blush more violently with her body continuing to tremble.

Allen slowly reached for her arm then he threw her backwards making her slam painfully to the ground. She blushed at full throattle that she was unsure about what words she could say for the situation.

"Wha-S-Stop Allen-kun,"She stuttered as the named boy landed calmly on top of her before she could react or push him away. His lips locked with hers again immediatly invading her mouth and this time his tongue gained full access to her mouth. His tongue penertrated her mouth and his right hand started caressing her shoulder. Lenalee began to burn more than blush again as she felt Allens tongue explore every corner of her mouth. She could feel his tongue throbbing sensually and battle hers playfully touching hers and making more sensitivity come from the sensation which caused her to start moaning. His tongue was like a snake She gasped into the kiss which made him more intense and passionate to a greater level. His eyes still remained closed but as she moaned he smiled into the kiss. The people left in the hall began blushing more vigourosly as they heard Lenalee moaning. Link who was normally strict and calm was trembling and flushing while he couldn't take his eyes off the moaning pair. Lenalee tried kicking Allen off her while she continued to moan but he was to strong for her even without his innocence active. She was in an embarrassing positions with everyone watching goggle eyed as Allen was inbetween her legs lying on top of her, which made it hard for her to knock him felt Allens tongue slowly remove itself from her mouth as he pulled away for air before his face instantly fell to her neck.

"S-Stop Allen!" Her begging wasn't helping apart from making her brother look like he was melting from the watching in the front roll seats. Allens tongue snaked out and gave her spot a ong steamy lick making her wide eyed again from the hot sensation across her neck that made she yelp again in shock waking up a unconcious child exorcist. He began to move up to her ear licking her neck and leaving wet trail behind. Her eyes widened as she felt a warm hand slide under her coat. Fear entered her mind as her imagination went wild. She felt Allen's hand slide more and more up her coat that she could feel his hand reaching for her chest which just made her blush so hard that she thought she was going to faint dew to the burnin heat that came with the blush.

"Allen-kun Stop it!"

He stopped and moved his head so he was staring deep into her stared down at her full of lust. She had never seen him look so serious and greedy? Lenalee stopped struggling as she gazed fixed straight into his eyes. Allen's eyes widened before they slowly closed and he finally dropped ontop of her unconcious. Her eyes remained focused on the boy who had stolen her first kiss till her attention was drawn to the man standing behind the pair. Komui stood upon the couple silently with a dark frown upon his face. He frowned and stayed in the same position holding something that had a green liqyuid seeping out and spatting on the floor. A bright light glimmered off the metal of what seemed like an injection. The hall filled with an ominous yet unconfortable silence as everybody's blushes remained on their faces. Lenalee pulled herself upslowly and she inched a way from the sleeping while trying to remain calm and remove the blush that showed clearly across her face. Komui dropped the injection and it seemed like time had slowed down because of the long pregnant the needle touched the floor that was when the deadly aura around Komui got stronger. He reached into his pocket while Reever and Jonny both knew what was going to happen. Link ran over to Allens body as he tried to keep a straight and professional face.

"Allen walker..How"Everyone began panic again as they knew exactly what was about to happen. DEADLY AFTERMATH. Lenalee continued to slowly edge herself away from the unconcious youth while she trembled in a mixture of emotions. Her hair covered and successufully hid her face as tears finally fell down her face and her blush burned freshly again from her memory.

Reever ran as fast as he could to prevent the cheif from pulling out what ever was in his pocket.

He was definetly going to commit murder.


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