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He raped Lenalee.

He raped Lenalee.

Yep, no matter how many times the thought and images kept replaying in his head it didn't sound less…perverted. It was going to haunt him forever.

He raped Lenalee. How was he going to live on now. How was he ever going to confront her against. How the hell was he supposed to act now. Remaining a 'gentleman' seemed out of the question. A gentleman would never force a woman into something like that…and Enjoy IT! He enjoyed raping her.

He enjoyed Fucking her.

Doing something so lewd to her. Forcefully having sex with her, ramming his 'cough'…

If not for the seriousness of the situation Allen would have let himself blush.

How could he live with himself. He just shamed Mana and himself.

What seemed to make the 'experience' even worse was the fact that his mind was enjoying torturing him by not only repeating the images in his mind but also making his body betray him by showing clear signs of arousal always present and oblivious with in a male. All the signs in the hotel room as well was working in making him feel more disgusted as despite his annoyance and uncomfort in a messed up bed.

How could he? How could that have happened. Allen gulped and almost leaned back into the bed if not for the fact that it was still damp from the previous 'activities. He had had sex with …Lenalee. That sounded so foreign to him yet…so….good?

AAARGH! What was wrong with him? He shouldn't be dwelling on the memories and feelings. He should be feeling more guilty, not finding some sick pleasure out if everything. He should immediately want to seek Lenalee out who had become a victim. He should want to apologise.

He had to apologise.

Meaning that he had to go find her.

And…um…apologise. But why did he feel like that wasn't his intention and why was he still so dizzy?

And really uncomfortable down there?


Lenalee nervously grabbed her coat which she had slipped off buttoning it up tightly before gulping. She had previously been running round a town half naked, showing off so much skin and currently paranoia had finally hit her along with embarrassment. Before panic was all that was on her brain but now that she had 'calmed down' and slept she could almost think straight, and now that that had happened she was fully aware of what state she was in and how distraught she looked.

Yes, she looked like a hooker, a phrase her brother never wanted to hear or witness, and now she not only looked like one, she looked worse than one. From travelling a lot for missions she had seen a lot of things from gypsies to prostitutes to 'witches' and obviously akuma.

So of course she was fully aware of how much she looked worse off than a woman who sold her body. That and she felt like she had. She looked more like an abused wench though, with the fact that she was pretty much naked outside. Her brother would kill her.

With a sigh, Lenalee buttoned the whole coat of her exorcist uniform that was the first and main thing she could grab. At least it covered her top half and she was wearing the main form of underwear (apart from a corset or bra). That was mildly relieving. Of course, mildly. And just because she wore a short skirts didn't mean that she actually like to show off a lot of skin. Hence why she wore tights or stockings. With her innocence she could only wear skirts and her brother thought that she looked cute in them. For safety measures she would always have shorts or something similar underneath. Now though, she had nothing. Nothing apart from black, lacy panties. Why she had worn them she couldn't remember. She only liked the feel of being an adult back then.

Now she technically was.

Yeah, a disgusting one. One who would take advantage of another and take away his purity. She was disgusting. The more Lenalee thought about it, the more the way she looked suited her. It showed how flimsy she was on the inside.

With another sigh Lenalee pushed herself up pulling the jacket down in hopes to cover her more. She didn't want to run through town and gulped. Yeah she was going to use her innocence for personal use. To try and savour the last, remaining remains of her dignity, and the crushed dust particles of any purity that might have still been alive.

This was just one of those situations. Sighing she checked again that it was fully around her and she almost hesitated for a moment to pick biscuits that was a 'gift pack' to exorcists on a mission. Except she wasn't on a mission. Not anymore. Still, to reach her destination she needed to stay inconspicuous as well as fast and silent. The best was to do so was to at least have eaten some food that could be provided and move like the wind where she would pass but nobody would actually notice her. She didn't want anyone to know. She just wanted everything to have been some wrong nightmare for a change. Just to wake up and everything would be normal.

She didn't like how the waiter had looked at her, even though she had tried to cover up with the quilt. At least because she was travelling a long distance there was a 'bunk bed' in the first class kind of room for her to sleep on. It helped give her time to think and attempt to calm down and she really needed that. But now, after being on the train for about 4 days she had to depart to her assigned journey. It was shorter than the original journey when she had went with Kanda but the shorter the better.

It was time to leave the warmth of the train and depart into the cold, cruel real world.

As the train stilled Lenalee held her breath contemplating how exactly she was going to move. Her innocence thrummed to life almost burning her thighs in excitement ad she couldn't help but be on mental alert. Not because of akuma , and surprisingly not because of the chance of being seen. No. It was because the thought of her 'innocence' being 'excited' seemed to have a second meaning that wasn't comfortable to think of.


It was frustrating, frustrating to the limit that he almost attacked a complete stranger. Kanda glared through everyone secretly wishing that he could freeze every annoying person that dared annoy him with his eyes alone. He wasn't in the mood to be talking with complete retards.

People couldn't just sense the tone when someone was clearly not in the mood . They still insisted on being death seeking imbeciles by still approaching him and chatting shit. He asked a simple question and people insisted on telling a long story about their lives, like he cared. Could they not just shut up and get straight to the point. Instead they just insisted on telling a long story.

Currently he was swiftly passing past people to where the last man had lead him. That bastard had been stuttering after a few minutes but had finally gotten the message and answered his damn question. And he earned a well deserved punch in the stomach from his rather disturbing and perverted opinion. Apparently he had seen a 'green haired woman, scantly dressed wearing a exorcist coat' and apparently 'nothing else'.

That was Lenalee he was talking about, Kanda didn't hesitate to attack the sick bastard. It both made him sick and worried him. Lenalee running out half naked, exposed. Just what the fuck had happened? The state of her room, the apparent state of her, and what the current problem was. The thoughts that kept running through his mind was how both obvious and annoying. He kept trying to preoccupy himself but it wasn't working. He still hadn't found Lenalee. He had promised to help her out and dammit he was going to.


As soon as the doors opened for people to exit the train Lenalee had darted through any gaps visible at the speed of light. It was risky; at most, as if she screwed up her footing she would have been plummeting through and the fact that there were large crowds increased the risk. She didn't want to kill anyone by hurtling into them as dangerous speeds. Still, years of practice and experience came in handy as she practically flew by recognised simply as a gust of wind to others. And finally when she reached a clearing she came to a sharp stop before propelling herself into the air still invisible to the human eye.

And up their Lenalee could finally relax a speed by softer than before. It was calming and with how high up she was she was able to see everything beneath her clearly from the train station to a forest and her chosen destination. A brief wind swept by and Lenalee instantly moved and arm to the hem of her jacket in hopes to pull it down. High or not, nobody needed to see her underwear. She really missed her shorts.

Her hair fanned out behind her and as she reached another part of the town she silently dove down to land on a church's clock tower. Relief had swept into her and she was contemplating on how to get some new clothes. Flying and all, it was pretty cold.

As she landed though her relief was quickly short lived though as a surprise force or blast of wind hit her from behind stunning the female exorcist. She only had a fraction of a second to spin around and defend herself but it still sent her flying to the town centre floor. Pain registered quickly through her nerves along with the ache of muscles but Lenalee could only feel annoyance registering in her system. She wasn't in the mood for this shit.

Akuma. Of course there were akuma. Those metallic bastards didn't ever know when it was the right time. And of course with her sheer gust of unfortunate luck she had willingly been showing off her innocence for all eyes to see. And stray akuma just had to think it would be suitable to show up and make her life worse. The fact that she had bin hit into the town centre had left her in the sight of many along with the distinct fact that her jackets had now become partially useless with the back pretty much burnt out. She wasn't in the mood.

"Gochi-Gochi. Look what we have here Gochi? An excorcist-o, Gochi" The first , shell head Akuma, obviously the leader of the pack teased.

It was obvious that she was surrounded with at least 5 level ones and two level 3


"On and look. A naked one" The other teased. Lenalee's eyes wandered weakly around her to all the foolish people (men in particular) who were to focused on looking at her, then to her own body.

That was it. She needed to vent out some frustration. She didn't hesitate to let he anger run straight to her innocence. She didn't resist as she allowed the strong, almost painful, burst of energy control her. Then she lept.


It was possibly the worst thing that she could possibly do, she knew that, but still, she couldn't care. Even though it went against all her standards and morals, she didn't care. It was like her moment of insanity where she just let her rage take control. It was simply the most relieving and stressing thing that she could have ever done but screw it, she had already lost so much.

Her chastity, her dignity, her last shred of respect. What was the point anymore. She honestly felt like Kanda by venting of some steam on another human. A group of humans in fact. Human men. She didn't hesitate to attack them after destroying the akuma. They had after all been down their watching the 'naked woman' fight and expose more of themselves.

While she had been out there fighting to save their lives, they had been trying to find the best angles of her exposed.

Afterwards she just went crazy and when she realized what she had done she didn't feel guilty at all. More like ecstatic.

It was only now that she had realised what she had done and yet she still didn't feel guilty.

Screw it she felt good for hitting those perverted bastards so hard that they wouldn't be having kids anytime soon as well as remembering any naked woman again.

At least she hoped. She wasn't actually fully aware of her physique and appearance at the time due to being blinded by her emotions that she wasn't sure if her innocence was activated or not. It was just so light and with her kicks being hard enough, with innocence could have kicked those guys dicks into their brains.

Made her rethink the expression of men using their dicks for brains. She may have actually ruined male anatomy.

Still she didn't care, she could live in obliviousness.

Her feet trampled quietly across the mud and it surprised her just how much she didn't care as of the moment. Even though she had been covered in both blood and mud she couldn't feel and less dirty. And even when she had found a lake and bathed in it it still didn't make a difference. She really didn't care. All she wanted was to get to her destination. She wanted to properly scrub her skin and have nightmares again (to a normal degree) she wanted to forget the feelings. Be herself again.

And finally after trampling through leaves, mud and other stuff along the secret path she reached her destination. It was proven from who she came face to face with and she simply smiled.

To be herself again it must have simply been a dream. And as she looked them in the eye she was willing to act like nothing happened.

It was now simply her secret.


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