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Gibbs walked up to the information booth and impatiently waited until he was told which room Tony was in. They all stepped inside and saw that Tony was asleep, but then he awoke when they closed the door.

"What are you doing here?"

"We were all worried for you. We heard from the Director what happened and we quickly got on a plane.

"You were worried about me? Why would you be worried about me you guys don't even like me."

"We care about you because we are your family."

"My family? You're my family? I guess the way you treated me I shouldn't be surprised about the way I was treated. I mean if my father did this I don't see why you treated me any differently."

"You're father did this?"

"His two goons did this and he watched."

"I'm so sorry, Tony. We care. Do you think that we would have dropped everything to come here to see you in the hospital if we didn't care? If we didn't care then we would still be in DC and would still be working still when we were told of what happened to you."

"It is true, Tony. When I found out that you were attacked I was scared. I am so sorry, Tony." Replied McGee.

"It is true for me too. I am so sorry that I didn't invite you to my party and never meant to hurt you. I was so worried when the Director told us. I am truly sorry."

Was it true? He wanted it to be true that they were sorry for what they did to him and wanted them to be his family again, but didn't know if he could.

"I don't know if I can trust you again."

"We will show you that we mean that we are truly sorry. You've been with me longer than Ziva and McGee and I know what you are like. When I told you that I wasn't thinking and I'm sorry."

He nodded and then looked at each one of them. They looked genuinely sorry. "I will try to trust you again, but don't expect it to be a fast forgiveness."

"Understood. We also want you to come back to us. Is that possible?"

He thought for a minute. They had come over here all the way from DC because they cared he knew that now. "I want to come back."

He told the Director that he wanted to come back to DC and she had told him that it was possible and she had told the Texas team leader. They would have to search for another Senior Agent.

Tony looked around the bullpen and was happy to be back. It would take time to trust them again, but he was willing to try. Maybe this time he wouldn't be alone anymore.

The End