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Dawn of the Pokemon-As the Battle Rages

Ash stood still looking at the large pokemon with curiosity. He couldn't believe how powerful Alderion was. By God, the pokemon hardly even moved and defeated Gliscor like he was a dust bunny under a rug. What was he supposed to do against something like him? Was this battle impossible to win?

No it wasn't. There's always an opportunity to shine. You just have to find the way. He learned that from experience.

Alderion stared quietly at the boy, loving the confusion and anguish that had flash across his face. He smirked while is eyes gleamed a bright crimson.

"Are you giving up now boy?" He smiled as the boy jerked his head up, a frown placed upon his lips, his hands curled into a ball as he prepared to go for another round.

"Nope just getting started!" he yelled as throwing the crystal ball into the air with a fiery passion. 'Please let this work.' He quietly pleaded in his mind. Alderion raised an eyebrow. 'A fire type huh? Another interesting choice.' He thought in fascination.

"Infernape I choose you!" The ball exploded into the air with revealing a monkey-like creature with flames exploding from its body. It screeched loudly waiting for the battle. It was pumped but like Gliscor before him, he too looked at the Pokemon before him before looking back at Ash as if to say 'You're kidding right?"

"No I'm not kidding, he's the opponent." He replied as if he heard the concerned thoughts of the Infernape. Alderion chuckled. He could sense the fear in the pokemon's heart as it looked him over debating whether or not Ash had lost his marbles. "Come on Infernape! Pay attention!"

Infernape shook off its fear as he growled excitedly at the large pokemon before him. Ash was pumped now. He was going to beat Alderion, there was no way he was going to lose all of his memories. He looked back at Ember and smiled. He was going to give all her memories back to her and take her with him like she was meant to be.

He thought about his attack. Alderion had some sort of barrier that is protected when anything comes in contact with him that bounces the attacker back with a strong force. Ash stroked his chin. A direct attack definitely won't work, Quick attack and Faint attack was proof of that. He thought so more while looking at Alderion wondering what he should do.

"If not directly…" he mumbled, "What about indirectly?..." He turned to Infernape who was pumping itself to take on this intimidating enemy. "Fight fire with fire." He face glowed to the realization. Alderion was amused with the boy's confidence, how it arises and then recedes and repeats.

"Infernape! Flame thrower!" As soon as Ash made the order, Infernape bursts forward releasing a giant stream of fire red flames aimed at the solemn face Alderion. At first Alderion didn't move and Ash thought the flames would bounce of just the way Gliscor did moments before. Little did Ash know Alderion was very surprised at his tactic to 'Fight fire with fire' as he heard as explain before. 'Way to use your head Ash heheh'

The flames engulfed Alderion as Ash cheered on the side, jumping up and down in excitement and triumph until the hard crystal shackles brought him back down to earth. With a loud "Umph" his bottom made contact with the floor making Ash realize that, that was probably not the smartest thing to do.

"Ugh" he grunted as he lifted himself from the floor, "That really hurt. Stupid shackles…" He sneered as he tugged at the shackles that confined him. Then it hit him….

"Wait if I defeated Alderion, then these stupid things should've come off. Which means…." His eyes darted to the raging flames that took over the stage. Inside the dark figure began to emerge, it's eyes blazing more than the flames themselves. Alderion, emerged with royal elegance as if the attack didn't hit him at all. This was amusing at first but now, it has become quite an annoyance.

"Did you really think you can defeat me with such a weak attack? You have a lot to learn boy." He walked further onto the stage, creeping closer to Ash and his now cowering Infernape. Ash was amazed at how stupid he was. Of course he couldn't be Alderion that easily. He guards this whole realm! With this realization he shrunk back but however….Ash isn't one to quit so easily.

"Infernape! Quick use Fire Spin!" Ash roared over the sound of the burning flames that began to diminish as Alderion crept ever closer. Infernape had failed to respond however as the dark figure made its way over to it. At this time, Ashs voice could not reach it's ears. Seeing Infernape's inability to respond, panic began to arise in Ash. What would he do if Infernape was hurt like Gliscor?

"Infernape please! Please! You have to fight back!" He pleaded to the frightened Pokemon. No response. "PLEASE! INFERNAPE FIRE SPIN!"

As if woken from a terrible nightmare, Infernape jumped up in shock from the sound of his trainer's desperate plea. Working its courage, he inhaled sharply, his chest growing in confidence. As if its life depended on it, it exhaled spiraling flames towards the amused pokemon.

"Such a futile effort…." He scoffed as blue flames gathered into his mouth like a hyper beam. In a sudden burst, he expelled the flames from his mouth to match the incoming spiral. Explosion! Fire burned everywhere as the blue and red flames collided with one another. Ash cringed. It was no longer a test of strategy but a test of strength and Infernape was losing terribly. The blue flames were pushing back the spiral with no effort as Infernape shivered under the pressure. It knew it was going to lose but Ash cheered on.

"Don't give up! Keep fighting Infernape!" he cheered over the explosion, yelling as loud as his voice could reach. Infernape gathered its last bit of courage to push the flames back, but sadly it was to no avail. The blue flames reached their target , sending towards Ash but…not down for the count. A flame had ignited in the monkey-like creature as it shot up to stand, wobbling from side to side. Ash was astounded and very proud to be Infernape's trainer in that very moment. Well that was until Infernape went off the deep end.

"Infernape?" Ash could see the slight madness and insanity in Infernape's eyes. Eyes that said, 'He's going down even if it kills me'. Alderion could sense it too. This ape gone crazy.

Maybe I went a bit over board…Alderion thought to himself as the derange monkey crept closer to him. Ash wondered if he should call Infernape back as he tried to conjure up a crystal ball in his hand, yet the thought of something good happening made him hold it off.

Infernape snorted smoke from it's as it charge up its arms and blasted towards Alderion. Ash cringed once again. It was a Mach Punch attack. He was sure of that; the problem was it was also a direct attack. Ash cried out as loud as he could to stop him.

"Infernape! Stop! It won't work!" but Infernape didn't care. All he wanted was to bring Alderion down. It continued forward as Alderion calmly braced himself for the punch. Ash cried out once more.


Infernape charged. Contact was made. Explosions raided the realm leaving Ash to wonder the outcome of that attack.

What has Infernape done?

Not a moment later, Infernape had been reflected back, landing in front of Ash, unwilling to battle. Ash's eye darted from the unconscious Pokémon to the figure emerging from the explosion, unharmed.

"Hmph. What kind of trainer allows there Pokemon to go berserk like that? " Alderion roared as he approached Ash again. " You must have not been training them right."

"I train my Pokemon just fine!" Ash roared back to Alderion with fire burning in his eyes, "They can take you no problem, just you wait!" Pretty words but that's all they were…..words. Alderion was a force to be reckoned with. He took out Gliscor without batting an eye and Infernape was blown away even after attacking at full strength!

Was there no stopping him?

Ash looked solemnly back at the frozen figure that was his sister. He sigh a heartfelt sigh. Maybe he did bite of more than he can chew. What was he to do against this God-like entity? Alderion was like nothing he's ever seen before. He thought Darkrai was powerful but he has nothing on Alderion. Maybe this was all in vein?

He shook his head in denial. No! He wouldn't give up! The battle has just started after all! Now think Ash think, he silently thought, what can damage Alderion? He looked around the void searching for answers as Alderion patiently waited for him. At first he found nothing until something strange caught his attention.

Alderion on the other hand watched the amusing trainer with great interest as his face contorted from enlightened to depression and finally curiosity. He felt that Ash too like his Infernape has lost his marbles slightly.

What interesting faces, Alderion thought as he continued to watch the trainer pace in his corner.

As on the other had had found something interesting. He watched Alderion as his search his memories for his answer. When Alderion moved through the flames before, he moved with elegance that clearly showed that he was unharmed as he walked towards him and Infernape without care.

Ash thought some more. When he emerged from the explosion, he did walk and seemed unharmed but something was off. Ash's eyes lit up as he knew what it was. He stole a peak to Alderion's right front leg. One of things on his leg glowed duller than the rest as well as Alderion had not moved any further towards Ash as he did before.

The Mach Punch must have connected and done some damage! Ash may still have a chance as he slowly turned to face his awaiting opponent, confidence shining as a bright star in his almond eyes.

Alderion grimaced. Although the sudden confidence amused him, he knew something was not quite right. He ignored it for now and continued with the battle.

"Are you done making faces into the non-existent sky boy?" he mused. "I've grown tired of you and this un-entertaining battle."

Ash returned Infernape into the crystal ball, looking at it with great satisfaction. "You've done well Infernape." He whispered to the ball as if started to dissolve, "Thank you for giving me an opening."

Alderion raised an eyebrow. He could sense the next Pokemon in Ash's un-moving right hand. How interesting, he immediately thought.

Ash held the crystal Poke ball high as he called out the name of his next Pokemon choice. "Do it now! Buizel!" He threw the ball onto the stage as it opened to reveal a water type Pokemon colored in all orange with a yellow float around its neck. As the Pokemon came to, it looked around and rested its eyes on the ginormous Pokemon in front of it.

Ash waited for Buizel to look back but he never did. He knew now that the battle had really started.

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