It was hot. No scratch that, it was beyond hot. It felt like Dante's fucking inferno, but things could be considerably worse. Considering that all eyes were suddenly on her. Even Kakashi's, and she was pretty sure that he had known from the start. And all because Sai had let it slip that she was the nine tails biijju. Now her friends were all looking at her like she had two heads, and shit. Thanks a lot Sai. Still it could be worse, at least they haven't noticed the fangs, or her breasts, yeah….. Hiding the obvious stuff was just such a pain. Still female biijju were rare. Very rare. Like she was the first one in over ten thousand years rare. And there were reasons why they were rare too, and none of it was good. Either they were dissected like fricking science experiments as infants, or they were raped by every male in their village then killed. But that was only assuming that they survived having every male in the land going at them. Hell as it was she had to stay away from men and women when she had her monthly menstrual flow or she would really be fucked.

And not the 'ha ha' kind. No when she went menstrual it felt like the demon was clawing away at her insides, wanting out to play in a serious way. Couple that with her pheromones and she wasn't safe from a) herself or b) the general population. If she was around people when she went menstrual, all things on two legs and some with three would converge to where she was and bad things would happen. It was the same with her real appearance, every time someone saw her real face they wanted to touch her and shit. She had learned at a young age that touching wasn't always pleasant.

And after being caught and raped twice, and having children thanks to both times well, she was just really happy at the moment that Sai and the others hadn't figured out that she was a female. However today she had come face to face with her first born, Yuki whom had just turned four; who had been kidnapped two years ago by Orochimaru. And had promptly flipped out, and tried to tear the woman, Guren limb from limb. And she would have succeeded if Kakashi, and Yamoto hadn't interfered. She still had the urge to snarl,

And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling kids!

As soon as they had found her she had been pinned by Yamoto's earth style jutsu, allowing for Guren to grab her baby boy and run. After she had gotten free she had turned her wrath on her two team leaders, she had punched Kakashi; and and chewed Yamoto a new one, it had felt good, but it was also a really bad move since the man was watching her just a little too closely now. She could still feel the quiet rage seething below the surface, and even though he was still being civil, she couldn't shake the feeling that he was planning to pay her back for earlier. But whatever, she had other fish to fry.

She wasn't overly concerned about Guren, far from it the woman seemed to be attached to her son's hip like crazy glue. It had been plain to see earlier that the woman loved her baby boy, and had no intention of letting Orochimaru's plans, or experiments get with in fifty feet of Yuki. And that was good, it was probably one of the two things that would keep her alive once Uzu got her little boy back. She had been meaning to hire another baby sitter anyways, and Guren was skilled enough, and bitchy enough to be a great asset to the protection of her babies.

As for Orochimaru….well the snake would meet his end soon enough. And what of the bastard Sauske? Well she had every intention of killing him too. There was no fucking way she was going to bring him anywhere with in a thousand miles of her kids. Even if he had sired one of them.

"Ruto? Are you okay?" Sakura asked as she reached out and put her hand on Uzu's shoulder startling her out of her glaring contest with Kakashi. When had they started glaring at each other anyways? How long had she been glaring a hole in his head? How long had he been trying to will her head to explode? And why was everyone else still looking at her, or rather at her and Kakashi? Were they trying to figure out what the glare contest was about?

Kiba raised his hand as his dark eyes shifted between her, christ she was tense; and Kakashi. "Did something happen between you two?" He asked curiously as she clenched her hands in the fabric of her pants until she was sure that her claw like fingernails were biting into her palms, drawing blood.

Kakashi narrowed his eye at the blond across from him when he smelled blood. Was Naruto still upset because of what had happened earlier? And if so what was he planning to do? Would he really endanger the sealing mission again? Had the damn brat learned nothing at all since becoming a ninja? "No nothing happened." Kakashi said as Yamoto turned his head to gape at him in horror and almost shattered his ear drum when he raised his voice a bit and said,

"Nothing. Nothing happened, he decked you! He knocked you flat on your back! And you lost consciousness for ten minutes! I've never seen you hit like that, and I've seen you get knocked through solid brick walls and still get up!" Kakashi quickly clapped an hand over his ear and leaned away while Yamoto ranted. And he was right, it was true that Kakashi had been knocked through solid brick walls before and got back up but then again a brick wall hurt a lot less than Naruto's fist connecting with his jaw.

It had taken ten minutes to regain consciousness, but it had take thirty minutes of rubbing his sore jaw, and spitting blood, and two teeth to totally convince him that his jaw was still attached to his face. The really sad thing about being hit by the blond was that now his jaw was completely numb, and if he wasn't wearing his mask then everyone would see him drooling a little. Honestly he had never been hit that hard by anyone before in his life. Not even Lady Tsunade had hit him that hard, and she had gotten between her and her booze before. Honestly he wasn't sure how to react to the fact that his student had actually knocked him down on his ass like that. He had been aware that Naruto was distraught by the boy's appearance. And the fact that he felt he had to save him, Kakashi understood that much; he had seen how the blond interacted with other little kids enough to know just how protective of them Naruto was, but he had never seen his favorite blond like this.

It was almost like Naruto believed that the boy belonged to him, or he had parental rights to him. Could it be some sort of maternal instinct that had driven Naruto to abandon his post like that? Or did kyuubi have something to do with it? Still his actions earlier alarmed Kakashi. Maybe he should have a talk with him? He watched as the blond snuck a peek at him from lowered lashes and then turned away to answer Sakura, and the others who were starting to worry about the boy because he seemed so unresponsive.

He watched the boy's glare vanish and his features softened to his normal look as he smiled at them. Kakashi narrowed his eye at the boy, and studied him closely for a second before realizing that the boy was playing them for fools. Naruto was forcing himself to react out of habit, or necessity; either way he had the others completely convinced that he was okay. He acted so sweet that Kakashi thought if he smiled a little more that they would all get diabetes. And felt the need to gag. It was disgusting how easily he threw everyone off his trail. And they called themselves ninja.

Uzu smiled at something Lee said, and reached out and put her hand on his head and ruffled his hair affectionately, as she stole another look at Kakashi from the corner of her eye and watched him eye smiled at her before lifting his hand and acting like he was trying to stick his finger down his throat. The universal sign of a gagging and retching. That bastard was on to her act. I should have hit him harder. Maybe he would have minded his own business then. Stealing another look at him she noticed the look on his masked face. That eye of his gave his thoughts away clearly.

Whatever she was planning she wouldn't get away with it, because he was going to watch her. Well, two could play at that game. She was going to give him just enough rope to hang himself with, and she was going to have fun doing it. She smiled at the others and continued her little act until she had had enough of their company and made her excuses to go to bed, no sooner than she was on her feet Kakashi was on his and his arm wrapped around her neck. It would have been comforting if not for the fact that he had done it in such a way that his hand was hidden by his body while his fingers were threateningly wrapped around her neck, squeezing slightly.

"I'll stay with Naruto until we head back to the village. I haven't really had a chance to sit and catch up with him since his return from the village." Kakashi said cheerfully as he patted her on the head a little too roughly with his free hand.

That's cause I didn't feel like being ignored by you anymore than I usually am. Uzu thought as she felt a dull ache start at her temples and begin to work it's way to somewhere behind her eyes. It was going to be a long night. She thought as Kakashi let her slip from his grasp and walk ahead of him down the hallway to her room, and managed to lock him out after slamming the door in his face.


Cheeky little brat. Kakashi mentally snarled when he tried the door and found it locked. Just who did blondie think he was dealing with anyway? Sauske? There was no fucking way that the little fool was going to get away with snubbing him twice in one day; he had his pride as a man after all. Turning around he walked into the room next to Naruto's and found the closest window, and checked to see if Naruto's room had one. It did, how perfect. Kakashi thought as he picked up his backpack and climbed out into the tree right under the window, the brat was making things too easy.

Uzu lay on the bed trying to get comfortable, but it was too hot, she was sweating; even with the window open. It was odd, just how hot it was, but noone else seemed affected by the heat. It was almost like she had a fever or something. But that wasn't possible; she only suffered those when she had her period, and her chakra began to fluctuate wildly. And yet she couldn't get past a nagging feeling in the back of her mind. Almost like Kyuubi was laughing or something. But then again the demon did that a lot and never for a good reason. It had laughed on the night her son was conceived, and on the night her daughter was conceived. Now it felt like it was laughing again.

She couldn't shake the sudden feeling of dread that settled in her stomach. And why was it so fucking hot! She whined as she jumped up off of her bed and practically ripped her jacket off. There was noone else in the room with her so she would be fine with out it. At least that's what she thought until she turned around to lay back down on the bed and saw Kakashi half standing on the floor and half sitting on the window sill. His visible eye was as wide as a saucer, and from the way his mask was hanging his jaw was on the floor as he stared at her.

"Goddamn it!" She hissed as she stomped across the floor and put her hand firmly on his forehead and pushed just enough for him to lose his balance and start to fall back out the window. Until he snapped out of what ever stupid state of shock he was in and managed to stop himself from falling by grabbing hold of the sides of the window as she kept trying to push him out. Growling he grasped her wrist and used it to turn her around so that her arm was twisted behind her back as he climbed back inside completely this time before letting her go. She wheeled around to face him as she gnashed her teeth and hissed like a cat. Making him cock a brow at her as he bit the inside of his cheek to keep from saying, I am catwoman hear me purr. Or was it roar? Meow, maybe? He didn't really care since the only pussy he liked to pet was a certain type, and he was pretty sure that she would kill him if he touched her like that.

After all the years of knowing the blond he had thought he knew everything surprising about the kid, but obviously there were some things that had failed to come up in all of their previous conversations, and during team bonding. It was like the boy-er girl had just come running up to him and yelled, "You're my daddy!" in front of god and everyone and having it be the honest to god truth. And how disturbing would that be?

"I think we need to talk." He said as he stared at her. It was funny how he never noticed before just how feminine Naruto's face really was. It was perfectly proportioned, The eyes wide and slightly tilted at the corner, giving her an exotic look, her skin about the same color as Sakura's, her build; which should have been a dead give away to her gender, was small, slender, well toned like a dancer's. She was petite, fragile, beautiful even with her hair spiked. She had the kind of body that even Tsunade would gladly kill for! The real reason he seemed to be having so much trouble wrapping his head around the fact that she was a girl was he didn't know why she had hidden that fact. And that bothered him.

"And what exactly do you want to talk about, sensei?" She asked coldly causing him to look at her face. A surprised look on his own. Why was she acting so cold toward him?

"Ugh, I'm not sure where to start. How long have you-" Kakashi didn't get to finish his sentence before she cut him off.

"None of your business." She deadpanned as she walked over to the bed and let herself sink down until she was sitting before she put her head in her hands and began massaging her temples. She really didn't need this right now.

He stayed silent for a moment before getting pissed. "Damn it tell me what's going on with you! Why have you hidden this from everyone? Why are you acting so cold towards me? Why did you flip out earlier? What is wrong with you? Is it Kyuubi? I need to know!" He said as he grabbed her shoulders and shook her slightly.

"Why do you need to know?" Uzu muttered as she tried to keep herself from puking on him. His shaking her wasn't helping her headache any.

Kakashi looked a little stunned by her question as his hands tightened on her shoulders. She turned her head just enough to look at one of his hands like she would like to cut the damn thing off and shove it up his ass. So he loosened his grip.

"Why would you ask that? I'm your sensei, I care about you. Don't you know that?" Kakashi said softly as he studied her face.

It was totally blank. Like looking at a total stranger. What was she thinking?

"No actually. You never showed any sign of caring or worry, so basically I don't owe you an explanation about anything. Beside's my private life has nothing to do with you, I'm done talking, let go so I can get some sleep." She said as she pried his hands from her shoulders and moved to the middle of the bed and curled up on her side. Leaving Kakashi to go over her words in his head over and over, until he got so sick at heart that he actually had to leave the room and empty his stomach.

Christ was he really that bad?


Uzu awoke the next morning feeling exhausted and sick. Her headache had gone away some time after three in the morning, but her conversation with Kakashi had left her feeling drained, physically, and emotionally. Her guilt had been like a living thing, rising up in her chest, cutting off her oxygen, making her choke until she had managed to push her feelings aside with the help of some breathing exercises. And had found Kakashi gone.

She hated that she had hurt him with what she had said, really she did, and she had waited up for a while so that she could apologize to him, but he had never come back. She wondered if he would even bother to speak to her anymore. Perhaps he even hated her now, which might be for the best since she had no intention what so ever of sharing any info on her gender, or anything else with him or anyone else for that matter. It was just too much for her to handle, and she wasn't going to fucking do it.