The next five days passed with a flurry of activity. Uzu, Kakashi and Gaara had been feleased from the hospital four days ago and were currently trying to strike a ballance between adult time and getting to know their children. Yuki esspecially was a difficult person to get close too, he trusted no one outside of his mother, Jiraiya and Tsunade, despite the mob incident.

So every morning for the past five days it was the same thing.

"Eat your breakfast Yuki." Gaara said as he pushed the plate of food that he had made for the boy closer to him. Yuki looked at the questionable contents and shook his head. He was'nt eating it. No way. No how.

"No thaks, I'm not hungry." Yuki said as he pushed the plate away again. Gaara narrowed his eyes at the boy and growled. The kid was getting on his nerves.

Gaara pushed it back and snarled at the boy. "Eat what your father has put in front of you."

Yuki shook his head again. He was'nt saying that he would'nt eat it if he knew what it was. He was trying to clue the red head in on the fact that he knew the guy had put something weird in his food. Like hot sauce or something, he could smell it on the plate and he was'nt touching it.

"Most fathers don't try to poison their kids. I'm not eating it unless you eat some first." Yuki said with a smile as he handed Gaara his fork. Gaara paled slightly before regaining his composure and l;ooking at the food. This was'nt going to end well for him, he just knew it.

The damn kid knew that he had crushed snails, and ants and mixed them in with his food. He was about to grab the boy and force the food down his throat when Kankuro walked in and spied the food on the table.

"Omg, food! I'm starving." Kankuro said as he took the fork from Gaara and snatched the plate from the table and took a big bite before either Gaara or Yuki could warn him and promptly dropped the plate as his eyes widened until they were about to pop right out of his head as tears slipped down his cheeks and he started gagging. Yuki snickered as the big guy hit the floor and started yelling and making funny faces. Sorry uncle, but better you than me. Yuki thought as he slid out of his chair and headed for the door as Gaara looked back at him and roared as he knocked his chair over and started chasing the boy down the hall.

"Oh my god, what was in this? Am I gonna die? I feel so sick. Temari! Temari, avenge my death! I think I'm gonna throw up." Kankuro wheezed as he got up and started running for the bathroom where Uzu was taking a shower.

Uzu had just dried herself off when she heard a loud roar coming from the dining room and banged her head on the door frame before opening the door just in time to see her son run past laughing, his small hand shot out at the last minute and yanked the nice fluffy towel from her naked body as he said.

"Sorry mom, but I need you to distract him!" She stood there with her hands wrapped around her breasts. Yuki was a dead, dead little man once she got her clothes on. She thought irritably as Gaara came running up and stopped as soon as he saw her standing there naked. His expression comical as he looked her over. What had he been going to do again? Something about maiming someone for doing somethig to his brother? He could'nt remember what had had him so upset anymore.

All he could think about was Uzu standing there so wonderfully naked and well he had to do something about that since Yuki had taken her towel away from her. He scooped her up and walked back into the bathroom and closed the door and started kissing his mate and touching every inch of bare skin that he could get his hands on as the door flew open and Kankuro ran in and dropped to his knees in front of the toilet and started puking. Gaara's eye twitched as Uzu hid her face in the hollow of his shoulder until Kankuro was done.

The elder sibling looked up at his brother and his sister in law and grimanced. He had just cock blocked his little brother had'nt he? "Sorry, carry on." he said as he flushed the toilet twice and quickly left the room, deciding that it may be in his best intrest to come back later. Gaara sighed and let Uzu go, she was'nt in the mood anymore. Mores the pity really cause he had been looking forward to catching her alone.

"Yuki causing problems again this morning." Gaara nodded and ran his finger through his semi long shaggy hair.

"I don't know what to do with him." Gaara said in a frustrated voice. Uzu nodded and walked over to the window and opened it and yelled out.

"Yuki Hatake Namikaze your fucking grounded until doomsday!" Promptly followed by Yuki whining,

"What? Oh come on mom! It's not my fault no one can take a joke!" Uzu's eye twitched a bit. The little brat thought poisioning his uncle and stealing her nice fluffy towel was a joke! She was freezing where she stood! It was bad for the babies health.

She walked over to the sink and ripped it up out of the counter top and then to Gaara's amazment chucked it out the window and laughed when it hit Yuki in the head and knocked him out.

"That was a great shot." Gaara said. Uzu growled in irritation.

"No that is good parenting." she said as she walked out of the bathroom and went to get some damn clothes on. Kakashi had been sitting under a tree in their front yard holding Ai as he watched the whole thing unfold and shook his head as he smiled and held the baby up so that they were eye to eye and cooed at Ai.

"Your brother is a moron. Yes he is. A silly, silly moron."