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When Bella Swan came to work for Ladies man, playboy Millionaire, CEO Edward Cullen, it seemed he had taken over her life; Expecting his new assistant to be at his command day and night. When she was given the Executive Assistant position she realized she'd be at his side almost twenty-four hours a day. Working so closely with Edward Bella found it hard to ignore how irresistibly sexy he was. She was determined not to have an affair with her boss, but what if Edward wasn't just looking for a mistress, but a wife?

No Accounting for Love

Chapter One

First Impressions

"Look here, Bella!" Angela Weber exclaimed, as she pointed to a section in the Washington Times News Paper. "It says here that CEO Edward Cullen is looking to hire an executive assistant."

"What?" Bella Swan asked, as she pretended to sip her glass of water. They were both sitting at her kitchen table.

She was surprised at the news. Almost as surprised as she'd been last week when she'd been told her boss, vice president Michael Newton Sr. of Newton Enterprises, was retiring almost immediately. She herself was going to need a new job.

But to work for the Edward Cullen, he was gorgeous, sexy, and one of the richest bachelors in Washington. Also his reputation was known as being a ladies man, a playboy who went through assistants and women like water, then discarded them just as quickly.

Angela peered up at her above the rim of her glasses. "You might want to put an application in."

"No-no I couldn't Mr. Cullen's reputation as to the kind of women he surrounds himself with is legendary. I do not have those kinds of looks." Bella replied, shaking her head.

"Bella, what are you talking about?" Angela muttered. "Okay, so you've heard the rumors about Edward Cullen, going through all those women and without committing to a relationship." She paused for added affect looking straight into Bella's eyes "Besides, have you ever really seen yourself? You're far from ugly."

Bella sighed in defeat. "I guess I will E-mail them my resume' tonight. I do need a job after all." Though she did not like the idea of working for one of the most womanizing, playboys in Forks Washington, she thought. When she looked up Angela was smiling at her with a knowing look upon her face.

It was two weeks later that Bella Swan found herself sitting in a yellow taxi- cab filled with nervous energy, as it slowly took her to the Cullen Tower Enterprises. Her interview was scheduled within the next thirty minutes.

She slowly took a deep breath, looking down at her hands clasped tightly in her lap. She never thought in a million years that when she applied for an executive assistant position for one of the wealthiest, powerful families in business that she would get a call for an actual interview.

The taxicab pulled up to the curb in front of the looming Cullen Tower Enterprises. Bella quickly paid the driver opened the door and stepped out onto the curb closing the door behind her. Her eyes scanned the huge twenty- story building that loomed tall and cold in front of her.

She took another deep breath to try and soothe the butterflies in her stomach. "Okay Bella you can do this." She said out loud with confidence. She tried, straitening her skirt and smooth out her wavy medium length brown hair. Setting her sights on the front entrance she squared her shoulders determinedly and walked forward making her way into the building.

Looking around the lobby, Bella realized it was packed with men and women, she assumed were there for interviews. Setting her sights on the woman at the front desk, she slowly approached.

The receptionist looked up at her inquiringly as Bella made her way to the desk, a quizzical look upon her face as she took in Bella's appearance.

"May I help you?" She asked.

Bella smiled shyly at the woman coming to a complete stop in front of the desk.

"Yes, I am Bella Swan I am here for the 3:30 appointment for Mr. Cullen."

The woman stared at her for a moment before saying, "Well if you'll take a seat over there I'll ring them to let them know you are here."

"Thank you." Bella replied turning to walk over to the seating area in the lobby. She sat down on one of the unoccupied chairs, her handsresting in her lap. She looks nervously around.

The receptionist picked up her phone and punched in some numbers. "Yes there is a Miss Swan here for an appointment for Mr. Cullen. Yes, I'll send her up. Thank you."

"Miss Swan," the receptionist called. Bella looked up from where she was sitting. "You're to go on up now. It will be the twentieth floor."

"Thank you again." Bella said before she stood, and headed toward the elevators that would take her to the twentieth floor.