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So here I am… I'm in the car on the way home from the airport. Home… this hasn't been my home since I was a little girl… the last time I even saw this place was three years ago. While it's been years since I've lived here, I feel like I'm finally coming home. Not that life with Renee, why mother was horrible, but it never felt like home, not when I was the one who always had to do the parenting. Apparently though she felt that I had become too much for her lately and she wanted to travel with he new toy, I mean husband Phil the minor league baseball player. I was tying her down, so this time when I told her I wanted to leave she finally let me. I was finally home, with my father Charlie back in Forks. I looked over at my father as he pulled in to our driveway.

"I know you said you didn't need a car… but I got you one anyways… its not new or anything… but it runs well… well good enough…" he laughed nervously as he handed me the keys.

I looked out the window and smiled at the car he had gotten me, it was a midnight blue Mustang, it looked like it was from the 60's or 70's.

"Thanks Charlie, it's great… but I already told you I was bringing my bike with me, it'll probably get here in a few days"

"I know… and you know I don't like you riding that thing, plus if you haven't noticed… Forks doesn't really have the best weather conditions, and lets not forgot how much trouble you have on your own two feet Bells"

That was the one thing I would miss about Phoenix… the sun. "Yeah I guess your right, the rain does make riding sort shitty" My dad laughed at this. "but somehow I manage to not be a klutz when I'm on duke"

He raised his eyebrows at this "Duke?"

"well yeah dad… Duke cause it's a Duccati… get it?"

"alright come on let's get inside and we'll discuss Duke later"

As we got out of the car I couldn't help but look at the car to my right it really was beautiful. "Although I definitely don't have a problem driving this guy around. Thanks dad"

I woke up to the shrill sound of my alarm waking me from yet another dream about him, I 'd been having these dreams for as long as I can remember. It was pretty much always the same thing. It was dusty and I was definitely on a ranch or something because we were in a stable and there were horses around us, it was so really I could almost smell the hay and the manure I felt like I could reach out and touch him, but when I tried to I would always wake up. He was giving me a lily and reciting the poem to me again, m favorite lines which I now have tattooed on my back "let folly be the guide of love", when I first remembered it from my dream I was six, I didn't even now where it came from, so I looked it up. It was a line from a William Cullen Bryant poem Love and Folly. Shortly afterwards it became one of my favorite sayings. I have it tattooed in cursive between my two shoulder blades. My newest tattoo is a lily going down my side, just like the lilies he was giving me in my dreams, I had two more tattoos Carpe Diem in old English on my lower back and the number 13 in a four leaf clover on my right ankle, but those had nothing to do with my dream or him. I can't even begin to explain his beauty, he was tall, about a foot taller than my 5'4 frame. He had long golden hair the color of wheat and honey, and the most beautiful crystal blue eyes I'd ever seen. He'd give me a soft kiss on the lips and then leave as he walked away I could see that he was wearing a military uniform, one from the confederate south, and then he'd turn around and say I love you Annabelle, always my darling, and then I would wake up.

I sighed as I headed down stairs dressed for my first day of school, tight black skinny jeans, white tank top, my Sid Vicious hoodie and my leather cobalt blue motorcycle jacket. I put on my grey converse and headed out the door. Charlie was right, I wouldn't be getting much use out of duke up here, it was raining today…again, hopefully next weekend it'll be nicer. I got into Major, yes that's what I named my mustang, it just seemed fitting. Aside from having some problems starting it seemed just fine, of course when I started to approach 80 it wouldn't go any faster, I have a feeing Charlie wouldn't consider that a problem.

I went into the office to pick up my schedule. The women sitting behind the desk looked up at me through her turtle shell glasses. I took off my headphones as she began to speak.

"Hello dear, you must be Isabella, your dad said you would be coming in today, you're a junior correct"

I smiled at her "Yes ma'am, and please call me Bella"

"okay Bella, you're first class is American History over in building three"

"Great thanks" I turned around to leave a boy I could only describe as a golden retriever walked in.

"you know Ms. Cope I could show her where her class is"

"how nice of you Mike, Bella has American History in building 3"

With that we turned and walked out the door and I figured I'd cut him down before he got his hopes up. "I'm sure I can find it on my own, thanks" I began to walk off, unfortunately he caught up to me, ugh.

"So you're the new girl right, I'm a sophomore, what about you, since your taking American History I guess you must be a junior, unless you took AP history at your old school… are you a sophomore… hey if you want this weekend…"


"It's Mike"

"ok…Mike, I appreciate you being nice and all and showing me to class and everything, but yes I am a Junior, and no I will not want anything for this weekend"

I put my headphones on an continued to walk to class.

"Okay I'll see ya around Bella!" He shouted before I managed to turn the corner, how is it possible that someone can be so persistent.

Just as I was walking through my class door I slipped, I can blame it on the rain and the floor being slippery, but I would have probably found a way to fall either way. I waited for the impact but it never came. I felt two strong cold hands catch me and set me on my feet. Embarrassed, I ducked my head down as I felt the blush rise in my cheeks as I mumbled a "thanks"

"No problem darling" my savior said as he still had his hands on my waist.

I couldn't help but look up to see where that velvety yet utterly manly and sexy voice came from and to say I was shocked was an understatement, I just stared at him dumfounded as he asked me if I was okay, and all I could do was nod. The bell rang, the teacher, whose name I didn't even hear thankfully he didn't ask me to introduce myself, I was in a stupor, he had to tell me a few times that I could sit down know which elicited a few giggles from the class, of course the only seat open was next to him… the man from my dreams, but it couldn't really be him… could it? And then he spoke.

"Hi I'm Jasper" if I didn't know any better I could have sworn I heard a southern twang.

I reached my hand out to meet his. "Bella"

He held my hand and brought it to his lips for the most delicate kiss "it's a pleasure darling"

I slowly took my hand back and mumbled to myself "and let folly be" and then I swear I heard him mumble.

"the guide of love"

But I couldn't have, right. I looked at him through my hair that had fallen over my eyes and I saw the most brilliant sexy smirk play on his lips. Oh I was definitely screwed, this boy… no man would be the end of me, and there was nothing I could or even wanted do about it… I would give anything and everything for him…

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