Chapter 10

The next week flew by. Jasper and Bella opted out of the Port Angeles on Friday to go to Seattle on their own to see a local band play, but Bella made it up to Alice by going shopping with her on Saturday for a prom dress. By shopping Alice meant having a bunch of different dress and shoe options from NY, Paris and London delivered to the house for all the girls to decide on. The girls' choices were radically different. Rosalie chose a floor length red gown with a deep v that was covered by lace with a long slit up the side. Alice's dress was a strapless cyan blue mini with elaborate beading in the bodice. While Bella's dress was a sweetheart leather dress with a pleated skirt and thin straps with a t-strap open back. The bodice of her dress had two rows of pyramid studs that gave the dress the look of a bustier.

They had all fallen into a routine. Jasper would pick up Bella for school, they would take their bikes there on the nicer days and on the rainy spring days they would take Bella's car. Rosalie had volunteered to take a look at the engine for her one day to see why it wouldn't achieve a speed over 80 and after a few tweaks it was restored to its glorious mustang self. Charlie was disappointed to find that out, but was too impressed that it was Rosalie who fixed it to really do anything about it. They would spend their afternoons either at the Cullen's or at Bella's. Jasper had managed to get Charlie to like him even more by getting him box seats to a Mariners game that everybody went to. Unfortunately Emmet got a little carried away during the t-shirt toss and ended up knocking into Charlie and sufficiently giving him a bruised rib. Charlie was a good sport about it after the x-rays reveled that it wasn't a break and asked Emmet why he wasn't on the football team, to which Emmet said Carlisle wouldn't allow it due to a incident at a previous school. Everything was going great, that's why it came as a surprise to everyone… including Alice (after all she can't monitor everyone all the time), when Jasper's oldest friend and closest thing he had to a brother, Peter showed up with his mate Charlotte.

Jasper and Bella had gone to Port Angeles to a favorite coffee shop of Bella's and when they returned to her car there were two figures leaning on it. At first Jasper tensed up and put himself in front of Bella until he recognized the scent.

"Easy there Major…wouldn't wanna scare lil bit away" called a deep southern drawl as they got closer to the car.

"Maybe you should've called to say you were coming then jackass" Jasper said as he pulled his brother into a hug. "Hello Charlotte" he said as he pulled her into a hug and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Bella this is Peter and Char" Jasper said before being pushed out of the way by Peter who picked up Bella and spun her around.

"So Jazzy has finally found his mate… it's about damn fucking time and might I say you looks absolutely yummy lil bit"

"Put her down Peter, you're probably going to send her running for the hills" Charlotte said sweetly "I'm sorry for my mate… he can be a bit much at times"

"It's ok Char, Yoda here is nothing compared to what I have to put up with Emmet"

"Yoda? Really…do I look short and green to you"

"No… but Jasper says you know shit… so Yoda. Plus its better than lil bit. I mean really you can't get more creative than stealing a line from Spike"

"Well aren't you just a ray of sunshine… I like you, you're just the type of mate Jasper needs"

"So not that its not nice to see you, but what the fuck are you guys doing here? Why didn't you call to say that you were coming?"

"Well this trip called for a break from protocol"

"Why what's going on?" Jasper asked

"Well word is that Maria is looking for you again. And we didn't call…well because Maria has ears everywhere and we think she has help this time"

"Help, like the Volturi?" Peter nods. "But that's crazy… Maria has always tried to avoid them, she knows that if they had the chance they would kill her"

"Yeah well, my guess is she made them an offer don't know what exactly yet, but you're girl here… she's special and well you know how both Maria and the popo feel about the special ones…"

"But how would Maria even know anything about Bella? Plus she knows better than to come anywhere near me ever again"

"Well last I heard is that she's got herself a seer. And my guess is that you're part of the bargain she made with the old dead mens bones"

"Fuck… Come one Bella we need to get back to the house" Jasper said as he began to get her into the car"

"Wait… hold on a second…what the fuck are you guys talking about? What the fuck is the Volturi and why would they want you… or Maria for that matter?"

"Baby, just get in the car and we'll talk about this on our way back home. Peter you drive

Jasper tossed him Bella's car keys just as his phone rang.

"I know Alice, we're on our way home now… FUCK! You have got to be kidding me! Ok, we'll be there soon. I guess we'll have to work something out with the wolves"

"So Alice has seen it too?" Peter asked from the front seat as he pulled onto the high way and floored it?"

"Just now. When I decided that I would find Maria first"

"I guess it's time for a good ol' dysfunctional family reunion" Charlotte said with a sigh.

***I know this chapter was really short, but I'm working on the next couple of chapters now. I'm going to be away for a couple of weeks but I will try an post more as soon as I get back.***