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Never The Same

Chapter 3

I had thought her anger was just a result of her drinking. Oh how wrong I was.

"I'm so proud of you for winning honey." I wrapped my arms loosely around her neck and looked up into her eyes.

"I'm surprised you even showed up." She shrugged out of my grasp and kicked her shoes off. "You never come to any of my races."

I watched her walk toward the kitchen, I knew what she was going for. "I've come to all of your races honey. Unless I was out of town touring." Out of the seven years we've been married I've missed four of her races.

"Then why don't I remember you being there?" She frowned when I grabbed her hand before it reached the fridge. "What are you doing?"

I needed to do something to keep her from getting a beer. It was the only thing I could think of. "I just thought...Since you won and all." I took her hand and placed it on my breast, I shivered as she responded, her thumb caressing my skin through my clothing. "That I'd reward you."

"Oh, so sex with you is just a reward now?" She pulled her hand away. "I'm on my period." I frowned when she opened up the fridge. "Where's my beer?" She turned to face me. "Why did you get rid of my beer?"

I took a step back when she took one toward me. "You must have finished it last night." She had to have. Even though I didn't like the fact that she drank, I would never dump out what was unopened.

It was like she didn't hear me. "I asked you why you got rid of my beer!" Her voice rose as she grabbed my arms.

"I didn't!" Tears started falling from my eyes when I felt my back hit the wall.

"Why are you such a coward Michiru?" She backhanded me. Her hand hit me in such a way that her ring dug into my skin near my lip. "I'm going out." She walked away from me. I watched her grab her car keys, slide on her shoes, and slam the door behind her. I was there, curled up on the floor, crying.

I accepted the small cup of tea that was offered to me. My lip was swollen and the surrounding skin was bruised. "Thank you for coming to get me Setsuna." I felt ashamed for what Haruka had done. Like somehow this was all my fault.

"Anytime Michiru. You at least left her a note that you're staying here for a few days, right?" She sat on the sofa opposite of me.

I nodded at her. I did leave a note. It was a short one though. "Why did she hit me Setsuna? What did I ever do to her?" I couldn't hold back my tears anymore, they finally flowed freely.

"This isn't your fault, people sometimes change over time."

She was showing no signs of this before her wreck. "She never even yelled at me like this before. Not even when she drank last time." I pulled a tissue from the box to wipe my eyes. "It's got to be the accident."

"The doctor said she suffered major head trauma right?" I nodded. "Call the doctor about this, he'll probably want to send her for a CT scan."

"What do you mean?" I sat the cup on the table.

"With a massive head trauma, it can cause bleeding. Bleeding would mean pressure on the brain which would cause more damage. You see where I'm going?" I nodded.

Maybe she was right. I'll have to call Haruka's doctor in the morning to see what he recommends. I can only hope that he'll have an answer to her behavior.

I took a deep breath as I dialed the number from the phonebook for Haruka's doctor. I waited several rings before a receptionist finally picked up the phone. I explained to her who I was and what I needed. I couldn't help but to grumble when she placed me on hold to get the doctor.

"Mrs. Tenou, how is everything with Haruka?" His voice rang through the receiver.

I frowned, I knew it was going to be a long conversation with him. "Not very well Dr. Gayamashi." I took a deep breath. "Haruka's been more aggressive then she usually is. More angry...and more violent."

"What has she been doing?" I could hear him rustling through papers, probably taking notes.

"She's having a problem remembering who I am too." I sat there, on Setsuna's sofa explaining everything to him. About her forgetfulness, her anger, the fact that she's drinking again as if she never quit. I was in tears when I told him how she hit me.

"And you said none of this happened before her wreck right?"

"No, she wasn't drinking, she did get angry, but never to the point of hurting me. And she never forgot anything that I told her."

"It sounds like there may be more problems than we anticipated. I'm going to transfer you back to the receptionist who will help you make an appointment for next week for her to get a CT scan."

"What if I can't get her to come in?" The realization hit me, she won't willingly go in.

"You said she can't remember anything? Use that to your advantage to get her in, tell her it's just a follow up appointment from the wreck. That should work."

I thanked him before he sent me back up to talk to a receptionist. Hopefully I will be able to trick her into thinking it's just a follow-up appointment.

I returned home to her at the end of the week. And just as I had expected, she didn't remember hitting me. She didn't even remember who I was again. All she knew was that I was the woman in the pictures that were scattered throughout the house.

Thankfully, by the time I had returned home there was no evidence of my injury. I remember not being in the mood to explain everything to her. Every day I have to tell her things, things that shouldn't need to be repeated.

I told her about her appointment in a few days and she just blankly stared at me. I told her that it was just her follow-up to make sure everything was healing and she only nodded. It did work, just as the Dr. had said it would.

Don't worry Haruka. I'll always be by your side. Regardless of what else may happen to you. I'll always love you.