My Second Fic from Aoi Hana i have seen all the anime and have read up to chapter 29 in the manga so please if i get something wrong i am sorry. You can read the manga on manga fox dot com so go and read its getting very good. Also this will be be very au in a way that i am twisting it around a bit to get the couple together.

"Fumi-chan"-Normal speaking

'Fumi-chan'-Normal thought


'I wish you would look at me like that Fumi-chan it makes it look like i love you'

Akira thoughts where a whirlwind of jumbled emotions now days, ever time she saw the taller girl her heart would pick up pace to match that of a speeding race car, nearly bursting from her chest.

'I love you Ah-chan'

'Th-thanks I love you too'

'But I love you in a different way. I used to have sex with Chizu-chan sometimes, When I say I love you, I'm talking about that kind of love- Where you do those kinds of things.'

Akira could still fill her heart pounding after the talk from that day, even the thoughts of the conversation sent her heart into overdrive. She couldn't even look at Fumi anymore with out the thought popping into her head, making her look at the girl in a different way.

But now they where alone in Fumi's bedroom while their mothers chatted away downstairs, how could this get any worse. Neither girl could look at the other and Akira couldn't stand the silence. So she thought, she thought of that day in her room and the confession and how it pulled on her heart.

Looking at the taller girl she wondered when Fumi had fell in love with her, when did it happen and how. This was the girl who she knew cried at the drop of a hat. The girl she played with as a child and took care of. The girl she shared beds with, shared everything with.

Akira paused when she heard the first silent sob, looking up she saw Fumi tears in her eyes, shoulders shaking and hands trying to stop the salty drops. "You hate me now don't you Ah-chan".

Akira paused she remember the girl asking that as a child nodding to herself she got up and walked around the table, she couldn't stand this no longer. "No I could never hate you Fumi-chan" She whiped the girls tears away "I love you, too much to be made at you" Fumi looked up and blushed at the closeness of the other girl.

Leaning in Akira had no doubt that sooner or latter this was bond to happen so why wait, she kissed the girl while gently pushing her back onto the ground lying beside her intent on proving just how much she did love her.