The Tenth Doctor/Rose

An alternate timeline that was started by the laces on a trainer.

Rose let go of the handle on the wall and stumbled onto the lever. She had to keep the breach open; she had to make sure the Daleks and Cybermen were pulled from her world. To her side she heard the Doctor's screams as she pulled the lever. With a "thunk" the lever slid back into place and the breach opened again. The force of the once again opened breach pulled her feet out from under her. As she clutched to the lever she could still hear the Doctor screaming, telling her to hold on, to just hold on. Her grip was slipping. She felt her hands beginning to slide off the lever. Thinking fast the bent in half and tried to get her feet under her. The effort only served to knock her trainers into the machinery and jostle her hands loose. The Doctor screamed her name with a fear and desperation she had never heard before as she began to slide towards the breach. She looked at his wide brown eyes as he got smaller.

Suddenly she felt a jerk. Looking down she saw the lace of her right trainer stuck in the machinery of the lever. The shoe was still tied and it was holding tight. The Doctor apparently could not see the lace and was confused, but continued to yell at Rose. Suddenly right next to the breach Rose's father appeared. He clawed at the ground trying to get to her. Rose watched him as she lay on her stomach.

"Pete go back!" she yelled over the noise of the breach.

"I'm here for you, your mother says I must!" he responded. Rose saw him beginning to slip into the breach. Thinking fast she pulled her mobile from her pocked and prayed for a one in a million aim.

"Dad, tell Mum I love her!" and with that she threw the phone. It hit its mark and pressed the button, taking him back home just as he lost his grip and began sliding into the breech. As she smiled, Rose felt her trainer slip. Looking down she saw her foot sliding out of her shoe. All of a sudden slipped out and she started sliding towards the breach once more. The Doctor's shouts reached a new level as Rose saw the blinding white wall moving towards her. As she slid it waved and quivered. Rose closed her eyes, preparing for the void.

Instead of void, Rose was greeted by a sharp crack on the head. Opening her eyes she saw the solid white wall in front of her. Stunned she sat there and rubbed her head. All of a sudden arms had her. Thinking it to be a Cyberman in the void, Rose thrashed, but the arms just tightened. She could hear her attacker talking but not understand the words. Suddenly she broke free and turned, prepared to fight. Before her stood the Doctor, ruffled, and with tears welling in her eyes. Then it hit her, the breach had closed just before she could slide through. She threw herself at the Doctor holding on to him as though she was trying to save him from the breach all over again. She felt moisture on her neck and shoulders and could feel his body shaking with sobs in her arms. She had never known the Doctor to cry, especially not like this. Worried she questioned him.

"Doctor what's wrong?" she mumbled into his shoulder.

"mmhmfmmsm" he replied.

"What?" He pulled his face back and looked at her, still holding her tight.

"I thought I was going to loose you."

"But I'm still here Doctor, you didn't loose me. There's no reason to cry now."

"Now that I've started I can't seem to stop, it seems now that I'm crying because I'm happy you are still here." Even during an emotional moment the Doctor analyzed his behavior like a third party. "I seem to be acting on impulse and it's strange."

"Impulse is good Doctor, it just means you are too emotional to be logical."

"That's the truth." His tears had stopped and now he was looking at her very seriously. Rose was uncomfortable under his stare, but met his gaze. Suddenly he leaned in and pressed his mouth to hers. It was warm and soft, the way she had always imagined it would be. Relaxing from her initial surprise Rose relaxed into the kiss and held the Doctor tighter. He tangled his hands in her hair and held his mouth tight and steady to hers. Just as quickly as it started, the kiss ended and the Doctor was walking off. He sniffed and wiped his eyes on his sleeve before talking.

"Right," he began as though nothing had happened, "seems like we're done here. Where d'ya want to go to next? Barcelona? The Reichter Quadrant? The universe is our oyster." He looked over his shoulder at her and grinned in his cocky manner. Rose decided to question him later and merely be thankful that she was still alive and with the Doctor. She jogged to catch up with him and took his hand smiling. The two of them walked through the rubble and destruction to the lab where the TARDIS was still sitting. With a few loving strokes to the ship, the Doctor pressed a few buttons, flipped some switches, and smacked his fist on one part, and suddenly they were off.