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"Captain Jack!" Rose shouted as she ran towards the man. His angry face and demeanor stopped her before she got to him.

"What the hell are you doing here?" demanded Jack as he walked towards the Doctor and Rose. The Doctor looked equally peeved and responded immediately with, "It's my right as a time traveler to go where I want. YOU, however, being a temporal anomaly need to be more—

Jack cut the Doctor off mid sentence when he shouted, "Not you! Her!" Suddenly every eye in the room was on Rose as she stood there, uncomfortable and suddenly self conscious in her jeans and zip up jumper. She stopped meeting eyes and looked down at her shoes, and the frayed lace on her trainer.

"Her?" the Doctor asked, stepping in front of Rose, protecting her from the stares of the Torchwood team.

"Yes her, she is supposed to be trapped in an alternate reality." Captain Jack was starting to calm down but was still acting anxious.

"What do you mean?"

"Months ago in the Canary Warf incident. As you closed the hole between realities she started to fall into the rift and her father from the other reality saved her, but trapped her in the alternate world."

"Why are you saying that? We just left Canary Warf and, as you can see, she is still very much here. Who told you she got trapped?"

"You did, Doctor. You did not too long ago when I ran into you as you filled up the TARDIS at the rift."

The Doctor just stared at him. "She is almost in need of a fill up, but I wasn't there."

"Then it was a future version of you or something." The Doctor was starting to act anxious too.

"So, when you saw me, I said Rose was gone?"

"Yes, you were travelling with a woman named Martha Jones. You met her a while after Rose got trapped."

At this Rose snapped to attention and spoke up, "Oy, you replaced me so soon?"

"No," Jack replied, "he found a stand in that he always compared to you and who was always found wanting."

"Wait, wait, wait." The Doctor had started pacing. "If you met a future me, then how did the same even turn out differently?"

"The timeline," Jack started, "somehow it must have been altered and the universe hasn't compensated yet. Because we're all three time travelers, for us, it may never."

"But how was it altered?" The Doctor pulled out his glasses and began to fiddle with them as he thought.

Jack turned to Rose at this point to question her. "What was it that prevented you from falling into the rift? What could have changed?"

"My trainer." Rose got a far off look as she remembered. "It was the lace, it prevented me from needing my dad to save my life. I had meant to re-tie it for the last hour before we opened the hole but I'd never found the time. Finally I was bent down and ready to tie it, when a man almost knocked me over. At first I thought it was you, Doctor, but he was in a blue suit and disappeared into a crowd. By the time I finished looking for him in the crowd, you were there telling me we had to go."

"A blue suit?" Jack ran his hand over his face. "Doctor that was you. When I saw you last you had taken to wearing a blue suit. You changed your own timeline."

The Doctor stared blankly. "But why would I do that? Why would I risk tearing apart the seams of time?"

Jack smiled as he looked at the taller man, "for her." Rose stared at the Doctor as he stared angrily at the floor. Suddenly they were all startled by someone clearing their throat. The man serving tea was looking at them as he spoke, "Jack, if you are all done figuring out this riddle, do you mind telling us who these people are?"

Captain Jack smiled as he walked over to the people at the table. "Of course. Team, this is the Doctor and his travelling companion, Rose Tyler. Rose, Doctor, this is the Torchwood team. We have Gwen, Tosh, Owen, and Ianto."

Gwen spoke up, "Wait, THE Doctor that you talk so much about. The one whose had you creepily kept for a long time?" Jack looked at the floor embarrassed. "The one and the same."

"Well," said the Doctor, "if Jack is here it can't be good. Tell us what you know."

"Hold on." Interjected Rose, "You called Jack a temporal anomaly. But he's just a time traveler like us. Why is it so bad that he is here."

The Doctor looked at Jack and said, "You want to take this one?" Jack sighed and told his tale.

"When you went all time vortex-y and brought me back to life you did it too well. I can't die now. I've been alive for, well, far too long. And I've died more times that I can count, but I always get brought back."

"It rather scary, even when you're used to it." Ianto looked down as he said this.

Rose looked rather like a scolded child as she apologized to Jack. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." Jack walked over and hugged Rose tight, whispering into her hair that it was alright.

Owen finally spoke up, grumpy as ever. "If these touching reunions are FINALLY over, can we get down to business?" Jack glared at him but nodded, "Yes. Okay, Rose, Doctor, we haven't learned much, but here is what we know. Something in this neighborhood is feeding off of the energy created by two people in love." Rose raised her eyebrows at him. " Not sexual energy, sadly, but emotional energy. It's only works if both parties are present, and it only works if they are in the early stages of their love."

The Doctor looked at him as if expecting more. "Oh, is that all? Well then, looks like it's up to us from here on out." The Doctor turned on his heel and walked out of the house, Rose and Jack trailing him looking confused.

"Wait," Rose said, trying to hold onto his arm to stop him, "we're just going to leave?"

The Doctor stopped and turned on his heel. "Yes we are. You know why? Because this man always brings trouble and now he's brought a world where you aren't there and I don't want that near me. Captain, I'm sorry, but until the universe sorts itself out I don't really want to be near you." With that he walked off back towards the house where the TARDIS was parked. Rose turned to Jack confused.

"Why is he acting this way? I thought he loved you?"

"He does. But not enough. To him I represent an anomaly that is linking this world to one where you aren't there. I don't think he can handle it. He just went through almost loosing you, I don't think he can face the thought that it could have happened or could still happen."

"So all this is about me?"

Jack smiled at Rose and chuckled. "With the Doctor, it's always about you. But he's right. My lot and I will clear out. I'd rather loose a bit of my memory than the universe decide to get rid of you to right things. The farther we are away from each other will probably be best." Jack hugged Rose and walked back into the pink house. Rose could do nothing but stand there, confused. The Doctor, HER Doctor, the man who was always confident, cocky in the face of danger, was scared? It didn't seem right. Then she thought about facing a reality with him in it. She thought about being trapped away from him. With a shudder she moved away from the pink house. Perhaps it was for the best that Jack was leaving. But what did he mean "with the Doctor, it's always about you"? Rose decided to think on it later. Instead she walked into the little house with the "sold" sign out front to go talk to the Doctor.

As soon as she walked into the door she was caught up in a hug. "Oy, Doctor, its all right I'm still here." The Doctor let her go and smiled.

"I know. It's just, when my past travelling companions leave me, its not that bad. But having one taken. That is the worst feeling in the world and for the last two days I've been confronted with that possibility far too many times for my pleasure."

Rose only shook her head at how silly he was being and stepped into the TARDIS to start to look at his readings from the day. "So," she said, leaning on the console, "what leads do we have to follow?"

"Well, none actually. No readings at all. Whatever it is that is feeding off the energy has gone dormant. Somehow we'll have to lure it back out."

"So, act like a young couple in love to get its attention?"

"Seems like the only course of action."

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