~My Loves!~

So I just wanted to take a second to thank you all for all the reviews! When I started Diary it was rare to see two or three a chapter and I got to ten sometimes more a chapter and it made me happy! I'm sure all my readers can tell I'm not the best at words and grammar and such and I am fine with admitting that.

At a young age I was found to have a learning disability and it's comes out a lot more in English and writing and stuff and through high school and all school really I never wrote. I just accepted that I couldn't and let it be. I struggled extremely and still have trouble with it and when my sister told me about this website I thought well I would try. Did I think I was going to be good at it? No. Do I think I'm that great? Not even a little. Yet with all the times of struggling and frustration of not being able to do it all seems worth it to have the feedback ya'll give. Normally the ideas come extremely quick, I can have a whole chapter or even story planned out before I sit down to write it. I actually have every conversation down and out before I even turn on my computer but there is a small piece of me that just takes awhile to get my fingers to understand what my brain is telling me.

So with a mix of dyslexia and a few other things with names that people probably have never heard of I have struggled.

Funny how the start of this story was just an online diary I was writing and slowly became a story. Pretty much the first chapter was my life. From the eating, to the family, to the thoughts of being alone and stuck and to sit down and share that with all of ya'll made me a little nervous.

However when I finished my story I started to get PMs and I can't tell ya'll how it made me feel. From some saying (not mentioning names obviously) that you have felt some of Brooke's pain, been there or in dark place and reading my story helped in some way. That when things were going on you would go back to read it because you needed a cry or a laugh or just an outlet from the world of lifeā€¦

That you have had the 'David' and prayed for the 'Lucas' and when you got him completely freaked out about what to do. That you had the best friend's issues and the family and the feeling of not being enough and feeling like you were the only one feeling that to realize you weren't.

It makes me feel good, really good and I hope that the sequel gets that much feedback and responds. This one will be more focused on family, some issues I think we have been through and just the growing up part of life.

It will have Brooke struggling with school a bit and in a way its my way of putting some of my life in it like I did in the first one.

I wish I could write a review back to each of you saying what you meant to me but I'm sure it probably doesn't mean as much to ya'll as me. Just with years of struggling being actually ok at something people told you, you would suck at, that you are stupid with is a real nice feeling.

So I just wanted to say thanks again and to look at the sequel that is now up called:

Just Say You Love ME.

Enjoy loves and forgive my random spill!

Love lots