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Natalie paused in the doorway of the darkened room, depending on a single sliver of light to aid in her search for her father. It didn't take long to find him; as soon as her eyes adjusted to the black, she saw Dan sitting in her mother's chair, his head in his hands.

She had always felt a special connection to her father, although she'd never let him- or anyone- know. Having a mother who sometimes knew who she was had forced her to build her defenses. But she was slowly working on demolishing these barriers. She'd had her first painful experience with this tonight with Henry at the dance. And she was about to being doing so again.

She took a step into the room. Her father didn't move. Natalie felt tears prick her eyes. Her father was a good man; he didn't deserve a crazy, fucked up wife who left. And, she realized, he didn't deserve the ungrateful shit of a daughter she had been.

Natalie now stood in front of Dan. She reached over and turned on a lamp, filling the room with a soft glow.

"Here," she said, thrusting a tissue in his direction.

He glanced up and took it with a nod. "Thanks," he said after wiping his nose.

Grabbing a nearby chair, Natalie sat next to him and took his hand. Neither spoke; words were unnecessary. As a comfortable silence settled over them, Natalie vowed that she would work to become a better daughter. After all, it was now just the two of them- alone together.