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________________________________________Chapter 1: The start of something beautiful?______________________________________

"I said no, and I mean it." Throwing down the stack of papers in her hands onto Mike's desk Leanne glared at him.

"Oh come on, Lea. It's just a rookie." Scoffing, Leanne sat down at her computer and starting typing. "It ain't like he's gonna bite ye."

Turning around Leanne gave him an exasperated look. "I'm not gonna chauffer a rookie around for a few days just because he needs someone to call mommy." Turning around again she drummed her fingers on the desk waiting for the computer to start up.

"Look Lea, if you show the kid around you'll have a few days to find some other excuse to avoid Charles. Hell, I'll give you a second one right now and bring you out with me and the rookie when the hunting season starts. How's that for avoiding him?" He leaned forward hoping she'd take the bait and get the rookie off his hands. He'd seen how Charles was like a dog in heat around Leanne constantly humping her leg and when she denied his attentions he would almost whimper back to his office.

Mike Shoran frowned as he thought about the new Sheriffs obsession with Leanne. Charles Riemann took over as Sheriff about a year ago and he seemed okay to Mike at first, but it was soon apparent that the new Sheriff had a problem keeping his hands off women. He'd already had his way with most the women in town and only recently set his sights on Leanne.

Sighing Leanne spun around in her chair. "Fine. I'll escort the rookie...and Mike, sometimes I hate you." Grabbing her gun, extra ammo, a combat knife, and a few smaller knives she holstered her gun and put the ammo in its clip than she strapped her combat knife to the outside of her thigh and nestled the smaller knives in various places. Walking out the door she clipped on her badge to the uniform top flipping off Mike who sat lounging in his chair laughing at her mini arsenal.

Leanne spun one of her smaller knives, or more correctly throwing knives, in between her fingers as she waited on the hood of her truck for the new deputy, Brian Stone, to get back from taking a piss in the woods.

'Why did I accept this again?' sighing she tilted her head up to look at the stars making herself more comfortable on the hood. It was already well into the night and she was getting tired of the Brian already after the first day. He chattered away about nothing at all and was constantly staring at her chest. She looked down disdainfully at her uniform which consisted of a tan short sleeved button up shirt and brown slacks with hiking boots. The shirt was too tight and basically stuck to her like a second skin and the pants hugged her butt a little too much. She was uncomfortable to say the least with most of what she had almost on display. She couldn't really blame Brian for staring, but that didn't mean she had to like it.

'Ok, that's it. It's been an hour and unless he's passing a kidney stone it doesn't take this long to pee.' Growling she put the knife back in its place on her arm strap with the other four and jumped down off the truck facing the woods.

"Brian! Get your ass back here now! I've spent an hour waiting for you and I'm not going to wait any longer! So either finish now or I swear I'll throw you in back and let you pee on yourself!"

Frowning when she got no response she yelled again. "Brian! Don't make me go in there!" Again, no response. Sighing and she grabbed her flashlight from the dashboard compartment and headed into the woods. "Fine, have it your way."

She still hadn't found even the slightest trace of Brian and she'd been searching for about two hours now. 'Did something scare him into going farther in or was he just worried she might hear him or maybe-'

She gasped and spun around as the bushes near her started to rustle. Shining the flashlight directly on the bushes she took out her gun hoping it was just some small animal or maybe Brian.

"Brian? Is that you?" Taking a few steps back as she resisted the urge to walk towards the sound, she didn't want to get a face full of bear. Silently she started cursing herself for offering to drive Brian home, especially since he lived a bit into the woods. Although it wasn't enough to isolate him from town it was still enough to get lost easily.

"Come out or I'll shoot." She was proud of herself when her voice was still coming out strong and unwavering even when she felt fear biting at her heels. She was certain now that it wasn't Brian seeing how she still wasn't getting any response. Suddenly the bushes stopped moving and the only thing that met her ears was purring, almost like a cat. She paused and lowered her gun a little than growled to herself.

'Damn cat. I swear one of these days when Mrs. Jenkins isn't looking I'm going to kill that cat.' Normally Leanne considered herself an animal person except when it came to Rico. Rico Suave, as Mrs. Jenkins had named him, was a grey cat with an attitude that was so nasty only Mrs. Jenkins seemed capable of loving him. Rico had bitten and tried to maul Leanne so many times for just walking by Jenkins' house that she once almost shot him. Needless to say she and Rico weren't exactly on good terms.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Come on out Rico, I know it's you." She froze when the purring stopped and a slight growl caught her attention and she raised her gun up again. 'I swear if that cat comes at my face I'm gonna shoot it.' Scanning the trees for the growling cat.

Walking around again finally dropped her gun giving up on finding the cat.

"Fine, have it your way Rico." The growling grew louder and it seemed like it was from right behind her. In fact she could feel the vibrat-

Letting out a surprised squeak she raised her gun and spun around looking for what had made the sounds, but only saw empty space. 'Am I going crazy...?' Her breath was coming in quick pants as fear started to creep up on her. Chiding herself for letting fear gain a momentary hold on as she calmed herself and stared at the empty space in front of her with a fresh eye.

Frowning she noticed that the area was quiet. No purring, growling, or even innocent chirping of insects was in the air. Biting her lip Leanne decided to do something she probably would regret later. She lifted up her gun again and fired a few rounds.

Now, she expected skittering animals, birds flying up from the trees, or maybe someone screaming because they got shot. What she wasn't expecting was an ear piercing roar and neon green blood splattering all over her and the ground from an invisible creature that had apparently been standing right in front of her. Screaming she backed up until her back hit a tree staring as the thing she hit started to materialize before her eyes.

It was tall at around 9 feet with a muscled physique that just screamed male especially as her gaze landed briefly on the metal loincloth that covered the obvious male portion of it-his anatomy. The muscles were covered in a mesh of some sort and his face was covered in a metallic mask with silvery eye sockets that were completely devoid of any emotion and made her shiver slightly. Rubbery looking tendrils also hung down from the edges of the mask in what looked like dreadlocks with metal rings scattered throughout and she could only guess that was his hair. He was also covered in an armor that covered his ribs and his shoulders, bracers of some type covering his forearms, and clawed feet that were in metallic sandals. The armor itself was plain except for small animal skulls on a string draped across his chest and larger alien and human skulls on his belt. He roared again and his hands, clawed hands she noticed, curled up into fists as his body seemed to tense up during their staring contest.

Laughing nervously and raising her hands in an attempt to show she didn't mean any harm Leanne eyed the big guy warily. "Hi." she paused as she saw him take a step forward. "Well, um, I'm guessing you didn't like me shooting you huh big guy? So...I'm going to go now and um, leave you to whatever you're going to do...Bye!" Deciding she said her piece she bolted towards the road hoping she'd be able to get into her truck and drive off before he realized she started to run. Her blood was pumping as she was practically bounding through the forest cursing her for shooting it and also for traveling in so far. Deciding to quickly glance behind hoping she'd gotten a fair start at least. Looking back she noticed that he was barreling through all obstacles and was quickly gaining ground on her with an almost menacing determination. Squeaking quietly again she pushed herself to move faster her lungs burning as she tried to keep up the aching pace. Looking back she saw that he was starting to gain again so she grabbed three of her throwing knives and spun in midair throwing them at him with a practiced hand before landing perfectly on her feet again continuing to run without missing a beat. She didn't need to turn around to know that at least one of them hit as a roar sounded, thankfully, farther behind her.

Jumping over a fallen tree she screamed as she had saw that she'd hurled herself not only over a fallen tree, but also a 10 foot ledge. She screamed lightly as she landed gasping in pain trying to prevent the tears as she felt her legs ache from the force of the fall. Struggling to her feet she pushed herself onward hearing the roars coming closer and glancing back she saw him jump down the ledge and threw two more knives at him which, like the first three she noticed, hit their mark making him roar again and falter. Grinning slightly she ran further into an extremely large clearing as she noticed she had somehow been turned around and was actually running away from her truck instead of towards it. Cursing she stopped and turned around about to run back until she saw only a few feet away was an injured and very pissed off looking non-feline.

She raised her gun and the creature roar splaying out its arms in what she could only guess was a fighting stance. Tired, fed up, and agitated (mostly blaming Brian since it was his fault she was even in the woods at this time of night) she growled at him and noticed his head tilt to the side and started trilling inquisitively.

Glaring she growled at him again. "Don't you start acting all benign now, you jackass. If you hadn't started growling than I wouldn't have shot you dumbass! Did you think I wouldn't try to make sure I was alone or safe?"

Leanne didn't even flinch as he roared at her apparently not liking her calling him a dumbass.

"Oh, so you understand me? Good, so understand this bucko! Next time you want to play with a human don't fuck with me or I'll do more than throw knives at you and shoot you!" Leanne couldn't believe what had come over her, but the anger washed away any fear of the masculine creature before her and all she wanted to do was go home. Raising her gun as she saw it draw out blades from its bracers she fired at him managing to hit one of his legs making him roar and stumble, but sadly stand back up. Firing again she continued to empty her clip into the creatures injured leg until it couldn't stand on it.

"Look, I won't kill you if you promise not to try and kill me." The creature glared at her and continued roaring before finally saying one word.

"Bitch." Leanne stood there shocked that she'd just been called a bitch, albeit a sexily deep voice, by an alien. Leanne stared at it for about five minutes before speaking again.

"What did you just call me?"

"I said 'Bitch' you stupid Ooman."

Leanne was pissed, no beyond pissed, she was furious. How dare he call her a bitch and stupid for that matter! He didn't even know her! She calmly walked out of warms length of the creature and reloaded her gun with an air of calm that made the creature before her pause and seem nervous. 'Oh, he better be nervous.' she thought as a creepy smile graced her face.

"So, I'm a bitch huh?" Shooting out both his knee caps making him roar and also incapable of walking or even using his legs. Taking aim again she as he was helplessly sprawled out on his back. She pointed the gun to his throat and stepped up kneeling to his side quickly pressing the gun against his throat.

"Don't try and do anything or I'll blow you head off. Now, I'll make you a deal big guy. Take back what you said and we'll wipe the slate clean, ok? No more grudges of me accidentally shooting you, got it? I'll also help give you some medical attention since I'm guessing you've got a ship nearby or medical supplies on you."

She heard a slight growl come from him before he nodded and pressing buttons on his bracer. Deciding to let him fool around with that she took out her Swiss army knife and extended the small, and much duller, knife than looked at him. "I'm going to take the bullets out and that might be a bit painful so roar if you need to, but first I need to take out the knives." Getting a nod from him she quickly tore out all the knives as gently and as quickly as possible and to her amazement he didn't roar, but rather growled. Patting his chest lightly and giving him a small smile as if to say "I'm sorry" as she eyes the bullet holes and realized that her dull knife might do more harm than good. Frowning she put it away before digging her fingers into one of the holes. She tried her best to ignore his roars of pain as she finally got her fingers around the bullet and gently pulled it out. She sighed setting it on the ground than waited for him to catch his breath before she dug for the next one. His roars were deafening and she was amazed her ears weren't ringing especially since she couldn't find the bullet. She dug in a bit more wincing at his cries and finally withdrew her hand with the last bullet.

"Hey big guy, if it makes you feel any better I only shot you a few times." she joked in a soft comforting tone wanting to make him feel better and feeling horrible for causing him the pain he's going through. She never was good at keeping herself from feeling bad after hurting someone even if they deserved it. Giving him a small smile as she reached into shirt pocket and pulled out some thread and needle from all the times she had to repair her uniform because it was so tight. To her surprise she noticed it was medical suture from when her arm was cut open during a domestic violence call and she'd sweet talked the medic into giving her some.

"You're in luck big guy; this stuff will close your wound and dissolve as it heals." Smiling brightly at him she quickly set to work stitching him up having just enough sutures to close up all his wounds. Deciding it was time to move on to his legs she realized she'd not only shot it quite a few times, but also had missed the knee apparently. Letting out a sigh of relief she quickly took out the rest of the bullets after seeing how much he was in a delirious state from blood loss. Using the rest of the rest of the suture she closed up his leg wounds. Throwing away the now bloodied needle she put her hands on each side of his face and stared into the eye sockets of the mask.

"Hey big guy, you still in there?"

A low weak growl let her know he was still alive and kicking and that made her smile a bit knowing she hadn't killed the poor guy. "Do you have friends coming? A ship?"

"Yes." Nodding at the soft and strained reply she looked around hoping to see the signs of a ship or others like him.

"How long 'till they get here?"

"Twenty minutes." Leanne frowned his voice was getting weaker and she knew he wouldn't last 20 minutes at this rate.

"I'll stay with you till they get here, but can I take off your mask? I want to make sure you won't fall asleep between now and then."

She watched as he weakly pulled at some hoses on the side of his mask and pulled it off. She gasped at his face.

He had yellow eyes and his mouth consisted of four mandibles with an inner mouth with razor sharp teeth. If she wasn't Leanne Wolf than most likely she would've screamed or recoiled in disgust, but being who she was she was fascinated and couldn't help but want to touch him. She not only was amazed, but to her he was actually handsome.

"Wow, you're cute. What's your name anyways?" He stared at for a few moments obviously not believing she'd just called him cute.


"So'cla? It suits you. I'm Leanne."


She couldn't help but giggle. He said it more like lee-awn, but at least he was trying.

"That's close enough; if it helps you can call me Lea for short."


Nodding she smiled and patted his chest. Pausing she looked down at her hand and started to feel his chest slowly first with one hand than with both. 'His skin is so soft, but now that I'm close it looks kind of reptilian.' His trilling brought her out of her thoughts as she tried to pinpoint exactly what his skin felt and looked like.

"Oh, I'm sorry, just, your skin...I just now noticed how it feels. It's soft, but hard and warm." Frowning and muttering the last sentence more to her than him she stared at his skin and felt it a little more before removing her hands completely.

They sat in silence as she kept him awake by tapping his face lightly every time his eyes drifted closed.

They came for him just a short while later, but upon seeing her they growled and took out their weapons ready to attack her. So'cla let out the most feral noises Leanne had ever heard and guessed that was his language since his comrades had calmed down and disarmed themselves continueing their approach. She let loose the breath she didn't realize she was holding and stood up and away from the prone alien as his companions used their spears to make a stretcher for him. The group of 5, excluding So'cla, huddled around their prone friend and started to growl, trill, and click at one another making her feel ignored and well she didn't exactly feel comfortable near her new 'friends.' Deciding that she'd pressed her luck enough for today she quietly fled the area and in the correct direction towards her truck.

They didn't even notice.