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Story Start


The Hero's Reward.

That's what it was called when someone of noterity or legend committed a great justice in their world. In which they rose to the ranks of heroic legend saving their world and doing a great service to the realms.

Some rewards were standard while others were a bit more creative.

In this particular case he was allowed to live a new life in a different world and enjoyed a peaceful life he never got to receive along side a few other reward receivers who were also sent to this world.

''I'm so bored. I should do something new.'

A ring on the cellphone he was carrying went off. "This is Uzumaki." he answered upon taking out the phone.

"We have a job for you Uzumaki."

"The usual?"

"This one is non-standard. A long-term mission in which you have to keep tabs and reports of a family named the Griffins."

"You want me to keep tabs on one family?" That was one of the things that came with the job he supposed. Joining a military organization was the closest thing he could to have things be excited in this rather plain world. "Is there anything I should?"

"Strange and unexplained occurrences seem to occur around these people. Despite all the mayhem that occurs around them no charges has been filled and my superiors want the situation to be looked into."

"So something like a cover-up is occurring and the superiors want to know who is the one throwing money around. Got it."

" I expect a weekly reports until further notice." The caller said before hanging up.

A few days later Naruto arrived into town. Deciding to wait until he fully settled in Naruto decided to head to the mall and pickup a few things. Now all he needed was a few people who could serve his use of cover while he was settling in.

His means of income was a medical clinic he 'inherited' from his 'late parents' and was currently being run by his 'Uncle' until he was of age. Having a younger identity always worked better in these small towns.

''Oh, what about this, Meg? A pink baby-tee that says "Little Slut." That seems pretty hip.'' Stated a rather attractive a woman with short orange hair. His gaze lingered on a moment before he recognized her. The wife of the family he was supposed to be monitoring.

'Nice chest, nicer legs, decent hips about late thirties/earlier forties and just screams milf. The daughter...rather plain looking but a pretty nice ass. ''

''I don't know if that's really me, Mom.'' Said the pink cap girl identified as Meg.

''Well, they've got one that says "Porn Star" and another that says "Sperm Dumpster." And they're all written in glitter.'' the orange haired woman pointed out, trying to add some enthusiasm.

''All right, all right. Give me "Sperm Dumpster." Meg replied with a sigh.

''That's the spirit!'' the woman exclaimed as her daughter disappeared into the changing room.

''You finding everything okay?'' Asked the young sales clerk. He had been working there for two years and any day now he was going to get that big promotion.

''Yes, thank you.'' the orange hair woman replied to him.

''Well, you just let me know if you need any...''

''How do these jeans look?'' Meg said coming out in a pair of hip hugging jeans that loosely hung off her form.

''AAAAAAAAAAAGGGH!'' The sales clerk screamed in horror as he doused himself in gasoline which he pulled from under the desk. He then proceeded to ignite himself and jumps out the window.

'What in the hell?'' Naruto thought in shock. 'What the fuck did I just see?'' He paused for a moment. ''Wait a minute! This screams something to end my boredom!' Naruto walked over to them. This was a prime opportunity to begin his mission. ''That was freaky huh?'' He asked the two women.

''It sure was,'' the red-head replied. ''I swear some people these days.''

''So I couldn't help but overhear your name is Meg right?'' He asked as her eyes lit up. 'Oh lord. One of those types...too easy.'

''W-Why yes, I'm Meg! Meg Griffin and this is my mom...''

''Lois Griffin.'' the woman introduced herself.

''Charmed...Uzumaki Naruto, but just call me Naruto. I know I don't look it, but I'm mixed, half islander and Japanese." he wanted to go ahead and get that out of the way.

''You don't look offense,'' Meg quickly added.

''Yeah I know I get that a lot.'' He said as they walked out of the store. ''I was supposed to meet a friend here, but she bailed out on me at the last-minute. I wanted to buy a gift for my friend seeing her birthday is coming up and all and I was hoping I could get a woman's opinion on what I should get. She's turning eighteen and all and she's the type of person who makes a great deal out of holidays, special days, stuff like that.''

''Hhm...well I don't seem any harm,'' Lois replied. She was a bit suspicious of what the blond wanted. No offense to her daughter an all, but as kind hearted as Lois could be at times she knew full and well how people in general disliked Meg. The prominent being her own husband Peter.

''Great so...''

''Look out!'' Someone shouted as the sign above them fell.

Naruto acted quickly and pushed them both out-of-the-way as the sign smashed against the ground, causing debris to scatter everywhere.

''Running naked through the mall. Help, I've escaped from Kevin Spacey's basement! Help me!'' Scream a naked football headed baby as he ran by.

''Hey are you ladies ok?'' He asked as he dusted himself off.

''Uugh...yeah...that was a close one.''

''Yeah were ok...thanks Na...'' A second sign promptly fell on Meg.

''MEG! Oh my god my baby! Someone help!'' the woman screamed, growing hysterical.

A few hours later Naruto came out of the operating room. ''I've done all I could. She won't look like how you remember her, but more or less I think...''

''I don't care what you think,'' She snapped suddenly. ''I'm's she ok?''

''Better then ever,'' He replied. Now to get this to work Naruto more or less fudge on a few details, saying his 'grand mother' had thought him a thing or two being she was a famous medical profession back where he lived. It wasn't a complete lie, but it wasn't completely true either. With Meg dying from eternal bleeding and damaged organs the grief stricken mother willingly drove Meg to Naruto's clinic as they were having some problems about their medical insurance because Peter had the urge to become an astronaut and go into space, but building a successful rocket of course would not be successful for the just above mental retardation level man resulting in him blowing himself up.

Four days had passed and Lois had left the hospital. Brian came by every few hours along with the rest of the family. On more than one occasion they had to drag Peter kicking and screaming. Naruto was disgusted how an intelligent and beautiful woman like Lois could love such an obese man with the intellect of a child. To be so cold and uncaring about one of his own children surprised the hell out of him, that and the baby Stewie, now that was another story.

Naruto went over the door and opened.

''M-Meg?'' She asked in shock upon seeing the appearance of her daughter.

Meg for a lack of better words was fucking fine. She had incredible curves with a round bottom and thirty-six D's on her chest. Her new chest was contained in a small pink tank top that cut a few inches above her stomach. Her new lean and curvaceous legs protruded from a blue mini-skirt. Now to mention her lips were fuller, her nose was shape was fixed so it was normal and the fat had melted away giving birth to a smaller waist. (Think the Family Guy episode that deals with Alternative dimensions)

''M-Mom...look at me...'' The now beautiful teenager said as she did a twirl. ''I'm beautiful.''

''M-Mister Uzumaki...I don't know how to thank you. You saved Meg's life...I...'' before she could continue Naruto cut her off.

''No problem Mrs. Griffin. I could do something and I did.''

''Please...just call me Lois. Though I don't know if I can afford to pay...'' the woman trailed off before Naruto cut her off once more.

''No charge. I know some people just lack the money for expensive operations so I won't charge your family, especially considering it was a freak accident."

''Well I don't know...Saving her life is one thing, but allt his extensive surgery and change? I...I don't even know what to think.'

''Naruto saved my life mom. He did this all out of the kindness of his heart. I think it would be rude to argue with him."

Lois couldn't help but relent. She was a bit put off by the 'changes' since she didn't believe that what's on the outside should matter. Though after the ridiculous incident at the store maybe this change was the best outcome considering how Meg would have come out looking even if her life had been saved.

The next night rolled around as Naruto took the Griffins out to dinner. Naruto loved traveling for numerous reasons. The current one was all the new restaurants he could go through and experience.

''So aren't you a little young to be performing complex medical procedures like surgeries?'' This question came from the anthropomorphic dog who introduced himself as Brian Griffin earlier that evening.

''What can I say from a young age I was gifted and placed in advance classes as a child. My experience in the field of medical knowledge is something I picked up from my grand mother. I'm actually planning on going back to highschool and college because I wish to get a different degree as the college I wish to apply to only allows transfers from particular highschools. I actually hope to go to James Wood High as it's close to my house. Meg told me she went there so I'll at least know one person there.''

''So your rich huh? I got a few ideas you'll love...'' Peter then started pitching ideas about sandwiches which would cause even a guy with his healing factor to suffer a heart attack after one bite.

''Sorry Mr. Griffin, but I think I like to invest my money elsewhere.'' Naruto said knowing said ideas would make a person go broke by the end of the week.

''Well can you fix my other kids? I mean if you're during surgeries for free you can fix Chris's double vision.''

The chubby kid was picking at his stake. ''What? Why are the twelve of you looking at me like that?''

''I don't think I should just do it on a whim...'' he calmly stated.

''Hey you're paying for all this right?''

''Uum yeah...'' Naruto said, unsure where this was going. It was annoying when people took advantage of someone who was kind or picking up the paycheck.

Peter waved over a waiter. ''Hey waiter I like a chocolate cake please.''

''Peter...maybe you shouldn't...'' Lois tried to persuade her husband not to be an ass in public for the thousandth time only to be cut off.

''Come on Lois it's this guy treat. Might as well enjoy it while we can.''

Three hours later and Meg was still apologizing to Naruto about what happened. ''Naruto I'm so sorry...'' Meg apologized for the tenth time. Peter had gotten drunk after ordering a little too much wine. Next thing anyone knew he was running through the restaurant naked, eating off other people's plates. Not to mention the damage done to the restaurant and Naruto's car among things.

''It's ok...I don't see how your mother could be married to that uum...''

''Fat bastard,'' She spout out. She told him about a lot of things. Like about the anger management technique about how her father said in a letter he thought she was a house cat. She then told him about a time her parents hid from her on her 17th birthday. He was surprised Lois partook in this, but not so surprised Peter did.

'He shot you?'' He asked in shock as she nodded. He could tell their was much pain brimming inside of her heart.

Naruto looked up to the see the light in the Griffin master bedroom come on. Lois laid a drunk and passed out Peter on the bed.

''Meg I can only say I'm sorry you've had experiences like that. I couldn't imagine having parents that would have treated me that right."

Naruto took off his jacket and start unbuttoning his shirt. ''WHOA! What the hell are you doing?'' She asked as she saw a scar on his chest.

''I wanted to show you one of the scars I retained. A scar that I've kept to remind me of my own past experiences." He said showing off a scar about the size of a hand on his chest.

''I have...'' She held up her arm and noticed not a single bruise or cut was there. ''It's gone...''

''I did more than bring out those curves you know...'' Naruto said with a sly smile. ''Very nice by the way.''

''Thanks...though these curves are fake.'' The girl said with a sigh.

''Actually those are all natural. Let's just say it's one of my trade secrets on how to bring out the best in the human form. What happens when all the crap we entered in our system is filtered out and other such things." He gave her wink. "So about that cut. Where was it from?"

''My idiot father...his idea of wrestling was throwing me through a window.''

''Is child services in this town really that shitty?"

''Never had a run-in with child services so I wouldn't know." she replied with a shrug. "Anyway it's getting late...if you meet me out front at school tomorrow around 7 I can give you the tour.''

''Sure why not...see you then,'' He said giving her a peck on the cheek. He then turned around and walked back to his damaged car. The windows in particular as Peter Griffin smashed out the driver's seat window to get the Snickers that Naruto left in the driver's seat. The blond was quite pissed seeing as he had paid off the car recently as well as the recent paint job he got for it. Now he would have to go get it fixed.

The next day Naruto decided to go for three story house complete with a pool and Jacuzzi out back among things. Ok maybe not modest in general, but quite modest for him. There was Meg trying desperately to get his attention over the mob of guys coming on to her. Naruto whispered a chant as they all ran away screaming which freaked Meg out.

''Must be tweakers?'' He offered lamely with a shrug.

''I thought they were going to eat me alive. I can't believe those guys would think I would go out with them after the way they've treated me. Hell half of them told me they were gay when I asked them.''

''That's human nature for you...the sin of lust is strong, especially with hormonal teenage boys. Now about this tour...''

''Right this way,'' She said as they opened the doors and traveled down James Wood High now cream spinach colored walls. Whoever chose the color was a complete idiot.

''Is that Meg?''

''Wow when did she get hot?''

''Whose that with her?''


''He's kind of handsome!''

''You think they're together?''

''Of course look at her? I mean now that she's sexy who couldn't la...'' Naruto spun and punched the guy in the gut, knocking the wind out him. It was a football player and one of the stars on the team.

''Whoa did you see that?'' One girl asked as the football player dropped to the ground.

''Damn that guy is strong!''

''Wow finally did something smart and had surgery. Now you no longer look like a disgusting pig,'' Said an attractive yet snobbish blonde.

''So...who's the bitch?'' Naruto asked nonchalantly as several people gasped.

''What did you call me?'' she demanded with a sneer.

''A bitch...a snobbish high school queen bee bitch who has nothing but her looks to depend on. The typical big breasted dumb blonde who spends so much time on her back and sinking her claws into rich boys, or jocks that once she gets on in years she'll be nothing more than a gold digger marrying men in their eighties or nineties just waiting for them to kill over so they can inherit their money. women like you often use money to higher much younger helping hands in the form of pool boys and give bootylicious cougars bad names. You make fun of Meg now, but when you get old and your looks fade you won't have anything else to rely on as you become an old saggy waste of human space whose brain would had been better used in a monkey then the waste of space I see before me.''

Complete silence followed for thirties seconds until someone shouted. ''Dayyyuuuuuuum. Connie got treated!''

''Coming Meg?''

''I think I will Naruto...'' She said joining him as they continued on ahead.

''Oh and sags,'' He called back. ''At least you can tell your illegitimate bastard children you had the honor of meeting me. A bit pompous, but having you as a mother guarantees the average person is nothing less of a saint or great in comparisons of the value you would instill in your children. This is Naruto Tentai folks and I'm here to say the oppression under skanks like her won't run my school life. This is also a personal challenge on anyone who attempts to get back at me on her behalf.''

''Wow that was amazing,'' She whispered with giddiness. Something about being around Naruto gave her more confidence. Though she was still trying to get over some of his strange behavior and some of the things he said, let alone some of the unanswered questioned in his story. Though after all she had experienced in Quahog she could forgive a few things like his cryptic answer.

''You know what...let's go the mall after school and go shopping. Your current clothing looks a bit tight on you and I'm sure we can find a pair of contacts that would go perfect with your eyes.''

Meg decided she would give it a try. Maybe just maybe she would finally have a little claim to happiness her family wouldn't ruin. ''Alright...but you're paying for everything.'' she added with a smirk.


The two of them started looking around for clothing for the mall to kill some time among other things. First was some shirts that had some room in the front. ''This blouse looks nice,'' Meg said holding up the cream color blouse. Naruto frowned and shook his head. ''Too got to throw in a little sexy. You're too repressed and beaten down at the hands of these people. I swear I was able to open a clinic out of nowhere with minimal paperwork, not to mention people hadn't heard of my existence until recently. It takes something big for the people here to take notice.''

''That or become part of a ground and mob like idiots all because of something on TV or seeing someone speak with a megaphone.''

''Now this,'' Pulls out a black sleeveless t-shirt with the words 'sexy bitch' on it. ''...something you can rock. Now we need a belt and a black letter skirt and a pair of heels.''

''I'm not against anything sexy, but I don't want to come of as easy with constant clothing of that theme.''

''Huh you're right...we should also get clothing for year round. You should definitely get some shorts and tank-tops. Wouldn't mind seeing you in a number like that,'' He said letting out a growl.

Meg blushed feeling a bit self conscious. She at first freaked out realizing her 'change' though she got used to the idea. She still wasn't sure how the hell Naruto did what he did, but she wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

''R-RIGHT...Jeans I'll also need jeans.''

''Also Jackets, shoes, silk tops. Maybe we should make a list.'' He said as they made a list.

Tank Tops, casual shirts, Jeans, Blouses, Slacks, Dress tops, Skirts, Dresses, Silk Tops, Leather Skirts, Panties, Formal Outfits, Gowns, Bra, Casual Shoes, Running Shoes, High Heels, edible Panties, Sexy night gowns, Lingerie, Thongs. The last six or seven of course weren't Meg's idea. She was going to have Naruto take the bags to the car while she shopped for her more private garbs. She on more than occasion snooped through her parents closet for money. After seeing some of her mother's 'tastes' she wondered how she could have sex with her father? The man's gut was by comparison twice the size of that of even Homer Simpson's beer bell and that was saying something.

''Ok...well that's...2200 dollars.'' Meg's eyes nearly popped out of her head.

''W-Wow...I didn't think...''

''Relax...I'm wealthy. We can spend 1.7 million dollars every day for the next year and I still be rich.''

''Hhm...the way I see it you're trying to buy my love.''

''Is it working?'' He asked in a joking manner.

''I don't know...let's see once we spend 1.7 million today,'' she said in a similar manner.

The two talked a bit and got to know each other better. After going to the eye doctor and discussing several options with the eye doctor Meg had settle on several of them. A regular pair that was much smaller then Meg's original pair, some contacts, reading glasses, and shades.

''Those new frames really suit you,'' He said as most of her face was no longer hid by the large glasses.

'' if I can only do something about this hair.''

''Well there's a saloon not too far from here.''

''Naruto've done too much...''

''Meg I assure you I'm not worried about it. I have a good deal of money I gotten from my practice. So if you want to have fun today then let's have fun."

''Right...I guess I wouldn't mind having something done with my hair. There's also this movie I want to see tomorrow.''

''We can go together if you want?''

''I like that...not that I'm agreeing because your buying me things. Its just that there's this new movie I want to see and watching movie with friends is better then alone.''

''Right,'' He said giving her a toothy grin. ''Though if you want to keep that body in shape you'll have to start exercising regularly.''

''Let me guess, next your going to tell me you own your own gym.'' Naruto gave a stifled cough and looked away. ''Ok you have got to be shitting me.''

''I shit you not...come on we can grab something to eat,'' He said as they made way to their next destination.

That night Meg continued to reminiscence about the changes she had experienced thanks to a certain blond acquaintance.

Earlier today was the most wonderful day Meg could ever remember having. Meg learned a bit more about the mystery that was Naruto. It took all her will power not to throw herself at him, seeing as he was the only guy who seemed to pay genuine attention to her.

Meg began to wonder if her new looks were affecting her? She certainly felt happier then she ever been. So maybe the little boost in self-esteem explained why, as one of her class mates crudely put it, 'hop on the first dick that was pointed in her direction.' The rest of the evening seemed to go by like a dream. Meg slept peacefully that night and woke up to some noise. Throwing on a black tank top and a pair of jeans along with her new glasses. She walked outside and to her shock see her father was having a yard sale, selling a 200 hundred dollar pair of shoes for ten dollars while using a designer label shirt as tissue.

''WHAT...THE...HELL!'' Meg was practically fumed as she stomped over to her father. ''WHAT IN GOD'S NAME DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!''

''Oh hey Meg...decided to have a yard sale to clear out some of our old junk. I'll finally have enough money to make...''

''I don't give a monkey's left nut!'' She shouted at a lower volume then before. She noticed that the 'old junk' her father referred to ass were all her things. Most of them the new things Naruto had bought for her. ''What the hell my backpack? My textbooks? My...YOU FAT INCOMPETENT MENTALLY RETARDED BASTARD!'' She said in fury seeing he had to gall to sell 'that' of all things.

''Megan Griffith I will not have you talking to me like that! Go to your room young lady!''

''Like hell I will. Out of seventeen years you only shown six instances of actually caring about me. SIX INSTANCES in SEVENTEEN YEARS! You are hardly in any shape or form a parental figure.''

''What's going on out here?'' Lois asked in the door way.

''I'll tell you what's going on mom. Your husband's a self-centered incompetent jackass that's not fit to be a parent much less a human being!''

''Megan!'' Lois gave a disapproving glare. ''I will not have you talking about anyone like that, much less your father.''

''My father is selling off all my stuff, especially all the stuff Naruto bought for me.''

''Whose Nay-ruu-do?'' Peter asked as Meg gave a frustrated cry of outrage.

''You see...he's so damn oblivious to everything around him. He's ruining my life.''

''Meg sweetie calm down,'' Lois had made her way to Meg and placed her hands on her shoulders. ''Now while what your father did was a bit selfish its just clothing. Will get you new clothing...''

''Just like Naruto said. Dad keeps doing this because you enable him.''

''Excuse me?'' She asked in an offended tone. ''While I'm thankful he saved your life I won't let some boy talk about our family like this. Meg I don't want you around that boy anymore.''

''You guys ruin everything! Why can't I for once have something without you ruining it?''

''Meg there are plenty of other boys out there. This change wasn't such a good idea. You were fine the way you were.'' she countered, trying to dispense motherly wisdom.

''Mom were you blind that day? A guy lit himself on fire. He lit himself on fire when he looked at me. Now I'm attractive and people pay attention to me.''

''There not paying attention to you for you. Sweetie what matters is on the inside not out.''

''Right...tell that to America's next top model or beauty pageants.''

''You may not like it, but as long as you live under this roof you abide by our rules!'' she sternly remarked.

''FINE! THEM I'M OUT OF HERE!'' Meg screamed as she took off.

''Ooh...maybe I said too much. We should go after her,'' Lois said worried. As horrible as it was she honestly knew that the Meg before wasn't likely to be harmed as people and animals generally avoided her. Now with the changes she was a sexy teenage bombshell and practically every sex hound in town would try to get into the brunette's pants.

''Relax honey...Peg will be back.''

''Meg, Peter. Her name is Meg,'' She corrected her husband and sighed. 'What kind of father can't even remember his seventeen year old daughter's name?' Lois thought thinking there may have been some merit in Meg's words. She started to think back to all the things that happened since her marriage to Peter. The many negative things, mostly as a result of Peter doing something seemed to outnumber the few good instances by then to one. Lois had been suppressing her feelings for so long and trying to live day by day, not realizing what it was doing to her children. Was the current environment a safe and healthy one for her children? It then started to rain.

At Naruto's place that night he was getting ready to watch some Roosterteeth when suddenly the bell from his door went off. He opened it to reveal a wet and freezing cold shivering Meg.

''Meg?.'' Naruto ushered her inside as she collapsed on his couch. His place was at least 1 hour and a half maybe two walk run from her place. That meant Meg was in the rain for hours. He felt her forehead and saw that she was burning up. He took off her wet clothing and place some of his clothing along with a heating pad on her. He fixed some hot tea and soup and waited by her side as she slept for several hours. When she woke up she recounted on what happened that morning and why she came to see him. Naruto let the distraught brunette cry on his shoulder as he thought about a way to rectify the situation. He had since then moved her to another room with as he tried to find a way to lightly tell her his plan before he decided to say screw it and tell her.

'''re going to have to divorce your parents.'' He said as she sniffled a bit then sneezed. She took a tissue from the box and wiped her nose and finally replied.


''I can use some of my abilities to replicate your memories on film. I think with that and the insane way things work in this town it's possible. You'll need a job and a place of your own. I can offer you the shelter of course, but you'll need a job. I got two positions for a nurse open at my clinic.''

His Phone beeped. Naruto pressed the button to put it on loud speaker. ''Yes?''

''Sire a Sharona Flemming I believed called about the nursing job.''

''Right...tell her I'll meet her in my office tomorrow.''

''Ok sir.'' The Phone call ended.

''Ok make that one.''

''Huh...I guess I could try,'' she said sniffling again. She then sneezed. ''But first we're going to have to take care of that cold. Though now you should rest.''

''Thanks Naruto, you're the best,'' She said laying her head on the pillow.

''I know sunshine...'' He took off her glasses placing it on the stand then kissed her forehead.

''Wait...could you stay with me?'' Naruto smiled and nodded. So he got on the other side of the bed and laid above the covers. ''You must think I'm pathetic huh?''

''No Meg...I don't know. No person should suffer like that under any person, must less their parents. If you don't want to talk about it for right now I understand, just know you can come to me when you're ready."

"Thank you." Meg softly replied as Naruto sat there with her until she could peacefully drift off.

Chapter end
In the next chapter the other FG characters will be introduced and such, but not all at once. Might have a Futurama one out tomorrow