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She wasn't sure how long she was driving around, but she knew she needed a break. She wasn't tired of having to always try to keep the situation level and control. She just wanted to live a normal life without having to deal with plagues being inflicted on her family or Death itself showing up on her footstep because of her husband actions? Was that too much to ask? She found herself coming to a stop in front of an Ice cream shop. Perhaps she could drown her emotions away with a tasty treat. It was better then just getting drunk. She walked into the dairy establishment and heard a familiar voice said, ''...And that's why his father hasn't spoken to him since.''

A second voice was quite familiar but the action at which that voice them was so unrecognizable, like a phantom action; Laughter. It was then she spotted them.


Naruto and Meg looked up from their sundae. ''Mom/Mrs. Griffin?''

''I'm guess I'm not the only one out for a tasty treat,'' She said, attempting to make a joke, but too wrought with beaten down emotions.

''Mom...'' Meg quietly said the awkwardness in the air quite apparent.

Finally the silence was brought to an end. ''Was it really that bad?'' Lois asked hesitantly, despite knowing the answers herself.

''How would you feel if you were treated like an unwanted outcast?" She paused a moment to collect herself. "And you really didn't help the situation either mom."

''I know and I've regret it immensely. I don't know why, but...''

''If you don't know why then how can you guarantee things will be better?" Meg immediately cut her off before she could make any excuses. "Come on mom that man hardly respects all the sacrifice and work you do. No amount of talking is going to make him into a better person. He's incapable of realizing just how his actions are hurting people and it's not just you. The neighbors, the town, hell even people who don't even know him and are unaware of his situation has letting him get away with stuff that they would have sentenced any other person to prison for years.''

Lois wanted to retort, to say anything but a mixture of emotional exhaustion and truth prevented her from doing so.

It was then Naruto began to speak up. ''Mrs. Griffin, in light of reaction actions it's obvious you love both your children and your husband,'' Lord knows why. ''But don't you ever think enough is enough? People always seem to think some half-assed late apologies can fix something. That one person's hypocritical rantings to another should be applauded because their open about doing the same things. This isn't isn't just some big joke or somebody's giant amusement park. People's lives are changed and emotions are hurt. You may not know this, but a lot of the damage your husband has cost or the people you hurt...don't you find it odd that he isn't in jail or something?''

Lois and even Meg wore looks of confusion. With all the craziness they experienced, with meeting Death and all they never really put too much thought into it. While every once in the while there were trails or other incidents when law enforcement were involved they were never permanent.

''When I decided to argue on Meg's behalf on the trial I of course did some heavy digging into the background of both family lines. If seems your father has paid off quite a few people.''

''My father? You must be mistaken there's no way...''

Naruto interrupted her by holding up a picture of Carter Pewterscmhidt with a briefcase. ''Aah but he would...a man like that who cares about money and prestige wouldn't want it to be known that his daughter's husband is a man child. Further research into some of these crazy schemes like the Surgery incident and injuries and all the driven have proved to show that your husband's antics have led to a decline in mental health. As I've heard he wasn't always like this."

''Just who in the hell are you? Why are you so interested in my family?'' The money. The things he knew. This was not normal and it put Lois on edge.

''This was just a recent interest. I didn't know of your family until that incident at the mall. I can relate to your daughter in matters of feeling unwanted. As a victim of suffering myself I like to help others. I'm someone who hates to see those with power inflict pain on those who cannot defend themselves. It is my view that people in general would be living better lives if they were willingly to stand up against their abusers. If people actually land a hand to their fellow people and make a choice as well as offer a choice. And for those who refuse to give up their corrupt and malicious way of life, well, extermination might be the only choice. For I see nothing in wrong in slaughtering a murder to save a doctor. Killing a rapist to keep a college student alive. And putting an end to abusers to allow children to grow up happy and healthy. If you ask me to allow a retarded sick child to die six months sooner to save the life of a husband who cheated on his wife, but had the possibility of creating a cure for cancer I would.

We may not like decisions we are presented with in life, but sometimes its making the hard decisions that allow us to come as far as we all come as a species and now that we stopped making those hard choices and fighting for progress segments of our society is quickly decaying.

To answer your question Mrs. Griffin I'm not here to threaten or harm anyone. I'm just enjoying the sights and my life, though I have a question for you. Will you make the decision to live your life or will you waste it?'' Naruto stood up and made his way over to Lois who was rooted in her spot by an unknown emotion.

''Do you fear me? Possibly? Do I confuse you? Most likely? Do you trust me? Not likely? But I can see inside to the real you.'' His finger trailed along her cheek.

''When was the last time your husband called you beautiful and "meant" it?'' He placed a soft kiss on her cheek. ''The last time he treated you like a woman? And I don't mean sex, but a goddess to be treasured? The last time he appreciated your cooking? The last time he spent any of the time the kids? They seemed to be only his kids in genetics anyway.'' He chuckled and continued listing things. ''The last time he kept a promise with you without having to go through some end of the day lesson bullshit? He seems to cause destruction to the people around him. I've heard things about the people here. One of his best friends a filthy sexual predator and the other a once proud cop who is losing his edge.

Your husband seems to favor getting drunk instead of spending time with you. How he doesn't appreciate you. How could you not grow tired how he disses your family members when you've treated his with nothing more than kindness. How do you put up with his twisted fantasies and sick and half-assed delusions? Meg has told me about the bizarre world view he filled your children's head with. Without you he would be a miserable, penniless, and rotting slob.

Is it not bad enough that his behavior has made people stop sending their children over to you for lessons as a Piano teacher killing one of your passions, but his stunts forced you to swallow your pride and borrow money from your parents or other rich family members time after time. You deserve a man who loves you and will care for your children and can actually spare time with your children.''

''Wow...that was a hell of a speech!'' Some random man commented.

Naruto let out a sigh. "Shouldn't you have left for home Johnny?" He remarked with a sigh.

"Meh, I like to watch people's dirty laundry being aired." The man replied with a shrug.

"Before I forget that was good work on the Sundae Matthew. You get a raise.'' Buying this desert shop was one of the best decisons he ever made.

''What! Hey that's not fair! I'm still not getting paid!'' Johnny cried out.

''But I noticed the whip cream used came from my emergency reserve. That comes out of Johnny's pay check.''

''Oh come on!''

Naruto took a card out of his pocket and handed it to Lois who found herself able to move again. ''Feel free to visit your daughter or call anytime. That card contains all my contact information. You're probably confused and concerned who and what I am, but now isn't the time. Just know that your daughter is safe and I won't hurt her. I want you to think long and hard if you really want your children to continue to be raised in the environment they are in. Eventually your husband is going to do something that your father can't make go away with his money and you have to ask yourself...will you really be able to forgive yourself if one of his crazy schemes were to get one of your friends or heaven forbid one of your children killed?'' Naruto walked out the door and Meg began to follow.

''Mom...this is...all new and confusing too but...I won't live my life as a punching bag. I won't be the town's pariah and suffer their cruelty. I used to cut myself and sought out sexual ventures...the latter never happening because apparently my looks were so terrible people would kill their own little brothers then date me...but you knew that right? I mean you saw the guy set himself on fire as clear and day. Naruto is right...everything that is going on around us. It isn't's insane and I rather find happiness and be loved by one person then be mistreated by a group. I hope you open your eyes as I have. If not then...this is goodbye mom. You've never were really vicious like dad and you have hurt me but...I can't help but love you, your my mom you know. Except the truth and call when you're ready or throw away the card and continue living your life as you are now. I hope you really choose the former, but like me you have to make the choice. Take care.'' Meg said as she hugged her mother briefly and went after Naruto.

Never before now had Lois Griffin felt so alone and confused. She looked at the card in her shaking hand and tried to contemplate everything she just heard. Everything she just learned that shattered her perspective of the world, her family, and her marriage. Taking a deep breath she decided she would have to sleep it over before she made her decision. Getting into her car she began her drive home. She stopped in front of her home, coming to a screech stop and slamming the door opened as she cried out, ''OH MY GOD!"' The Griffin Family home was on fire.


Chapter End


I waged the options of trying to do a character break down and Lois having to be confronted with the faults of the evens around her family, Peter's behavior, and the insanity this showed as a long term thing or short term. But I realized that if I tried to do it long term it would be a series of 1,000 word chapters with time skips and felt drawn out.

Bonus points for anyone can guess how the fire started. It's obvious Peter is involved so no point in saying he's not. Also has anyone gone to my deviantart 'therealkyuubi16' which features a Naruto x Meg image as well as various other images for my stories.