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'Why did I agree to this again?'' Naruto asked in annoyance as he helped unpacked the Griffin car, something Peter should have been doing, but he was too busy watching the portable TV he brought to the beach.

''Because my mom and I are getting along and hoping to mend bridges by my brother as well.''

Speaking of which, Chris was running along the beach, screaming as he swatted at the seagulls chasing him.

''Wow...'' Naruto said, wondering if this could be considered 'a what the fuck did I just see' moment. ''Meg?''

Meg sighed with those soft, pouty lips of hers. ''That happens sometimes.'' she answered as she looked up at Naruto and began studying his face. He seemed to be scanning the speech as his face was a mixture of boredom and something else she couldn't quite describe. With a sigh he gently sat down the beach gear on the carpet. With all this money why the hell didn't he hire a butler or something. After a moment he almost face palmed as he realized he had free labor in the form of Kagebunshin. Why the hell did he always forget abilities like that? God this was like the time he and K took on the Maverick forces all over again and he forgot he cold teleport.

He and K were in maverick base one from Megaman x 2. '' follow my example and keep up.'' the dark skinned man said as he wall kicked his way up with one fucking leg and that set up the flying maverick. Naruto tried to follow his example, but kept falling and loosing ground. By the time he almost got up to the closing walls he dropped down like a pussy as they closed.

''God...I don't even know why K brought me along?'' Naruto mumbled to himself.

After the memory ended he sighed. 'Damnit! Why don't I teleport more often?'

Unknown to the beach goers a single head was poking out of the water. It was a merman and he wanted revenge on humans for hunting his friends, the fish of the sea. Materializing a Sea Orb he began to summon a storm that would wipe out everyone on the beach. Before he could finish the specifics a shark came out of nowhere and snagged him in his jaws. The Merman screamed and flailed in pain as his blood spilled out and with that he was dragged under the water with his brewing storm having no master to command it.

Now normally Naruto would have noticed the screaming as the merman and shark weren't that far away. Though of course he was too busy ogling Meg in her new white and red striped bikini to care about screaming. Magical healing and the nutrient supplements were the greatest things ever created. ''Hey Naruto...can you rub this sun-tan lotion on my back?'' God bless his life.

With that said everyone got ready for a game of volleyball. Lois, and Meg versus Naruto and Chris. Suffice to say Naruto end up doing most of the work as Chris either hit the ball straight up, amazingly high as hell, but straight up over couldn't jump high enough to spike it over the net. In fact more then once the net had to be fixed because Chris fell forward and somehow ended up getting tangled in it.

''Hey Blond guy!''

With a sigh, Naruto quickly focused on the ball in front of him, managing to lob it over the net. As annoying as it was for Chris to call him that it was better then the beyond the possible mangling he did.

Louis and Meg both screamed, "Got it!" before diving towards the ball. Both missed. Naruto nearly keeled over in laughter, wishing he had a beer to top off how wonderful this entire scene was. After the game everyone got into the water with the exception of Peter who was drinking beer and watching TV, and Naruto and Meg who were walking along the shore were in the water. Stewie was placed in one of those floating devices by Louis and the others were just enjoying themselves by swimming around. The days had been getting increasingly hotter and as a result a nice day at the beach was the choice activity for today.

The two continued their walk, heading down to the far of the beach as they took in the sights. As the tide began to increase the two of them began leisurely wandering back up the beach towards where they had left their belongings, with their shoes dangling carelessly from their hands while their free ones were entwined.

The surfers were back in full swing, taking advantage and enjoyment of the building surf that would only continue to increase at a steady rate. ''The waves are getting bigger. '' Naruto couldn't help but notice. Something in the air wasn't right. ''I think we should go.''

''The surfers seemed to be enjoying it,'' Meg noted as one surfer wiped out.

Naruto didn't notice Meg as he took notice of a grey cloud covering the sun. A cold chill brushed through the air and caused meg to shiver. ''It's gotten cold all of a sudden.'' she said as the salty and fresh air now began to feel chilly. She began shivering for a moment, but that ceased when Naruto wrapped his arm around her to warm her body with his warmth. ''Maybe we should go.''

The warm blanket of the sun had soon been replaced by chilling winds and rough waters. ''Shit...this definitely isn't normal. Let's go.'' Naruto said as they began rushing back to the others were. When they returned to the area a huge wave of water had crashed onto the beach. Stewie was buried up to the neck by some freakish incident somehow. Chris though was unceremoniously flopped onto the sand face down. Naruto rushed over and checked his pulse, the boy wasn't breathing so he bravely elbow dropped Chris in the chest causing the boy to jerk and cough up water. Another point for Naruto's kick ass medical prowess.

Naruto found himself doing an examination on a fucking talking dog. Apparently the dog had a stomachache. ''I think your dog needs its stomach pump.'' Naruto informed the hippie in green. ''What all did he have today?''

''A couple of hot dogs, some candy, some popcorn, a whole pizza, some dog biscuits, half a stick of cotton candy, a stack of pancakes, and several gallons of soda.''the boy listed off as Naruto's eyes narrowed.

''What the hell is wrong with you? My god...I'm sorry sir but I'm going to have to put your dog down!'' Naruto said as he pulled out a shotgun.


'Wow, when did I turn into such a dick?' Naruto thought before he was pulled out of his thoughts by Meg.

''Naruto! You got to help my mom!'' she pleaded as she grabbed him by the shoulders.

For a moment Naruto was startled, wondering where the hell Lois's husband was at when he spotted him, laying on the blanket and passed out. Lois's panicked screams grew louder and Naruto shot into action. Diving into the water he used his arms to push the water behind him as he closed the distance between him and Lois. He managed to have just gotten there before she slipped under the water from exhaustion. Placing her arm over his shoulders he kicked his feet as they slowly moved to shore. After a few minutes they made it back to the beach where he sat her down and administered the proper CPR techniques.

After a few moments Lois finally came too, coughing up water and looking rather pale. ''That was amazing Naruto!'' Meg said as she threw her arms around her room mate/friend/lover.

''Yes Naruto, Thank you!'' Lois said as she took a moment to catch her breath. She couldn't believe how close she came to dying and she realized something. What if she wasn't the only one that had been in the water? What if Naruto wasn't here? Her husband was nowhere near responsible enough to raise children on his own and it also made her realize how far she had let herself go. Now while she was considered one of the most attractive women in Quahog it was the fact strength was measured in more then beauty. She, a former swimming prodigy that could have competed in the Olympics needed to be save. All the drinking, partying, and drugs accompanying throughout the years took its told.

Now while tho Jiujitsu lessons had tone her body and undone some of the physical degradation it wasn't enough. 'I've been putting this off for too long. It's time to face up to the facts Lois. You're no longer married to the man you fell in love with.' she thought, sending a scathing look to the sleeping Peter. Even though all this he was still sleep. 'And there is no way he can raise Chris and Stewie without my help. It's I write up a new will and consider filing for a separation.'




Keep it Serious: Vote 13 By doing this Naruto will play the Straight (Sane) guy who points out the insane events, actions, and consequences around an episode's plots and will try to make people see the sensible side. He will also make sure that the unmentioned physical or otherwise causalities are helped and make sure people who do horrific things will be smacked with Karma. Some cut-Aways but in a serious nature, though usually might be flashbacks.

Balanced: Vote: 15 By doing this Naruto won't be quite as serious as to try to interfere with everything, but will point out potential disasters. If his aid is spurred then he'll sit back and watch events unfold, while still keeping a level head and making sure there is still a measure of control and seriousness. Cut-Aways will pop up every one in awhile.

Make it Funny: Vote 08 By doing this Naruto will lightening up and play a more observer role. He'll be more relax and try to enjoy the craziness of the situation, and let insanity unfold unto those that occur it's wrath. Cut-Aways are prominent.