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Author's Note


Go on google, google red velvet dress, the seventh image. That is Lois's outfit.


Story Start


Lois knew it was going to take her some time to gather up money, find a good divorce lawyer, find a proper three bed-room house with a working bathroom and other commodities. Peter's shenanigans didn't make it easy, and she really didn't want to borrow any more money then she have too. It was going to take her months to get all her affairs in order so as such she decided to pretend nothing was wrong.

Thankfully Peter seemed to have been rather docile as of late. ''Peter I'm going book club, remember to go to the P.T.A. meeting.''

''P.T.A. meeting, what are you high?'' he responded.

Lois had to repress the urge to snap at him as she bit her inner cheek. She really wish he wasn't so damn vulgar in front of the kids half the time. She felt the urge to respond 'not anymore, I crashed hours ago' only to realize how hypocritical it would have been if she had said that. Lois had taken to smoking Weed to calm her nerves; it wasn't like the situations the Griffin family got into were normal. ''By the way we're out of chips, cookies, and funny bones. I'm going to the book club and you are going to the meeting.'' she emphasized the last word with a glare as she adjusted the book on her arm. The Book Meeting was one of the few things she had that allowed her to take a break from the insanity that was her life.

Peter frowned before the clockworks in his head started turning and he turned to Brian. ''Hey Brian, how about you go to that meeting for me?'' he suggested.

With a look of disinterest he lowered his paper and replied, ''Yeeeah, I don't think so.''

''Come on buddy you owe me. You remember what I did for you last weak?'' he asked, bringing up the fact that Peter had joined in on the little sing performance Bran wanted to perform in the backyard. With a reluctant sigh Brian went along with the suggestion and went to the PTA meeting.

Meanwhile at Naruto's clinic the blond had just finished giving her a tour. She would be starting in a few days. They were casually chatting about nothing in particular. ''Can you believe my father actually got James Woods to fly down to oppose the name change of the local high-school?''

''To be honest, I'm not really surprised by anything people do. Though I suppose that's not the only thing?''

''No, Brian has told me that he has been hanging around the house. Scarily enough he's a lot like my dad. They even act a lot alike. I mean for god's sake he's even sleeping at the foot of a bed like a dog.''

Naruto stopped, which caused Meg to stop as well as he looked at her. ''What the hell is wrong with people? Is there something in the air I'm not aware of?''

''I don't know.'' she said with a shake of her head. This was just one of those things. Whatever was happening they were simply not going to get evolved.

Even if Peter wasn't willing to go to the P.T.A. meeting surely he knew how important today out of all days would be right? Sure she had been mad at him for the past few weeks of his unwillingness to do just about anything she asked, but maybe, just maybe he would remind her why she fell in love with him again.

Today was their anniversary and her husband surely wouldn't be that thoughtless considering the issues they were having.

That was the line of thought she had this morning when she woke up.

It was now late at night and she soon found that she had been too hopeful.

Lois didn't know what she expected. She should have realized without reminding him that he was going to forget. Frustration whirled inside the beautiful redhead as she walked out of the house, slamming the door behind her.

She was dressed in a pair of stilettos and a red velvet dress. Why? Why it was their anniversary, but as typical Peter rather get drunk and hang out with his friends then worry about the state of his marriage or his family. He always seemed to only care when it was blatant their was problems or he could lose them. If it was not apparent he was rather blaise about the situation.

Lois eventually resolved to leave the house and get some fresh air hoping by the time she got back Peter would be passed out. They had always gone through rough patches before, but after so much time it was beginning to really wear her down. She missed the days when she was only dating Peter and he made every effort to be with her and to make her happy.

Lois began to walk with no destination in mind. She had eventually arrived at a bar.

A half an hour had passed. Lois had a few drinks and had to beak a few hands of a gew guys that got too aggressive and wouldn't take no for an answer. Her feet was killing her so she slipped off her stilettos and left them on the stool next to her.


The familiar voice drew her attention as she turned around.

"Oh, good evening Naruto." she remarked, the tone of sadness clear in her voice.

"What are you doing out here? Isn't tonight your anniversary?" Meg had kept a list of dates in which she could spend time away from home for reasons that was obvious. It was a minor discussion they had when he had seen the list of dates and asked about it.

"Yep," she answered bitterly and down her drink. It was down right gut punching down the young man who entered her life a few months ago was more aware to their anniversary then her husband of almost two decades.

The anger and the inebriation had made it difficult for Lois to keep control of her emotions.

'Where is your husband?'

'I don't know and I don't care. I don't know how much longer I can keep doing this. How much longer I can just keep forgiving him."

'The alcohol has really done a number on her.'

Seeing the tears that welled in her eyes, Naruto took a seat next to the lonely housewife and soothingly placed his hand over hers.

"I'm really sorry to hear that Lois. I can't say much on your marriage as I don't know it all too well, but I've met and known enough married couples in my lifetime to tell you that this isn't healthy. You're never going to be happy if the basis of your marriage is based on excitement or thrills. A marriage has to be built on mutual love and respect. Sometimes, some people aren't just meant to stay together. Some relationships just don't work out and people have to accept that simply loving someone isn't always enough. That the reality is you need to be happy and stable yourself as a person before you can truly have a happy and stable relationship." Naruto proceeded to move the glass in front of her away. "And that is something that more than a simple pep talk at a bar is going to fix. Anyway you still have two children you have to go back to. They're going to need at last one parent around to give them some form of stability. Now come on, I know a coffee shop that's still open. Let's get you sober."

Not waiting for her to answer, Naruto paid the tab and led Lois out of the bar. Naruto cracked the window a bit so the cool air could wash over Lois's skin as he drove.

'Thank you Naruto, I know you're probably only doing this for my daughter,'

Not taking his eyes off the road Naruto let out a sigh and assured her it was okay.

'I assure you Lois that I consider you a friend and I hate seeing anyone I am amiable with like this. "

"No wonder Meg is quite taken with you. It's hard to imagine you didn't have someone special in your life before moving here."

Naruto let out a heavy sigh as a wistful expression crossed his face. "I did...once." the undertone fo his statement heavily hinted that the person was no longer in his life.

"I'm...I'm sorry I didn't..."

Naruto cut her off with a soft gesture of understanding. "It's...its not something I liked to talk about. She was wonderful...the first to ever love me like that. She of a kind. As much as I want to I don't believe I'll ever love anyone as much as I did her, but I know she wouldn't want me to live on and being unable to move on so I do try and find someone else I could be happy with. But, I never quite click with someone when I try you know, so I keep my options open. I'm just not fully ready to commit to a monogamous relationship and I let every woman I get involved with know that before we try anything. Meg has not so surprisingly been the most open to this arrangement out of everyone I've dated so far."

Considering the undercurrent of issues that she suffered it was no surprise that she was accepting of the arrangement. Lois wasn't sure how to respond to that so she remained silent.

"We're here."

Half an hour later the two of them were immersed in conversation. Lois was a bit more stable and sobered up. Lois noted how nice it was not to be able to have a decent and intelligent conversation. She felt comfortable enough to where she had gotten some things off her chest.

When Naruto insisted on getting to know Lois and trying to understand how the woman in front of him could have done what she did to Meg the past two years the topic of discussion got heavy. Like how some of her bolder behaviors and actions were in response to defiance of her father. The more he prodded and learned the better he got to understand the redhead.

Sure, he felt a fair bit guilty using low grade hypnotic techniques to make the woman more suggestible and forth coming, but he needed to make sure that he was getting completely honest answers from her. Realizing it would be dawn in a few hours Naruto suggested he would drop her back off at home.

As they exited the coffee shop Naruto could feel a deep gaze. He paused and felt a tingle as he felt a hand rest on his shoulder.

'Lois…' he began, 'Lois…what-" He was caught off guard as the woman threw herself at him. Her lips passionately claiming his as they slam into his car.

One thing was certain. He was not expecting for his night to turn out like this.