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I sit out here, crying my eyes out. This was NEVER supposed to happen. I don't get dumped! I dump.

Amanda Pierce does not get her heart broken. Or smashed or shattered.

So then, how come all three just happened?

It's starting to rain. I don't care. I think they're looking for me. I don't care. I know that my brand new one-of-a-kind Figorucci boots are totally ruined. I don't care. Really.

Then I hear someone say my name. I don't turn around because I can tell it's a guy, and all guys are jerks.

Then I realize it's Wilder. I guess he doesn't really count. He couldn't break a heart if he tried!

He sits down next to me, and for once he's quiet. Not for long though.

"Look Amanda, that guy must have been an idiot! Dumber than me! No one in the right mind would dump you! He must have been a real nut job."

"You're not dumb." I mumble, feeling bad for every time that I thought that.

After a couple of minutes he speaks again.

"I have something that might make you feel better." He says mischievously.

"Its not ice cream is it? I'm really not in the mood for break up food, Wilder."

Then he pulls out the First Kiss Coupon he gave me forever ago. I totally forgot that was in my desk…

I take it from him, and look it over a couple of times. Then all of the sudden, for the first time all day, I smile. I WANT to kiss Wilder. Right now, on top of the Buzz Building, in the rain, wearing my destroyed one-of-a-king Figorucci boots.

"I'd like to redeem this coupon." I shyly say with a smile, handing it back to him.

"Redeem?" he asks confused.

"Kiss me Wilder!"

I cannot believe I just said that!

He just grins…and leans.

It seems way to quiet when he pulls away. I open my eyes to find him staring. And smiling.

"Awestruck." He whispers

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