Welcome all to my very first Fanfiction. I'm not really good with summaries but this will be a story that will NOT be a retelling of canon. It will have canon aspects of it however it will not be the same. This will be a telling of Naruto's rise to not only power but personal respect, respect from the villagers as well as that of the Fire Country.

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Chapter 1: The beginning


The day was October 10th. It was early in the morning when the reports starting coming in to the Hokage that the Nine-Tailed Fox spirit was on a rampage and it was coming towards Konohagakure no Sato or otherwise known as The Village Hidden in the Leaves also known as Konoha. It has been a trying day for the Hokage seeing all these reports coming in from all the sectors of Fire Country.

Not to mention his wife, Kushina Uzumaki, had just given birth to their beautiful baby boy that morning but due to complications of blood loss she had passed on. Many medics of the highest quality had been there trying to safe his wife but to no avail as only the Legendary Medic Sannin Tsunade was the only one capable of saving her but she has been gone from the village for years now.

The Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, was going through scroll after scroll with the former Hokage, the Sandaime Hiruzen Sarutobi, trying to figure out what to do with this rampaging spirit of chakra coming towards them. After hours of research and non-stop searching through scrolls that doesn't result in a jutsu that doesn't take the Yondaime's life, the outcome was becoming very grave.

"Minato, there must be another way to handle the creature. Your child needs you and he already lost his mother. Not to mention the wrath that he might feel for just being the container of the Kyuubi and the fact that the council will try to execute him after your death." Sarutobi said.

"I know that Hiruzen but there is no other way about this. I trust the people of Konoha to see that my son should be considered a hero and not some pariah." Minato replied.

"Minato you are too kind hearted my old friend. Is there anything I can do for you as a final wish?" Hiruzen questioned.

"There is one thing. I trust you to reveal his heritage at the right time. As for now here is his real birth certificate as well as a fake" Minato handed the Sandaime the folder. "Also in there are three letters. Two letters are to given to him on the day he either graduates to genin or turns the age of 13. The last one is my will and his inheritance to be given to him at the age of 18 or upon the promotion of chuunin." Minato finished.

"Well I see there is no other way to persuade you from doing this. Then do me one last service as Hokage of Konoha. Please, announce your successor to the title of Hokage. I only ask this as I am beyond the years to take the mantle up once more and grow weary of the politics." said Hiruzen with a pleading look in his eye.

"A successor…………DAMN IT!!!!!! I knew I was forgetting to do something major. Well lets see who would be best to take up the mantle when I am gone?" asked Minato thinking of all possibilities coming to mind.

"Well, Tsunade of the Sannin or Jiraiya would be nice picks to choose from. Also Kakashi seems to your most loyal and hard working student. Either one of those three would do well at the title and taking the reigns of the village." Hiruzen suggested.

"Well it seems I have little more than twelve hours till I have to make my decision. I leave you a letter inside the hidden Hokage compartment along with a seal of approval for my successor. For now I only wish to spend what remaining time I have with my son." said Minato.

"Very well Minato. Just remember………….you are one of the MOST influential, powerful, and most beloved Hokage this village has seen in many a years. I only hope that the village sees your sacrifice as what it truly is and does not tarnish your legacy." replied a very sorrowful Hiruzen.

And with that the Sandaime Hokage left to spent the remaining time with his own clan and family. After he left the Yondaime decided that he would leave behind three shadow clones to attend the final paper work and he himself would leave to spend the remaining twelve hours with his son.

"However before I leave I need to make my recommendation for a successor" Minato thought so himself. "Hmmm……..I got it!!!!! Hehehehe. I'm sorry my old friend but as of right now Kakashi is still too young to take the reigns of Hokage and Jiraiya is too important to the village outside with his spies than at Hokage. Tsunade……………………I know I called you "baachan" for many years but after your losses you are not in the state of mind to take the reigns either." Minato continued to think to himself.

At that moment he wrote his recommendation on the scroll and he left it in the compartment to be found when he was gone. After he placed the scroll down, Minato used his infamous Hiraishin no Jutsu to head to the hospital to collect his child and go back to his home to spend what time he can with him.


After talking with the clerk at the hospital and the main caregiver in the Infant ward of the hospital, he got his baby and left to his home. Once he arrived at the Namikaze estate, he used his blood to open the seal to his own personal compound that was impossible to break in. He himself installed all the security seals himself and the only way to get in was FRESH Namikaze blood on seals to deactivate the genjutsu seals and the locking seals. Upon his entry to the home, he once again used his blood to open the seal to his door and proceeded to the nursery he and Kushina built for little Naruto. It was still early in the day and he decided to take a nice 3 hour nap with his son in his arms in the bed he placed near his crib in the room. Before falling asleep little Naruto barely opened his eyes to see the smiling figure that was his father only to once again fall back to sleep after being in such a nice warm place.

After four and a half hours, Minato finally woke up and looked at the clock only to realize he slept more than what he wanted to. It didn't matter to him as he only wanted to spend time with his son. After getting up and taking his final shower of the day, he picked little Naruto up and proceeded to feed him artificial milk from a fake breast to simulate the natural process. Little did he realize was the phenom that was his sons stomach. He laughed to himself after the fourth bottle and noticed little Naruto falling back to sleep.

"Naruto, my son, my legacy, my heir, I wanted to see you grow up to be a fine young man. To be the heartthrob of many young women and growing to be an excellent ninja. Then once you would graduate to genin I would take you under my wing as your Jounin sensei with a unbeatable team behind you. I wanted to watch you become a man, marry a young woman…………….or many woman now that you fall under the CRA." Minato made a pervy giggle only to be hit out of nowhere. Minato looked and could have sworn he saw a very pissed off Kushina.

"Heh, seems like I need to watch out now. Now son, I know you are too young to remember this through out your years, but remember, you had a family and we loved you with all our hearts. Please forgive me for what I am going to do later and know I only do this since I can't ask another person as it would not be fair if their Hokage can't do the same task he would ask of them." Minato hugged him dearly once again and began to put him into the crib.

"Seems like I only have 7 hours left to get the room ready and get seals set-up." thought Minato meticulously. He would have to apply double the security seals since he knew that Danzo would try to break into his compound to steal his secrets after his demise. He then decided to set-up a bank account to annually draw money into said account from his to Naruto being entrusted to only Sarutobi or Jiraiya. Finally he would have to get all the family heirlooms, jutsus, and pictures sealed and put into the family vault that only Naruto would be able to open.


Little did Minato know, a shadowy figure loomed inside the compound watching his every movement.

"Good. He seems to be ready to finally make the ultimate sacrifice. I may not be able to help his child but I can help with his………………possible return." Thought the shadowy figure to himself. After that he slowly dissolved into the shadows leaving no presence that he had been there


Slowly but sure time passed and the hour drew near. Deep inside the Hokage Tower lied a room unlike any others. The room was setup with many seals and had his son in the middle of it all still knocked out. Outside the room four of Minato's most trusted ANBU operatives were stationed there protecting the child with their lives. Walking down the hall to the room, Minato decided to finally say good-bye to his son.

"Naruto, my boy, this is it. Know that I loved you and I hope you grow into a fine shinobi" Minato said then kissed his son on his forehead. After words he yelled "SEAL" and with that the ANBU and the room had all been sealed into the room with only the Sandaime being able to open the room.


Outside the village all hell began to break loose. The Kyuubi finally arrived at the doorsteps of Konoha and began leveling the forest and mountains around. Many shinobi's were trying their best to hold down the great spirit beast but it was to no avail. Not only did the Great Kyuubi negate all attacks but it sent it back to them ten fold. Ninja's left and right were being tossed around like rag dolls not being able to make a single dent in its progress towards the city

"We must hold the line!!!!" Yelled one shinobi.

"We have to survive and hope our Hokage joins the battle soon" Another shinobi yelled.

After what seemed like an eternity to all the ninja's, there was a great explosion behind them. They all noticed that it had been a giant orange toad with a huge pipe in its mouth and a short sword on his belt. Atop this giant toad they all saw their salvation, the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, Konoha's Yellow Flash.

Upon his arrival he called for an all out retreat and to get all the wounded out of the area. He noticed the Kyuubi was now solely focused on him and his summon, the giant toad boss, Gamabunta. As the Kyuubi glared what seemed like elongated daggers into the eyes of both Toad Boss and Hokage, it was Gamabunta that seen that something was wrong.

"Hey Minato, there seems to be something off with the Kyuubi. Look at its eyes. They don't seem to be filled with rage but sorrow, confusion, and then anger." Gamabunta told his master.

"Hmm………your right. They seem like this beast didn't want to attack Konoha but it has. What does it mean?" Minato replied

"Well only one way to find out. HOLD ON!!!!!" Gamabunta announced as he charged full speed at the Kyuubi.

The Kyuubi seemed to be smiling evilly at this and launched several balls of chakra towards the Toad boss. However with each launching, the balls seem to just barely miss as if the Kyuubi had not wanted to hit Gamabunta. By the time Gamabunta reached the Kyuubi he tackled the beast to the ground only to be constantly burned by the chakra being emitted by the Great Fox.

"Kyuubi!!!!! WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING US!!!!! This village has not done anything to wrong you so why the sudden attack!?" demanded Gamabunta.

The Kyuubi had a pleading look in its eyes as if it couldn't respond. But this was all that was needed to know that something wasn't right. However at this time the only possible solution was the Shiki Fuin to be used on the Great fox. Minato was torn on whether or not to use it but time was running short. He could see Gamabunta getting too many burns and he would either go back into the summons realms or die here. Without a second though he proceeded to go through the hand signs for the supposed jutsu and as he landed on the final sign he yelled out "FUUINJUTSU: SHIKI FUIN!!!"

As soon as he yelled out the jutsu the sky turned black and an ominous figure proceeded to take shape behind Minato. As soon as the shape was finished, it was shown to be non other than the Shinigami. Said figure then drew his hand into the torso of Minato and went directly into the soul and chakra of the Kyuubi. At first it looked like the Kyuubi was resisting but how can one stave off an attack from the shinigami? You can't. After thirty seconds, the Kyuubi gave in as it finally had the genjutsu lifted that was placed on him from the start of the battle. As soon as the process was done and the chakra and soul was transferred to his son Minato yelled one last time "SEAL!". With that the Kyuubi was sealed into its container known as Naruto.

Minato seemed thoroughly exhausted as he had the right to do so. His Summons wished him the best in the next life as he poofed back into his own realm to treat his wounds. Minato then looked back to see the Shinigami before nodding and falling to the ground to meet his own death. However, that is not the case in this instance. Before the Shinigami can collect on the soul of the Yondaime, a mysterious figure come into the light and stared directly into eyes of the Shinigami.

"You will not have this soul my friend." the figure said.


"Oh I know of your capabilites but you are only an equal to me. If we both were to fight the outcome would be a stalemate with either both of us being punished by Kami himself or being destroyed from existence. Now like I said this soul that not be yours. I do however have an offer for you" the Figure stated.


"Heh I guess it does not." Said figure now named Azreal removed the darkness surrounding his body.

As soon as the darkness was removed, it revealed a very tall and young man to be in his mid to late twenties. He stood no taller than Minato at six foot 3 inches. Surrounding his body was a golden cloak that seemed to be radiating a type of warmth that is difficult to fathom. He wore the typical shinobi sandals and had very long silver hair going down to his back to above his buttocks. He seemed to be a very well built man that had a extremely toned body from the parts that you are able to see such as chest, abs, and arms. He wore a pair of white wind breakers that seemed to be made for comfort and not battle.

"So as I said I have a deal for you. An exchange if you will. You leave him with enough chakra to live and not take his soul in exchange I offer you the souls of three hundred warriors. These warriors were said to be the greatest of all during their existence and time. They came from another plane of existence however their worth is more than just one soul but I believe this deal to be worth it." Azreal exclaimed

The Shinigami took said souls and reviewed them just to be sure he was not going to be cheated. After what seemed like twenty minutes the Shinigami gave a very eery smile towards Azreal.

"Very well. I accept this offer on the condition you tell me why." the Shinigami replied

"That however I cannot say. All that I can say is that he will be needed in the future and no I will not state my intentions. I only plan on him staying in stasis with me till the time is right to reveal him once again." Azreal replied in a serious tone.

The Shinigami was going to question it but decided against it. With all the work done the Shinigami left the world once again and went back to where it comes from. Azreal went to the body to see if the Shinigami kept his word and sure enough he did. He then put the body into a temporary stasis and left with Minato into the shadows not to be seen or heard from for quite sometime.


Back at the Hokage tower, the Sandaime Hokage walked into his old office to finally see who his predecessor chose to succeed him. He truly wondered who it would be as there were many applicants and most of them could very well take up the mantle. Hiruzen then laughed out loud thinking that Minato chose to have Danzo as Hokage but that would never happen know would Hiruzen allow it. Throughout the years, Danzo has tried constantly to become Hokage through illegal activities and off the book political maneuvers. He tried black mailing, ransoming, assassinating and even kidnapping orphans to train his thought to be disbanded ROOT organization though no one can prove it.

As Hiruzen finally got to the desk, he opened the secret compartment to see the scroll left for him. As he opened it up, Hiruzen looked at it with a blank stare. At that moment, he thought it was a joke but after rereading the scroll he began cursing the Yondaime.


If you are reading this then I have died and succeeded in sealing the Kyuubi away. I know you had no doubts about the process and its 100% success rate. Now that that problem has been dealt with lets begin to naming my successor." After listing his reasons on why the three suggestions Hiruzen gave him as to why they can't be Hokage he then stated that theres only one person to lead the village after he is gone "and that it is why I believe once again u must take on the hat of the Hokage just for a time till you can name a successor. I know that's not what you wanted but it is for the best. Oh and also my reasoning behind this……………..this is punishment for peeking on ME AND KUSHINA!!!!! during our honeymoon and then allowing that damned perverted sensei of mine to watch us and put us in his damn pervy novels!!!

To say that Hiruzen was slightly embarrassed would be an understatement. He knew he had been caught and now he can't do anything about it. Minato finally enacted his punishment on the old man and he gracefully accepted it. Now there was one final thing to do. Talk to the council. This was one headache he did not need.


Walking down the halls to the sealed room, Hiruzen did the necessary hand signs and smeared a bit of blood to release the seal and open the door. Inside the room was nothing but quiet as he noticed the ANBU members on guard breathe a sigh of relief thinking that they were forgotten. Hiruzen then picked up little Naruto and proceeded to take him to the Council room where all the delegates were to meet.

After walking for fifteen minutes, the former Hokage finally entered the room to see all the sides of the council arguing over what has happened and where the Yondaime was. As Hiruzen entered and proceeded to walk towards the Hokage seat everyone seemed to notice him and slowly but sure quieted down.

"As you all know the Kyuubi was defeated at the hands of our beloved Yondaime. It took everything he had but he finally sealed the beast." Hiruzen stated.

"Sealed him?! What do you mean sealed!? We need to destroy the container before the beast breaks free!" yelled an angry councilman

"Yes destroy the container! Then be rid of the beast once and for all!" yelled another councilman.

"That however is not something we can't do. As the container is this child. The Yondaime had only one sealing jutsu powerful enough to seal the Kyuubi and it took his life to seal it into this newborn baby" stated Hiruzen being sure not to mention that this was the Yondaime's son.

"WHAT?!" yelled almost all the councilman and some clan heads in the room.

"Yes, this child is the container of the Kyuubi no Yoko. However we will not under any circumstances kill this child. To do so will have unknown effects on the seal and could quite possibly release the beast if he dies too early." Hiruzen explained.

"Then we need to do two things at the moment," Danzo told the former Hokage. "we need to find a new Hokage first. I nominate myself as Hokage." He said with a smile grin that only seasoned jounins and clan heads can see.

"I second that motion" Homura replied and Koharu backing up that statement.

"All opposed?" Danzo asked.

"Unfortunately, that is as far as you are going to get to be Hokage Danzo. The Fourth has named me as his successor for the time being till I can find a worthy shinobi to take up the mantle of Hokage. Here is the letter left behind by the fourth dictating the terms." He handed the letter to the Clan Heads and remembering that he removed the part that this is his punishment.

"Its authentic to every word. I see no sense in debating whether or not its fake" Replied Shibi, Leader of the Aburame clan.

"As long as we have known the man, the reasoning as well as the writing proves this is none other than the fourth's writing" Replied Chouza, Clan head of the Akimichi clan and had the support of the Nara clan lead by Shikaku and the Yamanaka clan led by Inoichi.

"The scent is definitely the Hokage's on the paper. There is no doubt this was written by the Yondaime" Tsume, the Clan head of the Inuzuka, responded with certainty.

"After seeing my fellow clan heads I see no doubt in their deductions of said signed scroll. I will have to agree with them." Hiashi said, Head of the Hyuuga clan Main branch.

"Hn." Was all that can be said by Fugaku, Head of the Uchiha clan.

"Well, now that that is settled it seems you wish to bring up one last thing in this meeting Danzo. What would that be?" Sarutobi was thinking to himself already knowing what the request was going to be.

"What is to become of the container? It is unwise to keep him alone in the world and I request to have him taken in under my care and trained as a shinobi." Danzo advocated hoping he can atleast swing this decision in his favor.

Boy was he wrong.

At that announcement the entire council burst into open arguments stating that every other clan wished to adopt Naruto and bring them in. Some wanted him to be trained as a servant and their own personal weapon, aka the Uchiha clan, Hyuuga clan, and Danzo. Others wished to bring him in due to some unforeseen obligations to the Yondaime such as the Akimichi, Yamanaka, and to everyone's surprise the Nara's. Others just wished not to see a poor baby just dumped into an orphanage like the Aburame and the Inuzuka clans.

Sarutobi decided that it was best that he be put into an orphanage for now and hopefully he can have a normal life although he knew better. Many of the civilian council severely disagreed with this decision as well as the shinobi clans. The civilians only called for his execution while the shinobi clans knew what was going to happen but are unable to prevent it as Danzo had enough sway to stop any adoption of the boy into their clans but not enough sway to bring him in under his own wing.

At some point, the council erupted once again in anger and arguments thus bringing a tick mark on the now newly Hokage's head. Seeing where this is going he decided to stop this all together with the smashing of his table thus quieting everyone in the room in a heartbeat.

"We are not going to be executing a poor defenseless baby just because you call for it! We do not know the length of time before the seal sets in and if it breaks too early the fox can break out and would we want that to happen so soon!?" Yelled Sarutobi looking at the council. Everyone went pale and decided now was not a good time to piss off the Hokage. "Good. Now, little Naruto shall be placed into the care of the orphanage and under no circumstances shall he adopted into any ninja clans or any of the council members here until his age that I deem him worthy to know he will not be swayed by petty words. I believe at the age of eight will be sufficient. Now, as for this meeting, this meeting is now considered an S-Class secret meeting with only those here knowing the truth behind the boy. Anyone that speaks of this to anyone outside this council will be committing treason and be executed publicly." Sarutobi explained in a cold demeanor. This put almost the entire civilian council pale white while the Clan heads knew what they were into and knew not to do anything rash. "Also, there shall be only one person that will have immunity to talk about this and that is the boy himself. He may tell at his discretion who he chooses worthy to keep his secret. Now that is all for tonight, please everyone go home, rest, and return in a few weeks for our annual council meeting. Adjourned!" Sarutobi said, then getting up and leaving for his own clan compound with Naruto in his arm.

"My boy, I hope they see you as a hero and not the Kyuubi incarnate." Sarutobi thinking to himself on his way back to the compound.


After the meeting was over, another secret meeting was taking place beneath the village in a secret compound. This was Danzo's personal compound used for training his ROOT members for the past few years. He, Homura, and Koharu decided to take things into their own hands. They talked on how they can circulate this information into the village and make the boy's life a living hell as much as possible then at the right time Danzo would step in and take little Naruto under his wing and train him to be like on of his own ROOT soldiers and personal weapon. He knew this plan would be perfect as this would finally tip the scales in his favor to have enough power to take control of the Hokage and claim it for himself.

Time was all he needed and that was all he had. Soon his plan would be put into action and then he would let it take its course.


(The Following Day after the Kyuubi Attack)

Following the Kyuubi attack, the village began to fix all the damage that was done. Unfortunately the most damage that was done was to the civilian sector and the major hospital. Many of the clan compounds remained relatively safe as well as the business district. All in all the damage was repairable. The only thing that can't be repaired was all the lives lost that night. That alone was what was keeping Sarutobi deep in thought.

After taking Naruto home just for the night, the morning after the Sandaime decided it was time to take him to orphanage and explain the situation to them the best he can without revealing anything of importance. The less that is known the better.

Upon arrival at the orphanage, Hiruzen was glad to see that the place was still standing and had not taken any damage whatsoever. He walked up to the desk clerk and asked for the Head Mistress. After 5 minutes of waiting the Mistress came and was surprised to see the Hokage there.

"Lord Hokage, it's a pleasure to see you gracing my orphanage with your presence. To what do I owe the honor today?" asked Shona.

"Please the pleasantries are not needed. I wish to deliver this bundle of joy to your care. His name is Uzumaki Naruto and his parents were killed upon the disaster of the Kyuubi." The Hokage stated knowing that was enough info to give to her.

"Well this little bundle will be more than welcomed into the orphanage. If you please Lord Hokage will you please come inside and fill out the necessary paperwork in regards to this child and your business will be completed." replied Shona.

"Not at all Mistress not at all."

After said paperwork was done the Hokage left Naruto at the nursery only to hear his crying after leaving no more than 10 feet. Sarutobi turned and gave him one last hug and kiss on the forehead before he left thus leaving a quieted Naruto in the capable care of the Mistress.

"Naruto, you will live a normal life. You may not be my blood relative but I hope you look up to me as your grandfather in your later years and I will look at you like my grandson" Hiruzen said to himself

After one last look of the barely visible orphanage, Sarutobi continued walking to the Hokage's office to do the one thing that all Kages dread in all the nations. The one foe that can not be beaten and has taken the best any Kage has given and returned it one hundred fold. The ever dreaded and never ending…………………paperwork.


(Five years later)

Its been three years since the attack and the Village Hidden in the Leaf was finally getting to 75% recovery rate in terms of ninja's and ninja in ranks. From the looks on the outside, one would believe that everyone was well enough. Well that is except for one particular child.

Naruto has been living a very, very rough life. After 2 months in the orphanage, the seemingly kind Head Mistress turned into an evil bitch. Somehow, word has leaked out about what Naruto really was and that word had reached her ears. Since then, the Head Mistress had scolded, beaten, starved, and neglected poor Naruto. Anyone that dared to try and help the boy was either fired and beaten by her "friends". Even the children at the orphanage were taking turns beating and degrading poor Naruto. When he would fight back the people in charge would hurry to break it up and would scold him and not the other children.

One day, there was a report given to the Hokage that Naruto had been taken to the hospital with a kunai stuck in his legs, and back. The boy barely made it. Thanks to the healing factor of the Kyuubi, Naruto dodged the bullet so to speak. The Hokage was not pleased and demanded to know who did it and not a single witness or suspect was brought up. At his behest, the Hokage ordered 2 ANBU to watch him at all times and switch with 3 other groups and on a rotational watch.

Finally at the age of 5, the Mistress decided it was time to be rid of the "demon" and threw him out into the streets and told him he was not welcomed here anymore. With that she threw his clothes and other belonging onto the street as well and told him to get lost or be a victim of a great "accident".


(Three Hours Later)

Naruto wandered the streets looking for food and somewhere to stay. He cam upon a park and decided to sit under a tree and hope that no one would come and beat him up which was a daily basis for him. He looked over at the other children playing with their parents and he decided to go join them. At the very instant the parents caught him making his way over they quickly ushered their kids away and told them to "stay away from the demon child" and "he's very evil so stay away from him." At that moment Naruto couldn't take it anymore and broke down crying.

"W-why w-w-w-wont p-people p-play with m-me?" Naruto was thinking to himself while crying not noticing a figure come up behind him.

"Excuse me. Why are you crying little boy?" Said a rather very polite and feminine voice.

Naruto looked up at a blonde haired, turquoise-eyed, young girl. He couldn't help but still at her beauty which caused her to blush slightly. He decided to respond with a solemn voice. "I-its because nobody

w-wants to play with me. They k-keep calling m-me demon and I'm e-evil." responded a now depressed and sad blonde haired boy.

"Well you don't look like a demon, Nor do you act or look evil. You just look like a normal boy that is alone and has no one to play with. If you want you can play with me. My daddy is gone and won't be back for a long time. Whatcha say?" The blonde female said.

"O-ok. You won't b-beat me will you?" Naruto asked

"W-what!? No! I will never beat you. Now come on. Oh and by the way, the name is Ino whats yours?" Ino replied

"M-my name is Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto." he said with a slightly more upbeat tone.

After their introduction, the two blondes began playing on the swings, jungle gym, see-saw, sandbox, almost anything they can in the playground. After what seemed like an hour and a half another visitor seemed to stumble to the park. This visitor seemed to have long indigo -blue hair, pupiless eyes and wore long white robes. And behind her was what seemed to be a chibi version of the adult. One can assume that this was her daughter.

"Go on Hinata go play. You know how your father gets when he's training and I don't want you around him at that time yet. So shoo, shoo." The Hyuuga mother said to her daughter.

Over at the other side of the park the two blondes saw the newcomer and both talked about what they should do. Well Ino never being the patient one, decided to take the initiative to start introductions and drug Naruto all the way over to the newcomer.

"Hi! My name is Ino Yamanaka and this here beside me………er I mean laying down behind me" she giggles" is Uzumaki Naruto." Ino sounded off

"Well hello there you two darling children. My name is Hannah Hyuuga and this here" she brings her daughter to the front where she can meet the other two "is my daughter and Heir to the Hyuuga Clan, Hinata Hyuuga."

Naruto took one look at Hinata and immediately blushed. He had only seen one beautiful girl before and that was Ino, now he sees another one and yet again begins to blush. This in turn gets Hinata to blush herself.

"I-it's a p-p-pleasure to m-meet you N-Naruto-kun a-and I-no-san." Replied a blushing Hinata.

Ino too notice of the honorific she gave Naruto being the keep person she is as did Hannah as well. Ino leaned into Naruto and whispered in his ear "Hey if you really want to impress her, give her a kiss on the cheek then tell her shes very cute and you wish to be her friend"

Naruto looked back at Ino shocked only to respond in a whisper to her "Really? You think I should?" he said

"Yeah totally. Do it already!" she whispered demandingly.

Naruto didn't want to be told again so he went up to Hinata and gave her a small peck on the cheek and said to her "Hinata you are really pretty. I like you. Would like to be my friend?"

Hinata was awestruck at the moment and so was Hannah although she was giggling like a little school girl inside seeing this happen at that moment. The only thing Hinata could do was to faint. Hannah caught her daughter and began to give a low laugh,

"Naruto, it will be a honor if my daughter would be your friend." Hannah gave him a wink and told him Hinata will be back up in a few minutes.

Naruto thought to himself "Hmmmmm, if that worked on her then I wonder…..". He walked towards Ino to see she had a slight pink hue on her face by what she just witnessed. He went up to her and repeated the process with her. He kissed her softly on the cheek and again asked "Ino you too are really pretty. I like you too. Would you be my friend too?" He asked.

Ino's response was the exact same as Hinata's…………..she fainted.

Hannah can only look at this and start laughing hysterically. This only confused Naruto but Hannah explained why they fainted and it seemed Naruto understood this. After waking Ino and Hinata up, the three went to play in the park. The three played tag and other kiddy games at the time and spending as much time together as they can. They were all having a great time until one more visitor showed up about an hour later.

The three turned to notice a visibly depressed girl. They went over to her and wanted to see if they can help.

"Hello there. My name is Uzumaki Naruto. This is Ino Yamanaka and Hinata Hyuuga. Whats wrong with you? Do you need any help?" Asked Naruto.

The Brown hair bun girl with chocolate eyes looked up at the group and gave a weak smile. "Hello my name is Tenten. Yukari Tenten. And im sorry if I interrupted your fun. I was just wandering and this is where my feet took me. Please excuse me and I will be off." she said

Naruto quickly did something that none of the other girls thought he would do. He grabbed Tenten, spun her around and gave her a nice soft kiss on her cheek. "You are a really cute girl. I think we should be friends. I like you and you look like you can use a friend or two." Naruto exclaimed.

Tenten was pretty much stunned at the act. No boy ever wanted to kiss her. Let alone a boy who was a year younger than her. But not here was this boy that said that liked her and wanted to be her friend. She decided to not question it and go with the flow.

"S-sure. I-I would l-love to be your f-friend N-Naruto-kun" She stammered out not realizing the giggling the other girls were doing and not noticing the red hue forming on her face.

After that not many more people came to the park. The occasional family here and there but nothing too great. The rest of the day was spent talking, playing all kinds of games, messing around the sandbox, playing at the pond, and swinging. They all were talking about their likes and dislikes. Naruto didn't really delve too much as he didn't want the girls to know what he went through at such a young age already. Hinata and Ino both liked gardening and both discussed different type of flowers while Tenten talked to Naruto who would much rather talk about weapons since that was Tenten's most favorite thing to play with at her parents shop. What which seemed like hours happened to be that.


(Several hours later)

The sun was setting and Hannah had called the children over and asked them if she wanted to walk them home. All the kids accepted except Naruto. He wouldn't explain why but he said he would be ok. He did however accept the offer and walking the girls home. After he gathered his things, he began walking the girls to the Hyuuga estate first since it was the closest. It was about seven at night when they left the park and already night was creeping in with its own darkness. After 20 minutes of walking they are at the halfway point to the estate. They all decided to take it slow and have them talk about their day together. Hannah then began to get quite suspicious as why the streets were so quiet. Usually theres atleast some kind of activity at this time like business's getting the last bit of their sales done or markets trying to polish off their own inventory.

After being suspicious for 10 minutes she finally activated her bloodline limit, the Byakugan. However it was already too late. A senbon pierced he arm before she can react and instantly knocking her out with its poison induced catalyst. All of a sudden a Shinobi appeared out of no where scaring all the children that were with her.

"Hmm….not too bad. I get to kidnap the Heiress herself, an already mature Hyuuga woman, and get two kill off three kids. Not too bad but I better make this quick." said the ninja.

From the looks of his headband, Ino noticed a Lighting symbol. "What does a Kumo ninja want with us?!" she yelled

"Well my dear I don't want you but I will take those two Hyuuga women with me and theres not a damn thing you can do about it." said the Kumo nin as he swiftly moved and kicked Ino in her stomach sending her back to the wall knocking her out quickly.

"One down two to go."

"Naruto what do we do? We have to run or we will get hurt or worse!" said Tenten before she to gets knocked out from a kicked to the side of the head and sending her to the wall.

"Two down one to go blondie. What ya gonna do bout it?" said the Kumo nin who was now grinning evilly.

"I-I-I-I d-don't know." Naruto said before getting a kunai pierced through his stomach hard and being sent back and knocked into Hinata who was frozen during this whole thing. As the Kumo nin begun to finish off the rest of them, he suddenly felt a spike of chakra like non-other before.


(Naruto's Mindscape)

Naruto woke up in a sewer tunnel that had barely any lights flickering and could barely see anything. He was wondering what happened as the last thing he remembered was freezing and getting hit hard by that Kumo nin…………..then it finally hit him. "HINATA!!! INO!!! TENTEN!!! WHERE ARE YOU!?" he yelled but to here to answer. He finally decided to trek down the tunnel until he came to a giant cage with a paper on the cage that had the word "Seal" on it. He got closer only to then have a sudden pair of red eyes glaring at him from the deepest parts of the cage.

"So we finally meet. I see that you must be quite frightened. Good. How about you be a good little boy and take this pesky little paper off this cage" the giant fox said grinning evilly.

"Uh………..w-what are you?" asked Naruto

"Urgh we have no times for questions boy come here and release this seal. Then I will finally be free from this prison." the Fox replied.

"N-no." Naruto said quietly

"What did you say to me boy!?" the Kyuubi demanded

"No! I wont release you from your cage! For all I know you will hurt Hinata-chan, Ino-chan, and Tenten-chan. So no I won't release you!" replied Naruto as he found the courage needed to say that.

"Hmm……..you got spunk kid. I like that. Well no matter. This seal as already sealed me to your fate. Should you die I die. Unless you remove this scroll by choice and not by provocation or enticement, then we both die. As such, I will help you. Right now you're dieing kit. I will give you the use of a tiny portion of my chakra just to defeat this coward who preys on woman and children. But remember, I am the GREAT KYUUBI NO YOKO!!!! And one day I will be freed from this prison one way or another. Now go. Im tired and I need my rest." the fox announced.

Naruto didn't know what to say but only felt him being drawn back away from the cage and back into reality to see the a figure coming at him with a kunai.


(Back In the real world)

As the Kumo nin came closer, he felt a spike of chakra that froze him in his tracks. He turned to look at where it was coming from and was shocked to see the blonde boy standing up and yanking the kunai out his gut and the wound healing like it was nothing,

As Naruto got up, he stared directly at the Kumo nin before throwing the kunai as hard as he can at the ninja. Too Naruto's surprise as well as the nin, the kunai not only pierced his elbow but completely sheered off his arm at the elbow down.

The Kumo nin was now looking on in horror at the boy that he though he had killed only to blink once to see the child now standing right in front of him. "What speed! This isn't good I need to get the Hyuugas before its too la". Before he can finish his though he felt a sting pain go through his body, As he looked down, he noticed that the boy had stuck his whole hand into and out of his gut.

"This is payback for what you did to me" Naruto then slammed his leg into the nins ribs completely breaking every last one "that was for hitting and kicking my precious friends" Naruto then ran at full speed to catch the nin and knee him completely in the back thus crippling him for life "and that was for attacking us for no reason. You disgust me." Naruto said finally passing out only to see Hinata run towards him crying her eyes out.


(Twenty Minutes Later)

After the fight with Naruto and the Kumo nin, there was an emergency council meeting being called after the presence of the Kyuubi being felt and the possible release of said spirit, Naruto laid in the hospital under the care of ANBU while the girls that were injured staying in the same room as him. Hinata and her mother were in a room across from Naruto's with their own guard protecting the door. With hope, Hinata begged Kami himself to help Naruto and have him pull through this.

Meanwhile, at the emergency meeting, Hiruzen was once again dealing with the headache of everyone arguing and demanding to know what happened and why they all felt the Kyuubi's presence.

"What is the meaning of this!? Has the seal become too weak that the Kyuubi is trying to escape?!" Yelling a councilman

"I assure you Horo, the seal containing the Kyuubi is intact and nothing is wrong nor is it weakening." said the Hokage sighing.

"Then explain what happened!?" Yelled another councilman

"I swear to Kami one of these days I'm going to kill every last councilman and councilwoman here. All they do is bitch and moan and cry and complain. Is nothing good enough for them? *sigh* One of these days Kami, one of these days BOOM Fire Jutsu to all of them and then I will piss on their ashes" thought Sarutobi.

"It is not my place to explain. Hiashi would you be so kind as to explain what happened." Sarutobi said asking the Hyuuga clan head.

"My pleasure. As it is known we were entertaining a Kumo ambassador to establish better relations with Konoha throughout the week. After showing him the Village as well as showing him my clan compound he decided that was enough and thanked me for the tour as he would proceed to relay the information to Kumo itself. Unfortunately he had other plans. It was later found out that he was a Kumo Jounin sent by the Raikage on a black book mission to kidnap an unsealed Hyuuga child. He tried to kidnap my wife and child this evening." Hiashi explained gaining many shocked faces from the council and a very serious face from the Hokage himself.

Hiashi continued "after he left to his hotel at six forty-five in the evening he stumbled upon my wife and her group and continued to follow them then struck at the right time. After he disabled my wife, he proceeded to knockout one Ino Yamanaka" Inoichi was beyond living at this point and wanted blood for anyone touching his little princess "a one Tenten Yukari" Tenten's father who had a low seat was growling at that moment "and stuck a kunai through the gut of one Naruto Uzumaki thus sending him back knocking out my daughter Hinata." Hiashi continued to explain. Hearing that the Uzumaki brat got ran through began to raise a commotion of jubilation and happiness throughout the civilian council save a few, such as Tenten's father, and the clan heads who all wanted to shut them up.

"Finally the demon is dead!" Yelled a councilman

"We can finally live in peace knowing that the demon cannot be freed any longer" Yelled another councilwoman

Hiashi started to gain a tick mark over his head but didn't show as he continued with his report. "After the Uzumaki child was struck the Jounin went to finish off Ino, and Tenten, but was stopped by the presence we all felt. Apparently from what I can tell from my daughters account, Naruto pulled out the kunai of his stomach which healing at a highly fast rate, then began to disable the nin by removing his arm, elbow down, and crippled him for life after seeing this. Naruto Uzumaki not only defended my daughter and wife, he protected his daughter" pointing at Inoichi " and protecting his daughter" pointing at Yamada Yakuri "and did it with his life." Hiashi finished his report to see the gaping faces of many on the council.

Hiashi was not one to disapprove or show outward hate towards Naruto but he didn't like him. Hiashi had to live up to his reputation and couldn't let a single boy bring dishonor to the name. But at this point in time, he was glad that Naruto had saved his family. In the back of Hiashi's mind he decided to repay Naruto one day although he doesn't know how yet but it seems it will come to him.

"Thank you Naruto. You truly are a magnificent child. I'm sorry to have tried to adopt you into the family only to turn you into a weapon. From this day on, I will see to everything to help you succeed in life. One day I will repay this life debt I owe to you and it will be a grand repaying if I have any say on what it is," Hiashi thought to himself but was brought out of it by the arguing of the council again.

"Hokage this situation needs to be dealt with and I'm not talking about with Kumo. Naruto is becoming more dangerous to the village every passing day he is allowed to live. Please allow me to take him under my wing so that I can train him and he can be a fine weapon." Exclaimed Danzo hoping this was his time to gain the Uzumaki brat.

"I agree with Danzo Hokage-sama. It is time to hand off Naruto to Danzo so that he can train him properly and that he will no longer be a danger to himself or the village." Responded Homura

"Once again I agree with him as well Hokage-sama. Its become far too dangerous for Naruto to be alone. Please listen to reason and allow Danzo the child to train" Koharu explained.

Sarutobi slammed his fists down hard almost cracking the table in half. "There shall be no such thing! You will not have the child in any way shape or form! Danzo I don't know what game you are playing but there is no way I will sign off as you being the legal guardian! Now as to what will happen to Naruto, since he was officially kicked out of the orphanage, he will stay at an apartment and have his own place to himself to be secure and safe in. Any objections?"

Several hands went up but not enough to turn down this subject. All three councilors were thoroughly angered at Sarutobi for not handing over the boy and now there can't be any type of kidnapping as he will have a few suspects already and that's not what Danzo or the other two needed just now.

"So it shall be. Naruto will be given an apartment and be using a secured bank account under his own name but only accessed by me or another party that will remain anonymous. This is how he shall be paying rent as well as buying food or anything else he would need. As for why I have access and not himself well he is still too young to know what to do with the money and may spend it own frivolous things so until he reaches a mature age I will be helping him with his finances. Any objections?"

Once again the same hands went up but again nothing they could do as they were outnumbered by those that approved. As the meeting was coming to a close a councilman spoke up.

"Lord Hokage, may I ask, why are you showing favoritism to the Demon brat?"

Sarutobi only glared ice dagger at the councilman who shivered at the sight but this is a great opening that Danzo was hoping for.

"He is right Hokage-sama. Why are you showing favoritism to this child? Is he not like any other child that is tossed out of the orphanage or living on the street? Why show him the courtesy and not others?" Danzo asked knowing that this would put the Hokage into a tight bind.

Sarutobi sighed and explained "I do this for young Naruto because some of you can't Keep your mouth shut. Yes I already know that the secret has been let out and have been keeping tabs on Naruto's growth and the abuse he's been through. Although I suspect several of this council to be part of his problem there is no proof I can provide to deal out punishments to those guilty. As for Naruto, I decided that he deserved better and will get better treatment even if its only from a few. Remember this, if he really was the demon in human form do you really think that he would take all this or do you think that he would react and kill every last one of you." Sarutobi explained coldly making a few on the council sweat.

And with that Sarutobi dismissed the council and proceeded to the hospital hoping that Naruto would be awake.


(At the Hospital)

Naruto had been sleeping for the past fours not making a single peep. A single nurse was there giving him care only to be interrupted from her routine when she saw that Naruto was finally coming to. The Nurse quickly went to get the Hokage to tell him that Naruto was awaking.

As the Hokage entered the room, he spied Naruto slowly opening his eyes and looking around the room.

"Hello Naruto-san, how are you feeling?" Asked Sarutobi

"Im doing good Ojii-san. How's my friends are they okay?" Naruto asked weakly

"They are doing quite well Naruto. They are only unconscious but they are fine. The medics fixed them all up and they should be ready to leave tomorrow. Tell me Naruto what do you remember from earlier?"

"Well, I remember Tenten and Ino getting hurt, then that ninja hit me in the stomach hard with something sharp, then……………..nothing but red. What happened Ojii-san?"

"We'll talk later Naruto but you have a visitor and shes been worried about you."

As the Hokage left the room, Hinata entered and only stared at Naruto. She was really worried for him and now that he is awake she can't find the courage to ask him if he is alright. As soon as she was about to move…….

"Hinata. Come and sit next to me please." Naruto asked

Hinata slowly made her way over and pulled a chair to his bed. She sat down and only looked into his deep ocean blue eyes. She wanted to say something but she couldn't. She was so tired of being shy but there was no way to beating it. She began dreading that she would be like this all her life and Naruto would never acknowledge her and maybe think she was weird.

"Hinata, look at me." Naruto said

Hinata looked up and heard Naruto say one thing, "I'm really happy you are okay Hinata-chan. I was so worried about you and the others I just had to try and save you. I don't know what I did but I know I succeeded in protecting you. You are a very precious person to me Hinata-chan just like Ino-chan and Tenten-chan. I don't know what I would do if I lost my only friends. Are you okay?"

"W-well N-n-naruto-kun, if you m-mean if I-I g-got hurt t-then no. I-I am so h-happy that you a-are okay. I w-was so w-worried." She replied

"Its okay now Hinata-chan. Lets just rest for now then we can leave tomorrow when I am able to okay?"

"Ok Naruto-kun"

As Naruto heard that he went back into a deep sleep as the nurse had gave him a sleep sedative so that he can get some rest. The nurse asked if Hinata wanted a bed brought in to sleep in but declined. She already had a bed with her mother so she decided to go sleep in there. Before she left, she gave a small kiss to Naruto on the cheek "Thank you again Naruto-kun".


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