Im not really back. The story kinda lost my interest really bad after rereading the whole thing and i completely lost my muse when righting it and have no idea on plot anymore. It will be posted sometime this week for adoption should anyone want to adopt it otherwise its going to be gone and i will start on a different story. I expect alot from authors who write stories such as grammar/plot/originality. But when i see myself, i feel that im not entirely sure this is what im giving folks. So its just going to end.

I figured i'll give ya the plot since it was mainly going to be Orochimaru invading the new village and losing horribly only this time he doesnt get away and Hiruzen ends him sacrificing himself, Yugito gets her bijuu removed after returning to Kumo for a diplomatic mission but gets captured, The Gunryu dismantling Akatsuki however they get away, Madara recruiting Iwa and many other minor villages for Mass war, Madara and Pain gathering the rest of the bijuu except Naruto and B, Minato defeating Pain, Naruto ending Madara with the help of Konoha and Sasuke and Mikoto, Itachi returning to Konoha, Nibi, after being freed, revives Yugito due to her control over the dead, and a new age of prosperity with the removal of corruption in Iwa and the introduction of a new and 6th great hidden village, followed by Naruto becoming the Nidaime Uzukage. Theres more but you can fill in the blanks =)

So until next time kiddos, Follow the petitions and get on Ffnet about reinstating MA rating storys. I will be back with a new story with better everything and I swear it wont be a bloodline naruto, im seeing too many of those stories as well. But other wise, Watch for my next story and msg me whoever wants to adopt. Till then,

Stay frosty my friends.