Destroyed happiness

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Her hormones were a complete mess.

If there was one thing she had wanted to never experience again, it was the mood swings from when she'd been pregnant with Aiko, but fate had a twisted sense of humor, blessing her with yet another child, and therefore, another set of uncertain dispositions. She was truly happy, of course – Inuyasha was ecstatic – but she could do without the unnecessary pains and discomfort. It was a good thing Sesshomaru had taken Inuyasha as a partner again – after a period of pause – and seeing as business went fairly good, her husband didn't have to work too much and could spend time with his family quietly.

It was a blessing when it came to her needs.

He didn't leave her unsupervised one second when he was at home. Even when he was playing with Aiko he kept glancing in her way, making sure she was okay. It was sweet and annoying at the same time, but she supposed he couldn't help it. He'd missed the birth of one child; he didn't want to miss a moment of his second.

He had a new secretary now. She was blond, Caucasian, long, creamy legs, and boob job. Frankly, Kagome couldn't care less. The woman had a nice resume and that was the only reason why Inuyasha had hired her. She was fairly competent, too, Inuyasha had mentioned.

Right now it was becoming easy to keep her balance as Aiko was trying to show her what she'd made at sculpture classes. She was seven years old and too smart for her age. She already knew what sex was – and had walked in on her parents doing it countless times to their immense embarrassment – so Inuyasha protected her like crazy, even though he knew she was still too young for that. It made Kagome laugh every time.

Once more, the pregnant mother was amazed by her daughter's talent, staring at the beautifully carved man. The details were so striking, so perfectly done for a girl her age that Kagome wondered where she'd learned it from. And why would she choose to sculpt a man? It was official. Aiko would become a heartbreaker.

"Beautiful, sweetie," Kagome told her daughter, kissing her forehead motherly before grabbing her purse. "Are you sure you don't want to come with me?"

"No, I told Sango I would go play with her today. Her mother bought her a Barbie house!" Aiko said, as if envious, although she already had three of them.

"I thought you only liked boys' toys," Kagome teased, seeing her daughter cringe. There had been a period in Aiko's life when she had only played with toys meant for boys, but that period had passed. Still, Kagome never missed the chance to taunt her about it.


"Alright, sweetie. Play fair," Kagome laughed, slipping on her shoes with great difficulty then heading to visit her husband at his workplace. It wasn't often that she did this, mainly because he got angry that she left the house whenever she did, but she really missed him.

Everyone at the company greeted her politely, some jealous, some admiring her – Kagome didn't mind. As long as there was love between her and Inuyasha, there would be no shadow in her world.

Inuyasha's new secretary was trying hard not to frown when Kagome appeared, she noticed, although the blond kept talking on the phone as if nothing was happening. True, Kagome was still rather far from the office; now an old lady was asking her about the baby and she was barely paying attention, most of it focused on that new secretary.

"Mingxia," the blond was saying rather loudly, "I'm telling you… not only is he rich, but he's also a stud!" Kagome didn't imagine things; the blond glanced in her direction briefly, before continuing her conversation. "No, I don't think his wife suspects anything; she's pregnant." An eyebrow rose on Kagome's face and she didn't pretend to be listening to the old lady anymore. Instead, she excused herself and approached the secretary's desk.

"I know it's wrong that we work together, and-"

A sudden slap on the table had the woman's deep green eyes collide with Kagome's. A triumphant smirk appeared on her full lips, as if she had the upper hand, as if she knew something Kagome didn't, and she asked in a sugary voice, "Can I help you, Mrs. Taisho?"

How she'd known who Kagome was, was not something hard to grasp, because Kagome was the only very pregnant female to approach Inuyasha's office. No philosophy.

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself?" Kagome asked cryptically before turning around and entering her husband's office without noticing the shocked face of the blond woman. She'd heard the rumors, heard how Kagome had not given her husband the chance to explain himself, and the blond had bet on that tendency in this situation, as well. Unfortunately for her though, Kagome had changed.

She no longer doubted her husband. Until he confirmed something, she didn't believe it.

As it was, Kagome trusted Inuyasha blindly.

"Sweetheart," he greeted with a dangerous tone and a slight frown, contradicting his own irritation when he let her hug him sweetly and kiss his lips.

"Is it wrong for a wife to miss her husband?" she pouted, crossing her arms and waiting for him to mellow. Instantly, Inuyasha gave in, not wanting to see his pregnant wife sad.

"Fair, but next time wait for me to come home. I'm not gone that much anyway," he said kissing her neck sensually, enjoying this intimacy they could share at any moment of the day. Carefully, he rubbed her swollen stomach, amazed that there was a new life growing inside, a life he'd helped create.

Their child, their second child. He'd love them both the same, there would be no differences, but this one – this one he'd get to see, to raise from the beginning.

"By the way, your secretary is spreading rumors that you two are sleeping together," Kagome announced nonchalantly, as if she were speaking about dinner. Her husband was visibly more alarmed.


"That blond outside your door – she's deluded herself into thinking you two have had sex."

"I understood the first time," he glared at her, not appreciating her sarcasm, but instantly froze, feeling apprehensive all of a sudden. Did Kagome believe that woman?

"Kagome, do you… I mean…"

"Of course I don't believe her," she frowned, punching him slightly and smiled when he smiled. "You can keep her, too."

Inuyasha smirked – he liked it so much when she played the boss, as if she could dictate who he should fire and who not.

"Good," he declared, kissing his wife's puffy lips, "because she's really competent."

For a moment he debated whether to come home earlier, but decided there were still a lot of things to do at work before heading back.

"Your daughter sculpted a man today," Kagome giggled, awaiting his outburst, which came instantly.

"She did what?" He was livid, furious, anxious. Having a girl was a real pain, especially when she knew what sex was at seven and when she sculpted men!

"You're making a fuss, Inuyasha. It's not that bad." But truly, Kagome couldn't help laughing.

"I love you, woman, but sometimes you're too annoying," he grumbled, thinking of ways to keep Aiko away from boys. And despite her raging hormones, Kagome recognized the warmth in his tone and kissed his cheek.

"I love you more," she declared, not knowing that it still made his heart bounce around inside his chest.

"When is Ayumi due?" Inuyasha asked, changing the subject. It figured that the two best friends would be pregnant at the same time.

"One month after me," Kagome responded, enjoying her husband's comfortable embrace.

"Ha!" he exclaimed proudly. "I was faster!"

Kagome chuckled, amused by his sense of competition. "You've always been faster, Inuyasha. This is your second child, you know…"

"I know woman, shut up," he grumbled, nipping her nape and she shivered deliciously. He smirked, recognizing her needs, but unable to comply just yet.

"Tonight," he promised huskily and she nodded.

"Do you think things will stay the way they are now?" she asked tentatively, the fragility in her tone evident and Inuyasha instantly stilled, knowing exactly what to reply.

"I'll still love you, Aiko will never marry, we will have our little boy-"

"Girl," Kagome interrupted.

"Shut up, woman. As I was saying, we'll have our boy, Sesshomaru will remain the same bastard with a metal pole up his ass-"

"Inuyasha!" Kagome scolded.

"What? It's true! And then Rin will be the same cutie, and yeah, everything's gonna be the same."

He smiled when Kagome snuggled closer to him.

"Inuyasha?" Her eyes were drooping and her husband feared he'd have to take her home with him when he finished his hours.


"I'm happy."

He smiled, because he was happy as well, and because everything was now settled for them.