New Fan Fiction everyone XD Don't worry I will finish A Man So Heartless eventually but I just thought I'd start something new. This story is rated M though so beware people who do not want to read this type of stuff. This story probably won't be very long though, 10 or 20 chapters maximum. It has TILF and DILF action ;)

Summary: Bella is a teacher at Forks Primary School and thinks she is bound to be single for the rest of her life. She sets out to be a new person and goes to a bar, gets drunk and meets a handsome new stranger. But what happens when this stranger turns up places she wouldn't expect him to be.


Chapter One: Daddy Where's Mommy?


"Daddy, daddy?" my gorgeous angel asked me looking up at my face.

"What is it honey?" I asked.

"Where's mommy?" she asked me with her adorable green eyes staring sweetly at me.

"Why do you ask sweetie?" I knew that one day Becky would ask me about Tanya and I had been regretting it my whole life. Tanya may have given me the greatest gift in the world, but that did not excuse that lying, cheating, bitch, whom I had once been married to.

"Because Timmy said that his mommy tucks him in bed at night and when I told him you do that for me he said that mummies are meant to do that," she pouted.

I looked at the innocence in her eyes as she told me her reasoning. I too wished that she had a mother to tuck her in at night and calm her down when she would have a nightmare. I wish that I had never walked in on my wife and another man in bed that day, fucking like wild animals.

I always thought Tanya was the one for me, we had been high school sweethearts ever since our freshman year and had gotten married as soon as I had finished my medical degree at Seattle University. I had proposed to Tanya at a posh, 5 star restaurant in front of many people and we had had a grand wedding at the biggest church in town. Tanya had always loved it when I showered her with attention and gifts so everything we did had to be up to her standards. I had longed just to walk down the beach, hand in hand with her but she was always complaining that she couldn't walk through sand with her heels and she didn't like the smell of the sea as the wind blew. These were only a few of the things that had gotten me wondering whether she was really for me or not.

Tanya was always intimate with our relationship and I honestly didn't mind. We like to be brave and explore each other in new ways. She had never really discussed wanting children and I wondered if that's what had caused our relationship to come to an end. After we got married I had stopped using protection because I thought she wanted a future with me and I was ecstatic the day I came home and she told me she was pregnant. Tanya was lying on the floor, in the bathroom, with tears running down her face. I had thought the tears that streamed down were tears from joy but soon realised otherwise. I had hugged her and told her everything would be alright. Little did I know that Tanya was about to be unfaithful to me and my beautiful daughter. At first I considered Tanya would stay just for Becky but as I screamed at her to leave the house, she did not protest or make a scene. She just packed her bags and stormed out the door with that piece of filth she had let enter my house.

I think that the only reason Tanya had even waited a year to cheat on me was out of pity but when she found someone else who she loved more, I didn't matter anymore. I stared at the picture of Tanya and me in the hospital room when Rebecca had been born and compared it to the one on our wedding day. Her face looked saddened and full of anger and remorse rather than the content in her eyes on our wedding day.

I look down at my daughter's strawberry curls and green eyes. The perfect mixture of me and Tanya, or so I thought. I suddenly realised that Bec was still waiting for an answer to her question but I wasn't exactly sure how to answer it. How do you tell a Five year old that their mother didn't want anything to do with them? That's the problem, you can't. I kissed her forehead and told her to go to sleep as she needed her rest for her first day of school tomorrow morning.

I glanced at the Calender and it read November 19. I gasped. Four years ago today Tanya had forever left my life, leaving me to raise Becky on my own. The images replayed in my mind of Tanya lying naked next to a stranger, in my own fucking bedroom, screaming in pleasure as our daughter slept in the next room. I had to get out of here and drown my sorrows. I tucked my angel into bed and changed into some jeans and a shirt.

I pulled out my phone and called the one person who almost loved Becky more than me.

"Hello mum?" I spoke into the phone.

"Hi darling, how are you?" she asked politely.

"I'm fine mum, but I was wondering if you could mind Becky tonight while I go out. I know it's late notice and all but..." I began rambling when my mum cut me off.

"Of course sweetheart. I'll be over in a sec, but where are you off to this late at night?" she asked, making me feel like a child whose mother had to know where they were at all times.

"I really don't know mum, but today's the day Tanya left me and I didn't want to be at home," I told her.

My mother gasped through the phone. "Oh honey, I'm so sorry. Don't worry about Rebecca, I'll take care of her you go wherever you need to."

"Thanks mum, you're the best," I proudly stated. My mum would do anything for me.

"I'll be over in a tick," she said as she hung up.

While I waited for my mother to come over, I felt the need to do something I should have done long ago. I walked up to the wall where all the pictures of me and Tanya were hanging and ripped them off the wall. I scrunched them up and threw them into the closest bin. I then decided that I didn't really want to be alone tonight to I called up my two best friends.

"What's up Eddie my man?" screamed the piercing voice of my best friend Emmett McCarty.

"Hey Em, I was wondering if you and Jazz wanted to go out somewhere tonight?" I asked him.

"Booyhah, party!" screamed Emmett.

"Calm down Emmett, I was thinking we could go to the new club that just opened on Fifth Street," I told him my plans.

"Fuck, that place is hot Eddie, loaded with girls and booze. I'm in and I'll call Jazzy and tell him about our plans."

"Thanks Em, I need friends now, and stop fucking calling me Eddie," I chuckled.

"Always ready to party bro!" he exclaimed.

"Yea I probably won't be partying much but who cares," I said deeply.

"Aw Eddie man, you need to get laid," he laughed. I laughed at this since it was probably true.

"Yea whatever man, I just need to drown my sorrows over Tanya," I said.

"Far Eddie you need to get over that bitch. You deserve better, well hook you up with some chicks tonight and you can forget all about Tanya," he said clearly proud of himself.

"Sure, sure Em," I chuckled again.

"What about Bec's though man?" he asked concerned about Becky. Emmett may have been a total douche but he was very loving and caring.

"Mums coming over to mind her," I explained.

"Ah, awesome man," he said, happy again. "Later man," he said before hanging up.

As I put down my phone my mum arrived at the door and kissed my cheek.

"Going out with Emmett and Jasper, mum," I told her. She nodded her head and smiled, making her way into Rebecca's bedroom.

I grabbed my keys off the counter and made my way down to my car.

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