This chapter is inspired by the song 'Weekend' by Yung Ram and the book WAGS by Shireen Lolesi.


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Chapter Three: Body Shots

The drive took a while as I shook nervously in my seat. This all seemed like a good idea when I had thought of it but now I was having second thoughts. What was I supposed to do, just walk over to a guy and chat him up? This all seemed so strange and new to me. What would I do if he tried to rape me or mug me? I nervously clutched my purse to my chest and took deep breaths. I wasn't aware that Alice was watching me curiously until she spoke up.

"Don't worry about it Bella, just go in there and have fun." She smiled at me and I gave her an encouraging nod. Alice was right I had nothing to be scared of and all I had to do was to go out and have fun. "Me and Rosie will be there to look after you anyways," she said proudly. I had to admit that Alice had a special way of calming me down when I was nervous.

The car pulled into the club's valet parking. Alice stepped out of the car and handed the cute valet her car keys and dragged me out of the car. The club was Alice and pounding as you could hear the music pumping through the building and it suddenly made me feel a little high. I pulled a smile on my face and followed Alice as we made our way closer to the club.

At the door a very large man was standing blocking the doorway with his hands crossed against his chest. He looked down the tiny, little Alice who just smiled at him and gave him a flirtatious smile and he smirked back and let us through the door. I stared in astonishment at how Alice had just gotten past the bouncer at the club. I removed the thoughts from my head as I stepped into the club that was alive with loud music and body's grinding everywhere. I suddenly felt in the mood and made my way towards the bar for phase one of my plan.

"Bourbon, please," I told the bartender, who gave me a weak smile and handed me my drink. I gulped it down in one shot and motioned for another one. Three glasses later I was started to feel the adrenaline rush through my body; phase one was complete.

Alice found me at the bar and made her way over. "Come on Bella, let's go dance with Rose," she happily sang, looking a little bit wasted herself. I nodded enthusiastically as we made our way to the dance floor.

Rose was in the middle of the dance floor grinding against a big, burly man with cute dimples. She caught my eye and winked at me as she continued dancing around him. I chucked and grabbed Alice's hand as we danced to the song that was currently being played.

A while later a handsome blonde man came up to Alice and asked her to dance. I ushered her to go and she shot me an apologetic look as she walked away with him. i tried to let it not diminish my confidence as I continued to sway him hips to the music by myself.

I suddenly felt a warm body press up behind me and grind into my back. It felt so wonderful so I closed my eyes and started to grind back into it as the mystery person wrapped their hands around my waist. I leaned back into him, still swaying my hips to a slower song.

His head dipped down and started kissing my neck. The places in which he had kissed felt as if they were on fire. The burning sensation did not go away and I turned around to meet the most wonderful pair of green eyes I have ever seen. I stepped back to look at him carefully, apart from his stunning eyes, he had messy bronze hair that just screamed to be touched and a crooked smile on his face that gave him a cheeky look.

I then noticed he was staring at me too, well not exactly me on whole mostly just my lips. I had a sudden burst of confidence that I really wanted to kiss him. I leaned forward to kiss him but cowered out at the last minute and whispered in his ear.

"I've never been kissed," I told him quietly, blushing from embarrassment.

He stared at me shocked and after he had had a few seconds to recover, he carefully nodded. "Would you like me to kiss you then?" he asked in his gorgeous velvety voice.

"Yes," I breathed quietly, closing my eyes as he leaned in closer to me.

He leaned down and tilted his neck as he pressed his lips down to mine. I wasn't really sure what to expect but I sure as hell didn't see this coming. As soon as his lips met mine I felt a jolt of electricity run through my body, shocking me in places I didn't even know existed.

The whole world could have died and I would not have realised as I was too caught up in the kiss. His lips were soft against my skin and made me want to stay like this forever. But not all good things last and like everything else the kiss soon came to an end as our lips parted.

I looked at his face and saw his crocked smirk on his face as he leaned in again and spoke to me.

"How about we take this back to your place?" he asked cheekily.

I stood there stunned and realised that he was probably waiting for an answer and nodded my head, suddenly feeling confident again.

"Let me just find my friends and tell them." I walked away from him longing to be back there with him and never be separated. When I found Alice and Rose I told them I was going home with a guy and they cheered me on and Rose told me to be safe and use protection. I blushed at this and thought about what this night may have in store for me.

I walked back to him who was patiently waiting for me with a smile on his face. I smiled back and he motioned for me to follow him. As he drove in his car I gave him directions to my apartment and the rest of the trip was silent.

When we arrived, I took him up to my apartment and showed him around. We sat on the sofa awkwardly and stared at each other for a while. I think the awkwardness started to get to him and he politely asked me where the kitchen was. I followed him there wondering what he was planning on doing.

"Would you like a drink?" He asked me politely.

I nodded and opened the cupboard that had my stock of alcohol in it. I suddenly had a brilliant idea.

"How about some body shots instead?" I asked slightly embarrassed, but I figured that this was my only chance to do something sexy tonight.

His eyes lit up as soon as the words left my mouth and nodded thoughtfully as I took out a bottle of vodka, a salt shaker and some lime.

"Turn around," I commanded with authority.

He gladly obeyed and I started to think about how I would do this body shot. I had watched it be done on TV before so I a small idea of what he might like. I pulled my dress off and licked my finger. After making my nipple wet, I grabbed the salt shaker and put some salt on my nipple. Next was the shot, I carefully lay down and placed the shot on top of my bellybutton. Lastly the lime was all that was left, I thought of ideas on where to put it until something incredibly sexy came to mind. I pulled down my panties slightly and placed the lime in-between the lips of my vagina.

I lay back down and took some deep breaths. "I'm ready," I called out to the sexy man who had his back towards me.

He turned around and gasped as he saw me lying on the table practically naked. I giggled at his response and after the initial shock wore off he smiled at me and stepped in closer. His head bent down as he carefully sucked on my nipple twirling it with his tongue. It felt heavenly as he placed a few kisses down my stomach and grabbed the shot with his mouth and gulped it in one go. He then stared at my body for a while and looked a little confused.

"Lime?" he asked, pouting slightly.

"Find it," I breathed.

He smirked again, kissing my bellybutton before carefully sliding down my underwear to my knees. He looked at my glistening clit and bent his head down and grabbed the lime with his mouth. He sucked on the lime before licking my clit once, sending shivers down my spine. I sat up and started to kiss him again running my hand though his hair, hoping that tonight would lead to something, when I was rudely interrupted.

"I'm so sorry, but I really have to go," he told me with guilt and sadness running through his eyes.

I stood on the spot stunned as I watched him slam the door behind him. That the first guy I had kissed and he had just run away without leaving a single reminder then a longing kiss.

I desperately wanted to meet him again but I didn't even know what his name was!

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