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Summary: Upon starting his quest to create a new world, Kira planned everything to the last step in order to ensure his success. However, she was the variable in his plan. He hadn't known about her existence, until it was too late to counter her moves.

Rating: T

Pairings: Friendship MelloXNear, MattXMello, maybe MelloXOC in later chapters.

Standing near the window, watching the other children play outside in the yard, the girl started thinking about her first memories. She couldn't remember much of what had happened before she came to Wammy's. After all she had been but five years old at the time; she often recalled warm hugs and a lullaby being sung to her at night, the smell of peppermint that accompanied a certain man from her past, who she supposed, was her father and a red blanket being dropped over her semi-sleeping form at night by a woman with a gentle touch who must have been her mother. And then there was that day when she lost everything: she recalled herself wearing a frilly, blue dress as she was led by the hand by her mother towards her father's car. She stopped near the entrence of the garden and her mother went a little ahead beckoning the little girl to follow her. She felt, although it wasn't truly a memory that they had been happy that day, that something exciting was bound to happen. Her father was already at the wheel and her mother had just stepped in the car. She was unsure whether to leave the safety of the garden and follow her mother in. She made baby steps towards the car, but something she had been holding fell and she turned around to pick it up. Her father had just started the engine… all she remembered afterwards was the noise, a loud, deafening noise and the heat, the flames that hurt her back. She fell and cried out in pain… everything else is a blur.

Parts of her mind seem to recall white walls and a continuous beeping, a white bed upon which she lay and kind faces trying to determine whether she was all right or not. Although just three, she knew she was not ok… she had always been a highly perceptive child. Mother and father were most likely gone and the girl knew she had no one else. The two had been the only presences in her life for the first three years of her life… now they were there no longer. She never talked with them… thinking back now she presumed that most likely the doctors though she had been either too traumatized or brain damaged by the explosion. They probably never understood that she didn't want to speak… there was no one there to understand her.

From the white room with a white bed she had been moved, after her burns had healed, to a different room, a dull grey one with a metal bed and a shabby desk. The room of an orphanage… she hadn't remained there long; due to lack of money they had closed the facility down and she had found herself sent to an asylum as she never talked and scared people with her emotionless gazes. The girl couldn't remember at all her time there as she had been given medicine in order to treat her trauma. She spent two years there… she hadn't understood her feelings at that time, however now she knew she had hated that place.

One day everything had changed… it started out normally. She woke up, took her pills and scribbled something on her notebook. The only good thing that had happened at the asylum was that she had learned how to write and had been spending some time creating imaginary works on her notebook that she had later ripped and hid under her mattress so no one would be able to find them.

She looked outside the window; the gloomy weather had brought with itself a visitor. Not many people visited that God forsaken place since most patients had no families to rely on so seeing a new face was an interesting thing. She sighed and continued staring out the window long after the man entered the building; it wasn't like he was going to visit her, nobody knew who she was anymore or where she had come from. So she had been surprised when she had seen the man enter her room about a quarter an hour late. He was relatively old as far as she could tell, a thick mustache adorning his face and his eyes hidden behind a pair of oval glasses. He was dressed smartly, in a suit, with a dark coat resting on his shoulders; the girl was surprised to see such a man in her room smiling gently at her.

"Hello, little one. My name is Watari. Somehow I do not believe you belong here, young lady." He said getting straight to the point; the girl watched him in confusion, her dark blue eyes widening ever so slightly. "Your caretakers" she would have snorted had she not controlled herself. Caretakers indeed! " have told me that you do not speak with anyone. However, maybe you do not have anything to share with them, am I right?" A soft smile made its way on her lips and she nodded her head. "Do you remember anything from your past? Your name, your family?"

She shook her head… her gesture could be seen either as a negative response or as an answer among the lines: I do not wish to remember. She grabbed her notebook and scribbled down:

"My past died! I have nothing to remember." Her handwriting was childish and immature, but her thoughts precise.

"I understand." the man said "I'm here, because as I said, I do not believe you belong here. An child who writes so elaborately at the age of five shouldn't be locked up in an asylum. I would like to offer to take you away from this place, to bring you to a place where you can live and learn. A house for gifted children."

She gazed at him unsure what to think… here was an adult who was offering her a better place. Why? What would he gain from that? She decided she didn't really need to know the answer. Ever since he had entered the room, she had felt a warm feeling surround her. In the end all she wanted was to get away from that place, so she listened to her instincts: she nodded and he smiled again at her…

"Very well. I'll make sure to get the paperwork done."

A few days late she made her first steps into an old Victorian house from Winchester, England and her new life began. She had been five years and a half then.

She quickly noticed the difference between this orphanage and the other one where she had spent a short period of time; this one was bright and clean. It had a nice playground outside and children were laughing. Gone were the brown spots from the dull grey walls and the weeping children who had no place to go.

Watari took her hand and led her to what was going to be her new room; it wasn't fancy, but it felt warm. The girl couldn't explain her feelings, but upon seeing the square, oak desk near the window, the bed with snow white sheets and the light blue walls she felt at ease. She set her small bag with the few clothes she had on the floor and jumped on the bed, her small feet dangling in the air. A red ribbon, the only remembrance of her past life, was twirling around her small fingers as she took everything into account.

"This is going to be your new home." Watari smiled at her "When joining Wammy's children let their pasts behind them and start anew. They are also given a new name and a letter. Your letter shall be K;you may think of a name for yourself or one can be picked for you."

The girl's blue orbs stared at the man; find a name for herself, just like that? For the past two years she hadn't had a name except "the child" and "the girl" so being addressed somehow would be a nice change. Remembering a small fragment from her dead past she jumped off the bed and grabbed her notebook from her bag, scribbling something in a messy handwriting then showed it to Watari. A single word lay on the paper:


"With a K?" the girl nodded "Very well, it is an interesting name. I will let you settle down." Watari smiled and left her alone in her room.

Ten years had passed since; she had learned that Wammy's was a place where they trained children to become successors for the century's greatest detective, L. She found out that all children there were smart, but only the first two really had a chance to win the title.

During those ten years she had decided never to look back on her life before Wammy's. As she was standing next to the window and glancing outside, she started wandering what exactly made her break that particular vow.