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Chapter I: Bonding

Perched on the window, Keira thought for a moment about going outside to join the other children in the playground. She could jump on the swings and pretend she was flying, like she had done many times after joining Wammy's House, then as she would get higher and higher she would dream herself to be in one of her made up stories. However, she shook her head and disregarded the idea… she preferred to remain in her room, continuing to remember her past as she hadn't done before.

She had been the odd one out from the very beginning, being considered strange even by the Wammy standards. Firstly, she never talked… she had kept that habit she had developed in hospital and not one sound escaped her lips. Many children tried to coax her into playing games with them, hoping that she would open up to them, but she never did… so in time they gave up. Secondly, she liked to keep to herself and play with her red ribbon or write instead of joining the others outside. She would sometimes sit on the window, with one leg tucked under her and one left dangling in the air and gaze at her surroundings without really taking anything into account.

The truth was she didn't want company… even though orphans, most children from Wammy had an aura of happiness surrounding them, as though there was no darkness in their past. Keira wasn't happy… she was at most content. Having had a harsher past then most children, the girl was unsure whether she knew how to be happy anymore. So she kept to herself and hid from the others' cheerful attitude… she had been alone.

Suddenly an angry shout snapped her out of her musings; she instantly recognized the voice.

"I'm going to kill you Matt! Give me back my chocolate!" even though angry it was clear from the person's voice that he wouldn't follow with his threat.

"No way, Mels! This is payback for getting me into trouble with Roger yesterday."

"Why you little!!!"

Keira allowed a little smile to make its way on her lips. She could imagine their chase: a red haired boy with yellow goggles hiding his blue eyes behind them, wearing a stripped red and black shirt and blue jeans being followed by a rabid blonde haired teen with chocolate colored eyes dressed in black and bearing an angry expression on his face. At one point Matt would slow down allowing Mello to catch him, or the second would quicken his face and they would both trip over one another and fall in a tangled mess laughing like maniacs. At the same time, in a different room of the orphanage, not far away from Keira's a white haired boy dressed in pyjamas would be building an intricate building out of dice and would most likely glare, unseen by others, when his building would tremble due to the ruckus the first two had caused.

Yes, Keira had been alone… until those three came along and she had seen something in them that pushed her to try and befriend them. Matt had been the first of the three to arrive at Wammy's at the age of six. She had been ten at the time and had already created a reputation of being shy and solitary. She spotted him as soon as he stepped out of the car walking next to Watari towards the building… from her spot by the window she noticed something at the boy: he was scared, she could see his body tremble ever so slightly and his fingers fidget over the video game he was holding tightly in his hands. None of the children who had previously arrived at Wammy's had been scared: sad, melancholic, calm or curious, yes, but never scared. Matt had tried to hide his feelings behind a confident smirk and a steady pace… that's what drew Keira to making contact to him: his confidence and his strength.

She had never asked what happened before he came to the orphanage, none of them did. It was an unspoken rule between the four never to ask about each other's pasts… they knew they weren't going to hear anything nice.

The next to arrive at Wammy's was the white haired boy, Near. Keira had missed his arrival, but her peers had started gossiping about the pale boy enough to catch her attention. At that time she was thirteen and Near was ten. The other children said he was weird, that he kept to himself and stared at the others with round, dark eyes as if searching their very souls and that he had a funny way of sitting with one leg folded by his side and the other pulled to his chest. As soon as she finished her classes Keira had crept silently to the new boy's room, trying to figure out whether he would be worth her attention or not. She found him sitting in his dim-lit room, a couple of steps from her very own, recreating what seemed to be a medieval castle from dice. She kept herself in the shadows, silent as a grave so that she wouldn't be noticed. She supposed she had to admit, the new boy was strange, but not in a bad way, rather in a pelicular one. His dark eyes shone with intelligence and Keira knew from that very moment that she would be unable to compete with him; however his face was an emotionless mask. She smiled and nodded to herself; then quietly crept in his room and sat on the floor watching him build the castle. He ignored her in the beginning and did not acknowledge her presence till her small fingers stopped him from adding a dice that would have sent the construction crashing into pieces.

"What do you want." He asked plainly

Keira took her notebook and pen from her pocket and wrote down.

"The building will fall if you add that dice. Try building a pillar first." She gave him the note and nodded.

"Very well. Thank you…"

"Keira." She wrote again.

"Keira. My name is Near."

Keira liked Matt and she looked up to Near. However it was Mello who she admired. The blonde had come like a tempest at the orphanage yelling in rage and trashing around, disturbing Keira's little harmony. She had scowled fiercely then… she may had been only third in succeeding L at that moment, but everyone knew not to go around yelling and screaming like the new boy did. It annoyed her to no end… She rose from her bed, tossed the book she had been reading behind her and grabbed a small blue ball, her only toy then marched towards his room. She hadn't expressed any emotions in a long time so being irritated was almost new to her. She found him on the bed throwing yet another temper tantrum over some petty reason. She aimed the ball at his head, threw it and once it reached its target, grinned triumphantly then left the room ignoring his indignant yells of:

"Oi! What the hell was that?!"

Keira returned to her room and jumped on her bed, slowly calming down and returning to her normal state. That until the blonde haired boy stormed in her room yelling once more:

"What the hell do you think you're doing throwing things at people's heads you loon?"

She grabbed her notebook and furiously wrote down.

"Stop yelling you silly boy! It gives me a headache!." She threw the paper at him and he caught it in one swift movement.

"Boy? What do you think you are a freaking adult?" he snarled

"I'm thirteen and you're only an immature eleven year old!" she wrote again and pounded annoyed.

After reading the piece of paper, he looked at her with one eyebrow raised and started laughing.

" I'm almost twelve… Ya know, for acting so high and mighty you look like a damn five year old pounding like that. It's freaking hilarious." Her scowl turned into a look of surprise as she wondered how come he could switch from one emotion to another so easily.

Yes, Keira admired Mello… although he was rash, immature and hot-tempered, he could do something the girl hadn't been able to do in a long time: show his emotions without constrain and without fear. For that she held the boy in the highest regard.

Suddenly a loud thud could be heard in the girl's room and a tangle of arms and legs fell through her cracked door, just as she predicted they would do.

"Hi, K! Sorry to bump in your room in such a fashion!" Matt displayed his devil-may-care grin from somewhere under a mass of black clothes. "Get off me you doof." He tried to shove Mello aside.

"Neah, I don't think so. I'm quite comfortable here." He grinned "Heya Keira! Do you happen to have a bar of chocolate hidden somewhere?"

The girl nodded and grabbed a bar of dark chocolate from her desk then threw it at Mello. Suddenly, a young boy she vaguely knew as Robert stopped near her room and looked weirdly at the tangled mess made of Mello and Matt.

"Mello, Roger wants to see you in his office. Alone…"

Keira knew that instant something was wrong. She could feel it…