My fault was falling in love. I made the mistake of thinking I could. So I did. My biggest mistake though, was thinking he loved me back. I didn't truly realize that I loved him until she showed up.

Emotions were new for me. Even after all these years I would still find a new one that up until then I had only read about in books. Then she came and he had only eyes for her. Something bubbled up inside me then, I thought it was anger or annoyance but really, it was something new.

An unfamiliar face in nevermore made me realize that I was jealous. That made me madder until I realized she wasn't such a bad person. At first her out of control powers annoyed me as well as that fact that she freaked out and ran away. But then she came back, under control and ready to learn.

It took me a while to trust her but she became my friend. A close friend I could talk to despite of the fact I was jelous of her position. Then she betrayed us. She turned on all of us, but worst of all she broke Beast Boy's heart. And for that I could never forgive her.

All the same though, she saved us in the end. My feelings for her were mixed. If she had survived I don't think I could have trusted and accepted her, but I missed the Terra from before the betrayal.

Then Beast Boy came home one day swearing up and down she was back. The other Titans dismissed the idea, but Beast Boy wasn't lying, I could tell. Four days later the two of us were sitting in a tree watching as Terra sat with her high school friends eating lunch. She went by Tara now, highly unimaginative if you ask me.

Every few days we would go out together and find out a little bit about 'Tara'. I wanted to let Terra fade into nonexistence but even more then that I wanted to see Beast Boy happy. As the days went on though, we went to the park, or the beach, or just sat and talked instead of chasing a girl who couldn't remember us, or chose not to.

I really thought that he loved me back. The way he was acting I thought he had put Terra behind him. Then all of a sudden she was back. She had seen us rescuing a friend of hers and something clicked. Terra came back and I was forgotten.

At first I told myself I was over reacting but days went by and the other Titans stopped talking to me as much. I knew they weren't doing it on purpose, and I know that they weren't trying to hurt me, but naturally people gravitated away from me.

I wanted to go home. Trigon was dead so maybe Azarath was safe now. I wondered how long it would take them to realize I was gone. The wind knocked over one of the jars of powder that I had brought from my room. The view from the roof of the tower was beautiful and I already felt homesick. There was no way I was staying on Azarath for long.

I sighed and made a circle with the powder from the jars. I was running dangerously low on the stuff and wondered if I would have enough to get back. Sitting down I began to chant, "Azarath Metrion Zin-"

"No!" Someone yelled cutting me off and breaking my concentration. The person who yelled slammed into me, knocking me out of the circle. "Please don't leave!" I really expected it to be Starfire, maybe even Robin. The last person I expected was the one who had actually tackled me and begged me to stay, Terra.

"I'm sorry!" she cried, on the verge of tears, "I didn't think I would cause this much trouble by coming back. I saw you and Beast Boy and I thought that the two of you were so close that nothing would change if I came back. I don't know what I would do if I was the one who made you leave. I'm sorry." I sat there, still on the ground, in shock. Someone noticed, someone really cares, someone would notice immediately if I was gone. Despite the fact I was jealous of her position at the time the two of us walked back into the tower, as friends. Anyway a little competition never hurt.