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In a working room, where German Ludwig was sitting on a president-chair and Italy was standing beside him, acting formal, happily ranting while looking at his notebook.

"…So, German-saichou, you have appointment with England at 4.30, with France at 4.37 and America at 4.29!" Italia Feliciano happily closed his book. "Veee~! German, I have done my best! I am a good secretary, ain't I?"

German went pale and sighed. "Italy, are you saying that I have a meeting with America at 4.29, followed by England at 4.30, and France at 4.37?"


"… I have two things for you, Italy. First, do you think I have some doppelganger on stock so that I can appear in three different places at the same time?"

"Veee~! But I haven't put you on the same time! They are all different time!"

"Look. Do you think I can fly from America to England in one minute? If I can, I am a super human made in Germany and I will already conquer the whole world!"

"Vee…." Italy looked down. "So…sorry, Doitzu."

German felt his heart throbbed a bit. He just couldn't see Italy's sad face; it always made him felt guilty as charged.

"Ok, it's fine. You can do better next time."

"Yay~!" Italy's smile lit up and hugged his 'boss'. Germany blushed a bit before pushing him off his arms.

"Tell me I am good, Germany. I want to be useful for you!"

Germany sighed, losing the battle against his small boy. But again, Germany must be stern and reprimand the mistakes Italy has made. "I must add one more thing. Look at the wall watch. What time is it now?"

"It's 4.40!" Italy happily answered, until he realized that the meeting time written on his schedule notes has passed. "…Ve…veee?" Italy vee~ slowly, slowly, looked up to the blonde boss. His eyes were twinkling with unshed tears, and his cheeks were blushing out of embarrassment. "…Sorry…Germany. I.. I will call them to apologize…"

Unbelievably cute!!!!! Germany shouted in his heart. He immediately closed his nose from further bleeding. After he could control back his blood flow, Germany smiled.

"It's fine. You can always do better next time."
"…Am I… not suited? Veee~…." Italy smiled sadly. "I have tried my best and Germany, you have kindly give me a chance as your secretary. But now I failed it again. Ve…Veee~…"

Germany pulled the crying boy gently and placed him on top his lap. He sighed and kissed Italy's forehead softly. Italy went red like tomato, and pushed him away.

"Germany! You pervert!"

"Shut up and stay still. This is also a part of your job as a secretary!"

Italy went still straight away, waiting rigidly in Germany's lap.

"W…what should I do?"

Germany chuckled. "You need to sit here and act like my pillow while I looked through all these documents."

"…that's all?"

"yes, that's all." Germany smiled. Because you are the cutest and most useful when you stay silent doing nothing. But of course, he didn't tell his small secretary, whom now happily complied the order and tried his best to be as fluffy as possible—fulfilling his duty as a pillow. "And you can make me some pasta for dinner."

Italy's face lighted up. Now, that's the thing he was good at. Pasta is his speciality.

"Ok, Germany-saichou! I will make the most delicious pasta tonight!"

Germany knows how to make Italy smile. And cry, in that matter.

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