Italy opened his eyes to found a certain worried Germany staring at him. He pulled back a bit, Vee~ing as usual, but regained his composure immediately.


"You slept on the bathroom floor, Feliciano. I opened it by force this morning. Now you have fever and you need to stay in bed for at least one whole day."

Italy's smile reduced to teary eyes.

He did it again. He failed. He made mistakes. He made people annoyed on him. He made people worry about him.

It was always like that. He depended too much on people, people started to get annoyed, and their initial kindness turned to bored expression, irritated expression, telling him to shut it off and left him alone by the end.

Since he was small, he was tossed around between the other European countries. He remembered being tossed in the air, kicked and bullied by lots and lots of his brothers. And the more unfair thing was, he had a twin brother. He had Lovino. They were supposed to be treated indifferently. Yet Spain-nii chan only saved his older twin brother.

He was left alone.

And then, Austria took him in. It was one of the wonderful memories in his childhood because he met Hungary and Holy Roman Empire. But then, again, people got tired of him and left. Holy Roman Empire left just like that, crying and never came back despite his promise. Hungary and Austria gave up on him once they knew that he was, in fact, a boy.

He believed he would be strong and awesome and wonderful when he turned to adulthood. He believed that once he reached adulthood, everything would be fine and ok, because he was an adult. But reality came harder to his face. Every responsibilities and works and wars and national problems slapped him hard on the cheek. So much for being a wonderful adult.

Now he was dependent so much on the blonde muscular German. And he knew, how annoying he was, how stupid his actions were, how problematic he was for the stronger, serious nation. N. Italy wished to be viewed as equal, to be someone whom Germany could say, "…you helped me a lot. Thank you." Or "I trust you."

It was just a wishful thinking. He was useless since the start. Germany knew it and still helped him through everything. N. Italy knew that it was all out of the kindness from the big hearted man. And he knew the kindness would stop flowing from the estuary, and soon enough Germany would get tired of him and he would need to leave.

"Feliciano? Why are you crying?" Germany asked worriedly, changing the compress. "Do you feel pain?"

"I am sorry…" N. Italy squeaked. "I make problems again…"

"It's not your fault." Germany sighed. "You can't control cold."

"Vee…." Italy vee'd slowly, until he gathered enough courage. "… I will go. I promise I will resign to my own place once I am healthy enough to walk. I am sorry, Ludwig."

"Feli… What are you talking about?" Germany sighed, putting down the apple he was meant to peel. "Why do you want to go?"

"Because I have made more troubles than help for you, Ludwig. I am sorry that I am useless. I will make sure I won't create a problem anymore for you, vee…"

"I don't get this." Germany spoke sternly. "I told you I like you. I don't care about your 'unusefulness' or 'problem makers'. I am her for you, and can't you just accept it like that?"

"But… But…"

"Listen." Germany smiled softly. Italy forgot to breathe. "Sometimes you don't need reason to love someone. And sometimes problems aren't problems when there is love. Do you understand?"

Italy shook his head. Germany chuckled.

"My bad. I know I should use some easier to understand phrase."

"Vee… sorry."

"Stop saying sorry. Instead, you can say thank you." Germany patted the boy's head. "Just accept this as it is. I think I like you and hey, I think we are compatible. You may say you are useless, but I can say I am a perfectionist. I annoy people in the similar way like you annoy them. We truly make a terrific couple and well, I can help you through your clumsiness and you can keep me down to earth where we belong. Now sleep, Feliciano. Don't think too much. You are not suited to use that small brain of yours anyway."

"Vee…." Italy smiled. "Am I being praised or ridiculed?"

"Well, just take it positively." Germany chuckled, peeling the apple in smooth movement. "Sleep, and when you wake up, I would give you more rabbit shaped apples. Japan thought me how to do that."

"…Vee~" Italy smiled wider, squirming into his blanket. "Germany…"


"I want to ask you something…"


"… Kiss me?"

Germany blushed redder than the apple skin he peeled off. After 10 seconds, he answered.


"Why? Vee~!" Italy was surprised. He was sure that Germany would want to kiss him.

"Because I don't want to get your cold. Get well soon, and the faster you get better, the sooner you would get your kiss."


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