Chapter 1: New School

Author's Notes: All chapters (Chapters 1-4) are going to be re-uploaded. Sorry.


Name: Timothy Tiberius Turner

Age: 14

Fairies: Wanda & Cosmo

"Another F?! I studied hard, yet, another F?"

Timmy looked at his paper in disgust.

Wanda faked a cough. Cosmo floated without care.

Timmy crumpled the paper and threw it at the bin.

"Timmy, you know very well that you didn't stu-"

"I did. This time, I did!" Timmy protested.

Well, he did study for a whole hour.

"That's not the point, Timmy. You need to study harder." Wanda, his responsible fairy, countered.

Timmy groaned. He really wasn't good at studying. In fact, school is the third thing he hates the most (next to Viki and Crocker).

"Come on, sport. You know very well that soon, Cosmo and I wouldn't be around to fix your problems for you. You need to be responsible. And studying harder is one step for that."

Timmy ignored his fairy. At least, he tried to ignore what Wanda told him.

Yet, a little part of him knew that his fairy was right.

He sighed. He threw a ball to Cosmo, which in turn threw it back to him.

Cosmo is the opposite of Wanda. He doesn't really use his brain much. In other words, Cosmo is a simple-minded idiot.

And looking at Cosmo right now, Timmy thought that he was not really better than his green fairy.

As if sensing what's going on in Timmy's mind, Wanda tried to reason with him again.

"You could learn to love school step by step, Timmy."

And instead of inspiring him, those words only discouraged Timmy.

"Having Crocker as a teacher and Francis as a schoolmate? Not a chance."

"Let's remove them, then!" Cosmo merrily answered. Timmy rolled his eyes. Wanda smacked his head.

"I already tried wishing that, idiot. Apparently, it's against the rules."

Cosmo bit his finger.

"If we couldn't remove them…" Wanda murmured, an idea slowly forming on her mind but she couldn't spell it out.

"Kill them?" Cosmo suggested. This time, there was no reaction from the other two.

"Are you thinking of something, Wanda?"

"If we couldn't remove them, maybe we could remove you."

Timmy's mouth fell. "WHAT?"

"Let me make this clear, dear. Maybe, you could transfer to another school. That could be arranged."

Timmy thought of transferring as ridiculous.

"Then, what? It's not like transferring would suddenly make me like school more."

"If you really hate school so much, why not go to a school you would love? You could try to wish for it. What are we for?" Wanda encouraged.

""W-why didn't I think of that?" Timmy said, suddenly liking Wanda's suggestion.

"If you put Timmy and common sense in one sentence, it would be: Timmy doesn't have common sense!" Cosmo, his green fairy said enthusiastically which caused Wanda to smirk and Timmy to hit his head.

"Well, it could be against the rules." Timmy tried to hide his embarrassment.

"No harm in trying." Wanda reasoned.

"Here goes nothing. I wish I can study in the best school here on earth!"

Bright light enveloped around them. When Timmy opened his eyes, he was surprised with what he saw.

Cherry blossoms…

He was completely entranced by the beauty of the cherry blossoms. He placed his hands in front of him and slowly a petal reached his hand.

Then, he saw his fairies beside him. They were staring at him with their eyes filled with surprise. He felt strange and was slightly taken aback.

Timmy snapped his fingers in front of them.

"You look different." Wanda looked at him apologetically.

"Yeah, that's right Timmy. You look so cool. And your teeth problem is solved." Cosmo teased.

"Eh? Really? Come on! Let me see! Let me see how I look like!"

Wanda flashed her wand and a mirror was now in front of Timmy. Once he saw his reflection, his jaw dropped. Cosmo was right, he looked so, cool.

He is now taller than before. His brown hair is now one of his charms (he didn't care much about his hair before but his hair stroke his forehead handsomely) and his face was fairer. He was wearing something like a black suit and checkered blue shorts. He is also wearing white socks that reached below his knee and a pair of black leather shoes.

And last but definitely not the least his teeth problem really was solved.

"This is me, right?" Timmy saw the similarities. Yet, he felt so enhanced.

"Yes it is you Timmy. You're body cells reacted to the change of environment. From cartoons, you are now in anime." Wanda explained.

"Anime? And how come your appearance did not change?" Timmy asked.

"Anime, meaning, you're here in Japan. Americans might have to admit anime is better. See the evidence? You look awesome. All the girls might fall in love with you. And as for the second question, it's because we do not need much change."

This was purely the opinion of the author.

"I see…" Timmy responded and looked at his reflection again.

Wanda made the mirror disappear.

"WHAT?" Timmy asked in disbelief.

"What?" Wanda bounced the question back at him.

"Why did you make the mirror disappear? I'm still looking!" Timmy complained.

"Timmy is a narcissist! Timmy is a narcissist!" Cosmo chanted as he floated around Timmy.

"No I'm not!" Timmy protested.

"Yes you are!" Cosmo retorted.






"Shut up!" Wanda shouted and the two boys went silent. They straightened up and behaved themselves.

"Good." Wanda calmed.

"And Timmy…" Wanda said.

"Yes?" Timmy asked.

"You're going to be late."

And as he heard those words, he grunted. He shouted 'where is my school?' and Wanda found it disbelieving that Timmy forgot that his fairies could bring him to his school in an instant.

End of Chapter