Chapter 5: The Prediction

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"I wasn't kidding. I really want everything to go back to normal."

Nagihiko, although feeling pity towards him, grinned.

"Yes, sorry," he scratched his head. Maybe it wasn't right to tell Timmy about what he actually meant. It would be better if there were more of them to explain things to him.

Timmy, however, couldn't let the subject go.

"I want to go back," Nagihiko raised an eyebrow. Timmy thought of this as a sign to continue. "I was excited to study here and I was even imagining how great it would be. But I forgot to take into account the more important things. My –"

Timmy stopped. He was about to tell this guy about Wanda and Cosmo, which he knew he shouldn't.

Then, unexpectedly, Nagihiko tapped on his table.

A blue fairy showed up.

At least, Timmy thought it was a fairy.

"This is Rhythm. He is my chara."

There it goes again. Chara…

He remembered what Mr. Nikaidou has informed him. He said something about inner selves or things along those lines.

"Aren't these fairies?"

Nagihiko chuckled.

"Well, maybe."

"Should I take that as a yes, or as a no?"

"You should take that as a maybe."

Timmy sighed.

Nagihiko grinned.

"Fairies grant wishes usually through magic, at least that's what I have read."

Timmy nodded.

"Rhythm here, on the other hand, couldn't use magic to give me what I want. Therefore, in that sense, he is not a fairy."

Timmy remembered how Wanda failed to grant his wish. He couldn't help but think that it has something to do with what Nagihiko is explaining right now. He motioned him to continue.

"Yet, Rhythm was born because of my love for sports. I want to be good at them. Rhythm gladly assists me to help me achieve what I wish for. And in that way, Rhythm could be a fairy."

Charas are born because of what you desire to be. Timmy figured that much.

And yet, it was still too hard for him to understand.

Wanda and Cosmo lost their magic. Why was there a need for that? They could just pretend to be charas.

A part of his brain told him that it was essentially the same for him. His physical characteristics changed even without him wishing for it.

The three of them adapted to this environment.

He didn't like the idea. Not one bit.

"You're finding it hard to adjust, don't you?"

Timmy smiled bitterly. "I surely am."

"So, what kind of charas are they?" Nagihiko asked.

He didn't know why, but for some reason, Timmy knew the answer.

Wanda is a genius. Cosmo is an idiot.

"My charas are opposites."

Nagihiko felt dumbstruck.

All Tsukasa's prediction was correct.


Tsukasa sat in front of the guardians.

"Easter has found a new way to collect X-eggs."

The Guardians expected this. But even though they manage to beat Easter, Easter's progress in the field of creating X-eggs was improving while the Guardian only had Amu to purify them. They were in a great disadvantage.

"And that way is by?" Rima asked.

"By cats," Tsukasa answered.

"Come again?" Amu asked.

Tsukasa repeated the word CATS.

"How?" Tadase inquired.

"Among them is someone who could understand cats. He could use cats, make them meow, and everyone who could hear the meows would have their eggs transformed into X-eggs."

"But… That's just ridiculous." Amu knew that Tsukasa was talking about Ikuto. In fact, all of them knew.

"And yet, I'm not lying. However, the guardians will eventually find the key to minimize the consequences."

Tsukasa wrote on the board.

(1) There would be a transferee.

(2) The transferee is a guy, in the same grade and the same class as the eighth graders.

(3) He has two charas.

(4) He would declare that he wants to go back.

(5) He'd call Rima, "Shorty."

"Except Amu, each of you has only one charas each (I didn't include Nagihiko's Temari). This transferee has two charas and surprisingly, his charas are opposite. However, he is the weapon you could use against Easter."

"Then…" All of them couldn't understand how this new student could be their weapon.

"His charas could understand ANY animal. There is something more he could do, though, but the rest is up to you to find out."

All of them wanted to ask more questions. Yet, they all knew that Tsukasa has already dismissed them and he wouldn't entertain any of their questions.

They are on their own now.


Nagihiko invited Timmy to the Royal Garden. He was shocked that Timmy accepted his invitation without asking anything.

Tadase handed him an envelope, encouraging him to read.

Mr. Timmy Turner,

Greetings! I am Seiyo Academy's principal and I deeply regret to inform you that I am sorry about your fairies. They have lost their magic. But that doesn't necessarily mean they can't have it back.

The easiest way, you might think, is for you to go back to America. But I regret to inform you that it wouldn't work. You're in a completely different world, not a different country. Even if you go to America from here, your fairies will not return to normal.

The only way for you is to have your fairies' magic to return.

The first step to that is to be The Joker.

I am not one to mess up with the strings of fate. That would be all the help I would give you. It is up to you to think of what you should do.

Forgive me, but I forbid you to consult this problem to anyone. Only a few knows about separate worlds and there is no need to get them confused.

I expect much from you.



The letter may sound fishy, but Timmy trusted it.

Before their meeting started, Timmy stood up to get everyone's attention.

"I'll be the Joker."

Though they couldn't understand why Timmy easily agreed, the Guardians clapped.

Unlike in Amu's situation from before, Timmy seemed to accept his role without hesitation.

Maybe things are easier to accept if you have experienced lots of bad and weird things.

End of Chapter