I'm making a collection of… sorts. Still NatsuRuka! ^_^ I want to name this 'Sleeping Devotion', but it doesn't seem right to me.

I'm a no-good writer. I come up on stories in my head, start writing a few words, and then feel lazy writing everything. I can't even catch up on my promises! I promised on a multi-chaptered (incest), a multi-chaptered death fic, a crack pairing, and some others that I can't even remember. Psh.

Anyway, enjoy!

Hidden from Blue Eyes—


Natsume smiles inwardly — he just made a new discovery: Ruka has long but thin eyelashes. They're not curled; just naturally curving upward. In the afternoon, Ruka's always taking his nap on Natsume's lap, under the shade of this cherry tree while the breeze is blowing just right — Natsume takes advantage by admiring Ruka's features.

It's only at this time of the day that Natsume can lean dangerously close to his friend. He placed a couple of fingers on one side of Ruka's face, feeling its smoothness and softness. He smiles again, how can a guy keep his skin like that at the age of puberty?

Ruka is really interesting that Natsume can't stop himself from observing him… that he's appreciating new things which he could just care less of.

Ruka also has a very cute nose, twitching like it's a mouse'. French genes, perhaps? High cheekbones like that of a girl, where did he get these? Unconsciously, Natsume's gaze travels down to his lips. There's a little gap between them, showing a bit of Ruka's perfect white teeth. What would it taste like? Would it be like his scent too? Would it be soft like what he had imagined?

Ruka sighs; and Natsume's tempted to simply kiss him. He leans in more, his breathing getting shallower, panicking a little because someone might discover his secret desire — completely ignoring the fact that Ruka himself…

"Nnnn… sume?"

… might wake up.

Natsume leans back slowly, feeling red and hot all over his face. The blonde opens his eyes, and then rubs them with his own hands. He's kind of… flushed. "Weird. For a moment there, I thought you were kissing me." he said.

He froze on his spot as his hands instantly got cold and sweaty. Ruka didn't see that, right? He's sleeping and it's very improbable that he caught him, correct?

"I wonder what it would taste like, if you did."

And Ruka dozed off once again, driving his brain into those animal-filled dreams; rendering Natsume speechless.

Ohohohoho~ Natsume is a pervy. I'll post the second chapter some other time. I can't find the third one so… I'll make another. Any suggestions? I mean, it has to be something with Ruka sleeping.