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Dawn, it is. Soft orange spreads across the entire academy, whispering indifferent sweeps. Dark clouds grasp at the sky — holding on tightly, joining forces with the heavy wind. The trees were running against the bus; fast but steady. Everybody's quiet, that the only thing they can hear were the low humming of the engine and the rain as it pit-patters on the bus' metal top. Natsume watches the tiny drops; they run diagonally along the bus' glass window. Even Ruka's golden retriever, Vayne (who he had brought with him today), sleeps right at the centre aisle. Not that anyone minds, anyway.

It was another fun Saturday at the Central Town. As how every Saturday should be, everyone went along to take some stress out of their systems. Fun, but tiring; it was because someone would pull here and there every now and then.

Now, these students silently thank the academy's architects for building this long road back to the dorms. They can rest for a little while, at least. The driver looks through the rear-view mirror; most had fallen asleep. He dimmed the lights for he knew how much they had drained their energy, and they had to call another last bus, sent especially for them.

Natsume briefly laughs — Ruka's head had been swaying left and right, trying to find a comfortable place to put his head on while he fights his tiredness (Natsume, you're so cruel!). He can't lean back on his chair as it can't provide any slope to lean back on.

A quick tug on his arm, Ruka's head landed on Natsume's shoulder. He intwined their fingers together, and then placed a chaste kiss on this blonde's forehead. He blushes for a moment for what immaturity he just did.

Rain's pouring down hard and fast. And it didn't help too much when the bus broke down middle way. Nobody moves and only goes back to sleep; it's actually a nice feeling to know that they didn't have to wake up for the rest of the evening. Ruka's anxious. He has to get back; he needs to go (and we all know what that means). Plus, he needs to feed all those little kittens!

Ruka stands up as he firmly grips on Vayne's leash, and without stopping, he steps into the rain headfirst. Natsume was, of course, baffled. It's too dark to see what's ahead, and the rain's too heavy for that thin frame. He too heads out, and follows his best friend. He's jealous; for Ruka won't think twice about his animals, that he can just leave Natsume for their sake.

The wind's very strong that waves and waves hit him like the crashes of thunder. He can't see Ruka through the fog; thus, forcing him to bring out a small flame from a finger. He chased Ruka.

When he did catch a sight of him, he hit him hard on the head. "Ow!" Ruka whimpered. "Idiot." And Natsume retorted. The blond only pouted at him —he knew exactly what that means. Natsume pulled him by his hand and started walking briskly. Ruka can barely catch up as he is being dragged by both Vayne and this mad best buddy.

"W-wait— "

Ruka blushes. He's not a kid anymore to be dragged on like this.

Vayne pulls his whole body around, trying to remove every bit of water from his silky coat, while Ruka helps him with a blow-dryer. Natsume, on the other hand, changes his clothes. It's been quite a while since Ruka had visited this room. It's not tidy, but it's not as bad as a junkyard...yet.

For the second time, Natsume says; "Idiot" as he throws a towel on Ruka's wet hair. "You'll catch a cold." Vayne agrees, "Woof!"

Let's say, your best friend threw a loaf of bread to you, but then, it doesn't feel like a loaf of bread — it felt more like a stone, and now, whilst trying to suppress your anger, you threw him quite a stupid comeback.


"... I'm not picking on you, I'm just saying that you're gonna catch a cold if you don't dry up right away."



"Well, you're the one who decided to get yourself wet."



"And if it weren't for me dragging you like that, you'd still be on the road."


"DAMMIT, VAYNE! Asdfghjkl—qwertyuiop!"

Natsume glares/pouts over to Ruka's sleeping form on his own special-star bed. He crossed his arms in front of him. Ruka suddenly stopped talking to him, laid Vayne next to him (as if to let the dog be a bodyguard against Natsume), and slept. Where the hell d'ya think I'm sleeping? If you think I'm sleeping on the couch or on the floor, well, you're wrong.

A childish idea gnaws at him; he pushes Vayne out of the bed until a soft thud reached his ears. The poor dog whimpers, nonetheless, goes back to his sleep. Of course, why would a cat like Natsume want to snuggle into that dog's fur? It's not because you're a dog... w-well, partly because you're a dog.

He wrapped his arms around Ruka's shape, placed his nose on that neck, and used Ruka's scent as a sleeping pill (err... spray). Smells nice, Ruka smells really nice. His lips form a yawn, while his whole system shuts down. He might not know it, but tomorrow, for sure, he'd be woken up by Vayne's bite.

Ruka smirks in his faked sleep; after all, a feline is a feline.

(P.S. Natsume IS the most adorable cat there is in the entire world; heck, he'd even get jealous just because Ruka's not petting him)

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