Force It On A Girl Why Don't You?


Some say that you are only as successful as your latest relationship. I highly disagree. I am (happily( single and apparently one of the most successful bachelorettes in the country. Or so says the Witch Weekly that is currently on my bed. Not that I read those drab things anyway, Lavender had just happened to…leave it here by mistake and I was curious.

Besides, who had any time for a relationship anyways? I was already twenty-seven and leading Medi-Witch at St. Mungos. With all the injuries that come in on a daily basis I barely ever got to see the light of day, let alone actually be able to- dare I say it- go on a…date.

Ron was blissfully married to Luna Lovegood, such a nice girl, and they did make a great couple too. Their last letter informed me they were going to be expecting soon. More Rons and Lunas running around this place? I most certainly would be seeing them at Mungos quite often.

Harry, on the other hand, just could not seem to stay in a relationship for more than a few weeks. It was rather confusing, asking about an Emma and hearing about a Sophia. Ginny had left a while ago for Italy, saying that England was just holding her back. She left in the spur of the moment, leaving Harry, broken-hearted, and with only a note that barely explained why and where she had gone. Even though it was quite eloquently put it had been rather rude. I was cross with her for weeks after that.

Both Harry and Ron were Aurors, no surprise there. They had actually tried to recruit me once but I had refused. Now that all the fuss and bother about Lord Voldemort was over I could move on with my life, but I had not expecting moving on with my life would also mean moving on without Harry and Ron.

Admittedly I had not expected us to remain as close as we had been at Hogwarts, that would be impossible with our ridiculous schedules and private lives (one of which I sorely lacked). I had, however, expected us getting together at least once a month, not once a year.

All I ever actually heard of them were either little articles from the Daily Prophet about whatever convict they had recently caught, or through the letters that came sporadically and held few words of their well-being. There were only five people that I could actually claim to call my friends.

Firstly, and I must say this came as a rather big shock to me, was Lavender Brown. She was a nice girl once you got past all her divination nonsense, and, her tendency to play match-maker. She worked at St. Mungos as well and we just happened to bond over tea after a grueling hour of trying to lift a particularly crafty hex off of a panicking first year.

She came by at least twice a week to my loft and we had normal girly chats and pigged out on chocolate like normal people. I believe she was the one that has keep me sane all of these years. Ginny, I saw about twice a month when she came from Italy baring gifts of Gucci and Versace which I had no problem at all with accepting. She was apparently dating a man from the clothing line she worked for as a model named Paolo, kind of the classic Italian name, yeah? She was a big thing back in Italy, and even here she was stopped sometimes on the streets and asked for an autograph but she took it all in stride and never once got big headed about it.

Her two brothers Fred and George were also on my list. They were admitted into Mungos quite often because of some latest invention they were testing out. They were my link to my former life, told me what was going on with Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley and Lee Jordan and Katie Bell and all. Katie was a big time Quidditch player now, for Puddlemere United with Oliver Wood. Between her career and taking care of her twins Marco and Margo, I didn't understand how she could possibly survive.

The final person on my list of 'friends' would definitely be Neville. I saw him every holiday he got off from Hogwarts and we corresponded with letters regularly. He was definitely meant to be a Herbology teacher, he loved his students so much.

So when someone next told me I was only as successful as my current relationship I would definitely have to tell them if I actually got into a successful relationship then the world had better watch out for some awesome, British world-domination that would take place.

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